3.8.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Feed The Kids At 3pm-The Media Diet Pyramid

Thursday, March 8th

Is Amazon’s Alexa possessed?  There’s a good reason to let you kids eat dinner at 3pm and the media diet pyramid.  It’s all covered in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, March 8, 2018.


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I'm area Steve ninety point five KG game or a jury yet Thursday march 8 let's go in order pizza with her shoes let's do that this Harrison showed today's monetary and repeats what your shoes you feed your kids earlier written. A different thing would engagement rings and know how to calculate your net worth there are talk about the well it's good to know how creepy Alexis gotten yes she has been creepy but let's list talk about our issues man we got March Madness coming up here big basketball tournament enough pizza wants to get involved Dowd it's their second round of the pizza hides. Pie tops now hi tell us what pie to other people who was wasn't a taco bill to Camilla Taco Bell pants. They've been getting have extending the brand I guess they call by giving it to different areas like. You might wanna stay in your lane here though and we'll look we're talking about a here this is how it's kind of cool technology I mean it's it's a conversation starter rates that yeah. So I'm sure it's real practical but the issue itself. And the tong and left tongue it's it uses Bluetooth and hooks up to the app her pizza you pre determine your default pizza right so if you decide you want you just push the button on the left tongue of the pizza. Popeye tops off and really danger and it yeah sends a signal to the pizza near you are now delivered another letter written out of this one on the right side since they are the sponsor of the Matt pat the basketball tournament right you can actually looking up to your apple we're watching though the or the turn aren't ya and pots with your right Talal Abu. Real rehab and I don't know how much shoes are they're being kind of quiet about it they'll leave bill march 19 through. HPX dot com and what are the colors again you get your head you got rich and who eat. A rule wheat and wheat bread and wheat gluten free now at I would imagine so hopefully I'll sell. So this is an interesting take that a mother suggested. And it makes total sense and hear about when you kids come home from school they're starving them to what you normally do. I'm with you I am a snack they throw a snack at a dinner Saxby say so they can eat dinner later right well what happens is they end up filling up a snack how many times has been have been ruined because they snack too much right so this mother actually suggested. Why not give them their dinner at 3 o'clock. And therefore if they get hungry later than you can do deception basically you do reversed in the yeah yeah they say with a little trip you can actually do it and that your kids are actually getting that good nutritional balanced meal upfront when they really do need it. And even so I hope you win European all of them were about kids in gaining too much sweeter being obese. You know the the longer you. You know if you don't eat three hours before you go to bed yeah try to help you lose what looks like what anybody can actually metabolism and and I it's not really practical of people working nine to five I think if he can pretty make them if all they do yeah. You know it you're just up in the microwave. I legit I was talking limits about this and we were on the hair Arab walk off the air but. And we do you think that we might start trying to do something similar because our schedules are so flipped right we're in bed by 7:38 o'clock that we're eating at six now and it's called early bird special at lake I really don't think that we both might try to kind of flip this Japanese dinner earlier and then have a snack later instead of trying to hold ourselves until dinner. Have that's what I told Scott said that thing about when you when you marry into a Sony wither when radio yes is that you always get a discount early birds that. Yeah because a morning radio pre. I need it forward it's a stay alive. Let's talk about man engagement rings and she was wearing one Boca. And the male version of the female engagement right so you know I often wonder that why is it that the woman who wears the engagement ring but the man has to wait till the wedding the history well I think it's. I'm a strike it's kind of old fashion is almost suite that over. Were Barack. It's celebrating the woman in this world eat we are and as thick as it comes down to at least for this article talks about is just the changing idea of what it is to be in a relationship. More more people are evenly district you know edged sharing responsibilities evenly you know yeah verses like in the fifties and sixties the woman stayed home he kept up with the house and out worked. And so it was that I guess is that kind of bridging over into rinks now so you don't be surprised if you see. Generous to me and wearing engagement rings I think there's any with aren't there I learned today is that NASCAR driver. Dale Earnhardt junior via the boy his his board. Has a jewelry phobia. Any says it's real he cannot Wear wedding ring he can't Wear any kind of ring that's made out of metal or anything he'd he's he won't worldwatch. But what he wears is like a rubber gasket Iraq hundreds his finger. I also are at the gym already really. I have a rubber yeah like ring that I Wear the gyms and I don't hurt myself but I also still have something on as a you know mentors are rendering all the time I'll that I feel really bad guys are married off. Allowing yeah I mean it doesn't really matter antigen for a short time I'm not trying to show off but they do make rubber rings for people that especially lately medium length and power lifting. Yeah this is that he just he can't Wear the jury's got to phobia. Because it's a real deal. My dad to my dad works really is an auto body shop and the fear of something getting caught all right and rip your finger yeah yeah anything yet he will not where do very interesting and. Let you know what your net worth this. 00 I thought that at all just about oh yeah well no actually technically in my net worth is way in negative yeah well there's about. I would get a 25% young adults have absolutely no idea what net worth means and how do you think populated spot on the more simpler now is pretty simple you just you knew you'd take what your net worth is as your value -- fear assets like the money your bank the stuff that you own remarks assets bomb minus the liability if right minus your debts and in and things he spend money on like you know like your credit cards or your your student loan mortgage reward your your car rides like you know and what you end up getting us what you're net -- says and considering most of Americans don't even have 500 dollars in their savings account that really can put you in financial Earl -- if you were to become sick or lose your job or is something medically happened where. You could not working your income so. You know they say for you it's if anything it's a good barometer for you to at least know which network is and that. If it's very much when your end and negative territory you really need to reevaluate some myself changes. So that you can better prepare yourself for the unknown feel like I'm too young to be worried about a positive net where it. I know you just started and that's I remember OK though I do remember that because I think it was 26. When I started to a 41 K an arm of my friends giving me. A lot of heat saying yeah wow you're so young why are you doing this and it because at the time he never really think about being retired right right I look at my following came Mike. But it doesn't Rezko I started and click via money and that's true that's the whole thing to always pay yourself first what are your paycheck. Give yourself a certain percent is a money for you to invest and you should have Alexa. Invest for us because I like she's a week in speak to the the unknown Twitter went nuts this weekend or people reporting debt in the middle of the night for no reason. There elects a personal assistants start laughing with this blood curdling act I act kind of laugh now without being prompted at all actually last night. Aptly be apple folks. An act of the Amazon folks cured it yet if you want if you want to Kristen just ask say Alexa. How do you laugh okay and it would laugh but apparently they've changed that now to say it Alexa. Can you laugher yeah I welcome like that yeah out with the big it's it's more about a response automated response things that are going. Our Alexa laugh and she would laugh elects a Ken you labs goes yes I can laugh and then boom John left Korea out for the Macon and more about. The making it more words so that there's less words that sound like it yeah yeah yeah yeah absolutely we had an argument the other day it will not an argument elects and I did are you arguing with what I call can't admit tonight we're talking and he said something in his battle. Bit of a southern trying to his voice. So he said something and it sounded like Alexa but it was really like I am whatever and she started talking and she's he says. Would she do that I was like because you're southern twang and that sounds like elect selling you think something like I don't like that. At southern fairly big. So we're all familiar with the food impairment. The other nasty stuff is up to atop the things you should be the last like oils and butter and stuff and you know bottom. The wide part is all the audio grains and fruits of the rights. So there's a guy named Ferris Dickau who said you know if you're if there's a food impairment for your body why not make. And he's actually created the media diet Pearman I like and it looks just like this impairment except every debt that we're doing this for your minds so at the top of the pyramid thickness is basically figures are idle lot I ideologically driven it shows and web site so nice way to say I think Korea security act its ideologically driven if you're going to one of those sites. You know you probably should do eat that he called that basically the junk food to media yeah disturbs a lot of sugar and there are so you know they're careful. You can safely consume about a half hour of social media. A day as well as. With a hit that call rolling news consumption sites like CNN in the New York Post. Also interaction media like text email and broadcast TV or are they say about it an hour of your day should be wasted on that. I wonder if there was ever an app that can detect how many minutes he spent texting. I'd you know I'd. I'm sure we can make one no I'm already brought that would be a shocking revelation or maybe we don't want another. Up partition participation media such as games in Netflix ia two hours. Getting near the bottom the second to the last year is edification so that's media outlets where you can educate yourself hobbies. A nonfiction that you can read in true journalism. True journalism means you give both sides of the story out right now and actual journalists have Baidoa are our guy and their basement just blogging while I'm by the way what we see on TV is not journalism that it's entertainment but I think that's my personal Pia. And then finally is actual position I like that workers this is like. Oh my goodness I'm reading a book yes I'm playing a board game I'm talking to the purse on the couch next to me yes and that is limitless she just as much time as you want him right unforced lay out the twelve hour day at seven and a half hours of media. And I guess you can spend the next. Three and a half hours working talking to somebody that maybe you know where's the job in this that or is where is working need no us. So there's our show for today Thursday march 8 of course you can listen to us live Monday through Friday between five and ten on ninety point five GT KBC. Now.