3.7.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Secrets To Shopping Savings At HomeGoods-Only In Florida Story

Wednesday, March 7th

Think you’re getting enough exercise?  It’s better than not thinking so!  The seven secrets of a HomeGoods power shopper and an Only In Florida story that takes us to Leesburg and involves, pizza, ice cream, a hot cop and calling 911! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, March 7, 2018.


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Hires an idea point 5 KTJ morning show recap for Wednesday march 7. Those meters thing needs Yani are so Rahm voters thank you know and they found was is that those who describe themselves as not getting any are not getting much exercise for 71% likelier to die during the follow a period. So those who said that they did get a lot of exercise whether or not they didn't. Actually get the exercise or not there's not an attitude now saves your life that says can save a life you kid especially if you have a Graco are high chair of which about a Wal-Mart. That is our white with gold and great polka dot cushions they've been recalled this yes they've been absolutely recalled they were made between October 26 and December 2017. He didn't take a Mac too they were sold exclusively for while Marci music backed mortgage money back. Or you cannot get contact Graco and though what is your cash back we got everything the numbers in the serial numbers are ending up on her whips are key to key in on five dot com for that's right. Kristen was a very excited about this one here so we and she loves home goods saw I YouTube TJ Maxx and homers that's what I learned this yes I didn't realize there was ever thought I would say thank yes there that's government. That's how they usually they play money around and stuff okay. It's it's it's big big discount. I'm there's a lady named Christine Lee she is the assessment the store and she actually has given us. A super shoppers guide to getting great deals at home good assistant. First stop shop during the week she says Tuesday's steer Friday's mid days of the best times substance most people are work in the stores quite well organized. So that's pretty good do so much of their she says most stores received shipments four times a week Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday we don't expected immediately to hit four. As they come things kind of trickle out. I thinks I'm not a good idea to we took a cue from Black Friday. And bargaining gets vests that home good yeah people aware and we had to infiltrate the backdrop. Will help unload the truck I don't want to wait that but I want it now. And it's good idea. This is a cool and as well and ending you're looking at discounts they basically will mark things down every three months of it's not sold. How do you know win the items gonna get sole orbit get discounted there's gonna be able code in the upper right hand side of the sticker. And I'll be proceeded by et Al asked Ann and four numbers. Two numbers of the month to numbers of the year so that's the date and actually hit the floor and so were sent UCF the last 1217. Yes that would be something that was three months ago they're probably going to discount or has been discounted gas and if this ticket to the managers say hey did you think we get this discount and they'll probably schedule Elena and eighth plus talked to the manager she says about the d.s great defense stopper that even if it's Gretchen did you probably are gonna get even more of a discount if you talk to the manager. If it's severe damage as you're looking up to 30% savings off again that's just various there by store by store up. They should say also recommends and how many times a please be prepared catcher measurements down your pictures so that when you do see the deal. He swiped it immediately his chances are if you go to factory there man exactly exactly and I just a little bit app that was another one over suggestions and that's a big deal because it took until it knows where you are. In locally it'll tell you that things have been delivered to your local store in that nice out nice and convenient for you so be taken some utterly lunches division and every. Speaking of lunch this is a stat that really blew my mind and did our diets really high in sodium but I had no idea that 90% of Americans assumed too much salt in their diet and so guilty of this and it's you know it's bad for your health is bad for your blood pressure it's you know all sorts of stuff. So. Stumble across some some swaps you can do to cut that sodium down and still enjoy the flavors of food especially if you're an Asian food soy sauce itself is loaded with salt. One tablespoon. As 15100 milligrams of sodium that's two thirds of your suggested daily intake for salts. So if you're dipping your read them summon that that's. Here there are a lot of a sodium there are so that they suggests his sense of soy sauce garlic chili sauce. And just don't have any Trader Joe's has something that's called coconut. Acid or something us some other amino acids but yeah and a flavor fantastic. Choice Oster needed to have the sodium and a move optical right now. I they say here also. When you commute deli meats. There are still looked salts may be cook your own deli meats your own chicken your own Turkey and slice it up like deli meat save some money and save them assault but if you have to do this the Delhi side. Go for the lower sodium versions also that goes ditto for canned soups and for canned salmon believe it now what can salmon. Has five grams of salt one thanks a lot yacht and look for the server excessive number of buying black beans in the camp I'm in bulk now. That the story and and make myself. But like one serving with 750. Milligrams of salt while they were like three servings in the camp while and it it's if there wasn't that that much that when those wasn't like Yemeni beans and it in yeah I I had no idea and had a month's all that being -- probably plays into it why were we don't know the we're having so much salt because it always serving sizes you just look at say oh it's exactly what percent or whatever habit do the math on out scary stuff up. Well this is our only a Florida story I think you're absolutely analog here because it involves food and back and liberals love. And it involves abusing the 911 system oh all right so we're gonna head down to at least berg her own neck of the woods here. Melissa harbor guess she's been no stayed up in a hotel in Leesburg. And I guess the other night she decided to issue called nine molester she's awesome she heard a noise outside her or her door and universal spirit. Well we officer arrived must've been a looker a really hot cop for their officer hunger arrives at her door exactly so she eat decides after he leaves that she's gonna call 91 on again. Same officer shows up 60 my dad and so I Don the by mistake. So he leaves the second time third time watcher the second time she said can you bring ice cream that's right now. Spring semester and the place a surprisingly do not do home to live I guess. Third time she said on that putt caught by mistake fourth time all I'm sorry I thought it was to dialing pieces of the ski caught keeps coming back divorces look. You're abusing the system yeah gonna get arrested you need to stop. Inch hole she called 32 time at 62 time to hotel on the periphery as she's in Leesburg I think she goes into VAR is Jeff. For some reason and that's where she was arrested in motel where I backup I think it out so you do you do get the attention of the cop but you're also violated your probation though he were on holiday I think that NAFTA guy tender next time it yet drilling. Do you tendered there's there's apps for Vatican says our show for today hoping enjoyed a course where on the air live Monday through Friday between five intent on ninety point five Kati K a BC a yeah.