4.11.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-The One Minute Rule-Fluffy Towel Cleaning Tips

Wednesday, April 11th

You need a cutting board in your bathroom, the One Minute Rule explained and how to keep plush towel fluffy.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, April 11, 2018.


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And there it is hot day. All the way out issue there if they had 98 point five KG game running show the recap for Wednesday April 11 and I got to give a couple of headlines that I look please at loggerheads on line all right yes. Tuna in the can badminton. Dryer sheets bad. Left overs. It careful and cutting boards it should be in your bathroom. You where you watching can congress on this island is what I learned on the show today and we will flush out some of these stories for you first off. Yeah I can check in and canned tuna or thrown has really kind of scary so what they've done is a new report has come out a says that the meat inside tin cans. Can contain as much as a hundred times more zinc then is safe in in particular where luck talking about tuna. And that extra zinc is adding are putting racquet wrecking your in debt and and digest of system. So I guess what they've done is they in the lining of the county put zinc in and I guess it helps it stay fresher longer anti bacterial some idea and so what's happening is is the food inside he can't be losing is leaching into it. It's causing some problems everything from you know. It's causing your blood system but body not able to absorb. The minerals and vitamins like iron in vitamins and stuff like that so. What they're saying is that you can tell excessive zinc intake has been linked to seizures fever vomiting entertaining and it's not just tuna. But also high levels in chicken asparagus ends canned corn because all that stuff has low levels. Of zinc naturally so you can find a story in the journal of food and function. No I zarrella well yeah probably get it that was a new and food and function gathers says they're really quick to point out here that the zinc effect and that is basically on cells drawn at a laboratory it's not on a human scale yet so they're. They're actually say experimenting on the human race with cancer and tuna about that I I'm getting out of this tournament. All right so we love the fluffy towels he can't answer form because there's nothing nicer than gave wrapping yourself up and and I slept he touted how do you keep them fluffy apparently the way that we've been taught to clean towels is ruining the fluff Eunice of these towns up for me I had my mom Tommy there rightly and I just refuse solicit or Ted Chris and Larry are you totally wrong all right hot water little little little bleached out fabric softener long time in the dryer so the distraught yes wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong I absolutely and so this is according to an interior expert they say that's why you need to wash your towels in cold while other police the flopping as part right is that the heat actually causes as fluffy fibers to get smaller to shrink and shrink. So that is why you need to cold water when you watch him and in the fabric softener apparently. Causes that you just kind of let it causes the F sloppiness is to be kind of matted down as well so. No fabric softener they say throats idea tennis ball in the dryer to keep them from crippling and I guess I getting that centers is nuts we are right there and then this is interesting as well. When you dry him do it for very load time and let them dry naturally because the same thing with. The hot water the hot air is gonna make the via. Fabric shrink to less is more exactly it has more on my mom was right all along. She washes them in cold water never used drier agents and we had to hang around on the line and you know 25 years from now she will never let me forget that she was right. Simpson stayed at the outset that would have met her tweet or you have that there after two out and I remember it was a beautiful blue sky day are you out I thought I. I'll let's say you've heard of the 52 roll right I'm right this is the cobalt one minute rule and you really should live by it it's aggravating and really if you're probably in a rat I would imagine design into it's you know you work work work work out in the weekends. Laundry late paying. Shop floor and yes George deferred maintenance exactly so here is the rule the one mineral how works in your life any time during the week. If there's a task you can do in sixty seconds or less rather than let it pilot at the end of the week. Do it right then and there. Does that put me when you trying to seventeen outfits on Christen exactly the hangar. You don't have to worry about that small thing later on on the weekend as an extra task in short. Now see I take them often and I put him in a pile on the corner of my closet and wondering what would you do that I'd put him in a pile acquire a plug. And then on Saturday I'll go in and have to re wash and re paying for your IM on new wrinkle everything you're making work that makes cents. And makes it I guess well. Some lady on the weekend children OF silly ideas for you this do I stop procrastinating on the short easy to accomplish tasks. And get those taking care of so not only enough to worry about him but that's not in your mind thinking that something I'm gonna do. Your leftovers Yasir three days maximum no longer kill me with this doesn't matter what it is and needs to be no more than three days in a certain foods. It's not even a day and in particular. Right snowman rice meeting. Apparently rice as a certain type of bacteria that can now live. Both during the cooking process and I grow at room temperature. Which is bad news so that's why you should dead basically. Keeping your rewrites refrigerated only for one day because it hasn't given a time that bacteria to grow and only real ones and only once our business okay that's it from chicken to chicken me. Really make sense you can only imagine how dry Alice second microwave. You know as true Islam and then when it comes to red meat that's actually on the foot site here you can meet that cold or warm. But if you Henry heeded don't go do in the microwave going get a pan out there warming up for doing at a Friday site for sixty seconds you'll begin there. And then never store food in cans as we just had mentioned with the state. This bit of metal actually can Leach into the food and this is exactly why I don't eat leftovers don't eat leftovers IE patty did Thanksgiving here to keep their thanks innings. I guess that's jail yeah you have just so it's just. Hey yeah family holidays are there exceptions are look at you don't get those foods all the time now. I like the Monday in foods in the day in and day out I don't want those again. Jessie. From the promoter a year and a half. All right this may sound crazy and weird but following on this front and makes total sense you'll have is still have a cutting room in your bathroom by the and eat we you do as you can now give you extra counter space when you have that very little rental a property in the bathroom yeah. I'm amazed beat up the sink giving up just at the sitting up on this eighteen at the toilet that's pretty much dead. So you can kind of put that a plastic cutting board catty corner so that it kind of straddled your sink and gives you a little bit more and which make up war. Your shaving gel your shavers and all that stuff there. They also say you can also add a old. Of pot holder. And put it on top of the plastic cutting board so that give you lupus which curling iron. Yeah anti. I is a lot of kitchen gadgets from my heating tools because they're meant to be heat resistant right so like them covers for that cast iron handles I use mine for my straightening iron in and I have a couple pot holders at travel with me so I don't burn like bathroom counters in my cartels and this actually really good idea because then you can immediately put it away you know political now that's the problem you're traveling you're in a hotel you're fixing your hair right before you leave and then you've got this violently hot styling and total gas. Stick air right in the pot holder. Now I love that beat out because that's not sweating the small stuff yeah it's like that it's the older goes I handle like cast iron that's terrific guy is for the straight out of her rubber thing right out and rubber rubber arm fabric you know. You robbery two FS so there's a study indicate relative a thousand people who dwelled. On a mundane stress there's such as what am I gonna Wear it to work next week or people should really stop watching you know should I get gas tomorrow or wait till Friday when the gas prices go up Purdue out. What they found is they dwelled on those Monday instant things for more than 24 hours they had weaker immune systems and more heart problems ten years later. Simeon Bali now but just late it's gonna catch you later on in life if it by contrast those who can let things go do not experience those same health issues down the line unimpressed they can do is some kind of survey or test. Where they. The problem is because of that yet wonderfully but they tied them all together well. My mom is actually doing a study for a medicine she's been on the same medicine for 25 years why so she's part of one of these study groups they talk about link the alliance yeah you know take in the same medicine for what you finance your reports her side effects are reports that as the doctor reports back on her. Bob Obama lost so when you read about these things they're actually doing it on people thought that. There you know that's how that's our show court today Wednesday April 11 which you can listen to a live on the airman if you try to between a five to ten here on ninety point five TT Yang ABC yeah.