3.9.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-WiFi Warning For Resorts-Double Dipping Debate

Friday, March 9th

A Wi-Fi warning before you connect to you hotel or resort Wi-Fi signal, the leather bra bag and the double-dip debate.  It’s all in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, March 9, 2018.


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There's an idea point 5 JT came morning show a recap for Friday march 9 when he eighteen for what you may have missed the show heard portions we have it for you here we have so much knowledge and fun and adventure for you this is incredible to so fasten your seat darts I think I found the the source of the infamous. Hold my beer and watch this moment in my wallet watch and it's all right so it's videos on YouTube yet. Turns out watching these video tutorials makes this very overconfidence. On the skill we only have I saw a guy do it perfectly. I'm that I'm as good as that so I'm sure I can do and what you remember the whole park coursing back in the early part of Zia will the what was it. The office did a really hard and take my god that was brilliant that was well but the first time to realize yet just as you see it on the on the Internet doesn't mean you should do that but what they did to come to this conclusion is us scientists did the whole table caught table cloth trick we you -- the tablecloth and leave the plates and stop for a spoon and what they did was they had some of the people say hey can you do this year's instructions in how to do read it read a word I work right right that there's another group this give him a 52 video that let them see how it was done without just five seconds and just be shown somebody -- -- -- -- go in and out and end then I do it it's just easier to show that this guy -- and then there was another big Justin have anything your elected do it on yourself so what they found out what the people that have the -- step by step instructions and those left on themselves like. I can't do this while the people that have watched the 52 video like Ollie out hope Libya or watch this and now. So even taken a step further by testing another group of participants on dart throwing abilities. What they had was that a group who watch state demo video twenty times estimated that they would score more points. Then those who saw the video just once so they watched it twenty times stateside Al I got this down not a lot of throw darts out. So what happened was the twenty time video crew actually also predicted they would have more Bob hits in the bullseye. Come to find out they did not. Imagine my shock her days and now okay. I'm kind of a warning issued go to hotels and resorts for spring and summer vacations be very careful of the Wi-Fi hook up to because it may be as DM yes somebody who was sitting in the van outside of the hotel and when you go to look for your Wi-Fi signal. They can have a fake signal there that looks like the hotel signal like what you know only Wi-Fi for gassed. And they can be just scamming all your information yet in exactly and that's kind of where it was it's a kind of pain in the butt when you go to a hotel they had that you log in and yet but he you'll remember in your name in the Eagles are actually security factors. So if you to test out your Wi-Fi connection your hotel first I'll ask up front. What are all the Wi-Fi out right telling Obama what their names. Secondly as you get a little print out with yeah I mean maybe what you look at four and then what you do is they wanted to ask you for your name or your and you remember may make the purpose mistake. The -- it wrong remember lettuce and it in the wrong room number it will if you get online you know that's a scam yeah I have to if it's the real hotel they're not gonna get you get that you online because you put on the wrong remember a lot of your scammer you don't care you know what the data users try to stem the data so there you go there's our little tricks for you and they also recommend that if you do makes him off financial transactions or chicken travel plans and if he was sensitive information even checking your email. Jump off the Wi-Fi and use your data on your phone to this little safer yet that's my check. I just forget to log on of the life file all the time yeah I do I do I do that sometimes volatile and our use of all your data it's and so this is I don't know of the world needs this but we have it a leather brought handbag I had this Long Island it's not abroad she worked just handbag it's shaped like a broad because it's very wise old creature yes is that he's helped coach here. Yeah. So Iconia the helmet hit have helmet with ten minutes loud and Yahoo! Sankoh. Black leather bra bag as his call has to cut size stored sections. Thick around handles a double as adjustable bra straps and even has a silver buckle to clasp on the backs of so practical you could use it as a fraud bureau you know. Bradley mumble. However. It's apparently to size a cop. So if you're pretty shocking because that doesn't and not knowing patent but a global. Not literally and that while he wanted to we're holding money because the bag it's about 635 bucks you know what's left yet. So if you want it to every ride ever in the history of my life probably. The night. Some on printers right know how to turn your brassiere into a bag of national Australia I nailed it parity is thought that I got there. So let's talk about the double dipping debate from signed a 25 years ago that's the first summit ever heard the whole concept of double dipping where you take a chip you differed on the block. You take a bite in and you dip again with the same chip could you have any knowledge ship. That's where George Costanza got in trouble the party for double dipping debts right now is is this true let's get some science going on the hit yes and no it really kind of depends on Willis first novels talk about what's in your mouth right now there's about Abe a million microbes in arm owls. Which are is a nice way of calling germs and Ira when you dip a chip into the S saw the dip in the put it back in your community mouth and put them back into the debt. Your early transferring about 1% of those. Those microbes onto the chip soon to be debt so it's literally a thousand microbes use when it gets very very small this probably more chance to be getting sick from having the vivid that it sitting in the sun yeah ya know but however yeah if it's a virus like if you got the flu. You only need a little bit of one or two of those and down the Havoc on your body so yes it is kind of a double edged sword for the doubled up. I'll get. It's sicker got a cold don't double that this year you know they should basically you have to. If the spit quite a lot of saliva to make it nasty that is up too sick you would have to actually spit into the different now I don't recommend it goes on I'm. Very guilty of double dipping but I will totally admit if I see someone else doing it in like unsanitary way I am judgmental as I'll get out. Right I don't mind doing it with you know with sweetie but if it's anybody. Now via credit well Marty and your like debt delayed if you dip and that he bit back in the dip we're gonna have words top. But if you like by eight you know the chip and then you flip it over and you get the part that never touch your lips and. Yes. Okay so we have we have a guy that's gonna happen is integration. So coming up of this Sunday we go into daylight saving time we we lose we spring back ministry forward and a power and there's actually legislation that is passed Florida's so senate and the house called the sunshine protection nap. Would actually wants to keep Florida in daylight saving time 24 sevenths Newton it's a very popular bill with a lot of people as well but why is not governor Scott has not signed yet probably will not sign it is bigger reason he's not. Because even if he does sign it it's not gonna happen you know it's got to go to congress congress has to change a law. Yes because how the law is currently written and how are states like Hawaii in Arizona get out of this is that. They never observe daylight saving time they've they opted out you can opt opt out of it but there's no way to opt in net. He finally you eat easily after that yeah you can you can you can opt out of daylight savings time that you cannot opt out of standard advertising so in essence if we want to state standards I'm sure we can do that no problem but it's gonna take congress to do this and many states have tried this in the past and them congress hasn't done anything I've seen a trend here. Hey congress do not think pass unless they are Las Vegas would take about on the Internet you know Russia. And then low keeping spicy with candy shall we let's do spice and O'Hare I feel like skills to go you gotta love sweet heat scandals. There are the basically they add the physical warmth to a rainbow bringing warmth to your. Are also one of the names that clever names of course I do I would hope they Kristen. Finland star rob very move higher you watermelon move for the layman or lemon. Yeah and Elaine mango amused by Manila recommend burns twice tangerine and now finally know we're. Our early reviews say it indicated a start up very sweet but that when you bite into it that's Winnick had the heat is escaped and is doing its business and I said is not excessive heat but it is noticeable for about ten minutes after you eat it. By the way Wrigley who makes him has also launching be sweet heat star burst into a similar sounding Sweetney. I think he's gonna have to go images Easter basket really yeah he loves to eat and it heat to the attitude we're gonna Bob about the the use pumpkin spice stuff yes. I don't perpetuate that I was sorry. The treasury. Of light thing yeah and that you're not the enabler no I did see that on social media that's I think it was this week here pointed out that he still has a a you know it in the world sash and a lot of putts a pumpkin spice that is just people have been messaging and being like hey. You got you know pop tart plus you took me out all right defense. A so there's there's effort today Friday march 9 of course were on the air Monday through Friday between five to ten here in ninety point five GT KBC yeah.