4.10.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Most Rented Movie of 2017-Soaking Dishes Is A Lie

Tuesday, April 10th

A new study is linking childhood food allergies with baby wipes, the most rented movie of 2017 and dish soaking is a lie! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, April 10, 2018.


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I'd there's an idea point 5 KG day morning show recap for Tuesday April 10 let's dive right in a podcasts ha ha. I must say booster memory black yeah exactly remember to Brewster memory you know what's interesting there on this story that we did. The most important thing is maybe the hardest thing the sleep it and I talk about and I'm sorry that he uninterrupted. Real densely you can do for your health for your your brain for your body who's in distract you which was available in stores. I guess. You really do Obama in and about the study came out from psychology today says that it improves your memory and it allows you to kind of filed things in your brain so. It's not all jumbled it's kind of like a member we need you we defrag your computer right and what kind of move files it would mean a little faster I like watching those little squares go around or doing that that but that's the deal if you don't have enough sleep and you have all these tabs open. Islam is gonna get close and forgotten about absolutely. And as much we love to multitask was beyond justified texting and listening to your conversation I'm going to be messing up on one count on us into your past and now I. Policy gets physical. Physical and they say that basically getting out and walking. During a little fresh air actually help you out booster memory potentials well and that fresh air enough of us was interesting. Researchers found students working in a room scented with. Rosemary scented breath Rosemary scented air yeah. Actually performed better 50% higher on a test than those were breeding and had no Rosemary in an at all that should be like a little course -- you're gonna were a little sprig of Rosemary did you attach yeah I was her shirt and you have to go find some really good water to pocketbook when in my must turn and hit it big joke and above all else fails maybe tripped the doctors were you need to go to doesn't necessarily mean alzheimer's or dementia could be other things are causing you'd have problems with memory everything from vitamin deficiency depression. Menopause sleep apnea or even a head injury soon. I definitely consult your doctor. This was kind of a shock to me and storm and I think pressed on president initiative up as her husband's favorite movie right ya get the most rated movie 27 or 817 is Christen. The accountant now it's the movie starring Ben Affleck who came out a year prior. Yeah that he's an autistic mechanic who works for the mob. I'd made 68 million dollars domestically and I love that. Only made out sixty million dollars is what our home our what does it cost to make him maybe 5000. Something. The second most rented movie was mole wanna followed by Wonder Woman now these are just rented movies it has nothing to do with the Netflix to Kaymer the Hulu. Or. Both the Amazon prime you can rented from Amazon prime right yes he advisory Reynolds harmonized with that and that's what those statistics are a little bit of Fuzzy. Weather doesn't tell the truth I never heard of the move now now but I'm not a big movie gladly don't forget and it Netflix Nabil watch. Yeah that is actually because that's that's the first thing it was an IRR what we're watching. I've got Roy what we're watching and welcome Britain's into the Netflix at a time limit does have that problem. You know I guess so many plates in the air you know. This was kind of uninteresting and scary it is is hysteria that links g.s for kids would baby wipes slippers are real. It's there's a very simple solution yet it was a very simple about who they think why is the reason it happens is that the the so that's in the baby washed actually prevent your skin from absorbing nature yeah and that's big part of your immune system is and it's not just what your breathing and eating in and drinking. It's your body is absorbing things to yep and if bureau if you're blocking that absorption. You're kids aren't getting the kind of and bodies of post again so here's the simple solution wash your hands before used baby watts when you have been watching your finished. Make sure there's no soap residue so take I'll clean washed just water you know water soaked up water and the washcloth. And wipe them clean that you take care of it rinse the soap off with water what a great recovery they said via CDC says the number of kids under the age of eighteen that it developed via food allergies and from 97 through 2007 has increased by 18% so sums going NASA and is definitely going on. All right dish so urged L 10 what a great way to get soap underwater on your baby with slocum with the dishes. I don't I don't know are. You let the Arab amusing air quotes soak away a the grind. It's all a lie it doesn't work I think you're just try to get out of doing the dishes that I think her academic Christians answered this whole thing isn't fair as you have a teenager yes okay. Yeah but for those that allowed to soak here's the thing is his holiness if you clean it. Right when it comes out of the governor to finish at the stove and it's very easy to get rid of that you don't need to soak reasoning chemicals or any elbow grease it should come off pretty easy. And for instance let's say you do have like Christina said to have like Castro comes out of addition to. It's hot did it leave the oven on going to the casserole that put some water in their stick it back in the oven for about another ten or fifteen minutes. That water almost up to boil their for the steam cleaner politically therefore you and you can do the same thing in a microwave. If you take like a couple of dishes put a little water between the two plays him face down together you know we're just the grind tighter meeting each other. Micrometer for thirty seconds boom while you've got clean dishes there but if you leave room in the sink your breakfast the next morning somebody's got to clean that mess up and it's probably not going to be you and and then you're gonna go to medical student and yes the problems start I believe I believe the the answer when you ask what is wrong it's nothing nothing in the and real estate is called deferred maintenance it works with the dishes to do absolutely. All right we're in the month of April according to consumer reports these items are actually the cheapest this month so I look and sure we got we react vacuums and floor Claire a floor care accessories are in this little spring cleaning thing yeah and they do say you really need to figure out what you want in a vacuum because they won't do different things for instance you have the convenes and an upright but it doesn't really clean carpets. As well as those canister when you drag around and Angel O fashion what with more suck ability right that's the best clean right derby you know who piloted as the nurses stick one now that Chris and has its. It's it's it's cordless yet yes like 500 bucks. I know I'm telling you have four dogs then the Perry and they're really good because that's what they also say you know those those hand held vacuums and robotics like the rumba sitting all right those are great maintenance items but just like anything your bitch is gonna have to do the united cleaning the base boards are gonna need to so little beloved but you know when you like you have you are is that you have a dog you have kids we just -- -- quick cut that Clinton's that it worked very well yeah one mowers and lawn tractors are also cheapest my and it just say you really need to again do your homework on this if you have been a half acre or less yard. You really don't needle are riding lawn and I need a big old John Deere with satellite technology out with with air conditioning is that. A Gallagher widescreen TV today and they say if you get Jackie hilly half a girlish argument wanna consider a self propelled push mower which are actually very nice. And then before we even do that maybe even just sharpen your lawn mower blade community we need a new one could save you some money or like Kristin get a teenager she's. Air filters out can actually help with seasonal allergies with pets and with asthma as well. Just make sure you measure the room because they do work on different sizes air filters or I'd like those little guys that just don't buy a pair pair aren't I so far as air India. And the pressure watchers actually very big bargain this month as well if you use laws so solvents or other added it's consider one has a built in tank into it. And if you're not using it too often but I think every homeowner should use it once a quarter. You might just wanna read to defuse it less than that or else like Dubai Christians for instance. And what you realize Crist and house won just narrow her life. Color and every time we every time spring hit people like. Do you come up pressure why Richard don't he was using it right now yet Christie did something here very society are. Listen I need to -- fertilizer about that pressure I put another pressure us and get a good about my child to our allies have a teenagers who -- lawn and then. You know this could be called time cheer to you make money off I talk. Pastor no we have a system within a bunch of our friend. We are I rent out my husband because some of them are single and at the world's oldest profession yes we literally have limits on rental because people texted me and gosh this broken my outs and it's Hillary. Have wow this is on the way don't work out a well be careful the next time you complain repetitively at a restaurant because you know what is private property Vick could be and you own and it's completely legal even another country generally named K Kelly Smith. And her eight year old child apparently love that beef eater steak house however share reputation according to the staff of complaining quite often. Which led the owners to send a letter in the mail telling air we apparently are not living up to your standards and food preparation so we think it's best you just stay away. Zapped a she's completely baffled by saying well we'll just early heard complaints they remember Machida just doesn't have a complaint onetime mistake was undercooked and and in my son's Berger was was kind of robbery didn't have any taste it. That's it. According to the restaurant they said of the last seven visits she'd been there. They she complains six times and how do they know this she's trying to get a free mail in Canada she kept trying to say I should get my free me up and you know it adds oh irritates me a like had a parent myself that I want a free meal you know it's probably your hair probably your hair and the fact that she doesn't remember it probably means she complains that much yeah right right yap probably why we in now I hear anybody else besides Turner's son eating together soon. There it is that's our show all for today thanks for less much for listening to the podcast of course where on the airline live Monday through Friday. 65 and ten year and ninety point five QTKABC yeah I.