3.6.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Worlds Most Successful People Are Mostly Lucky-Glitter Beer

Tuesday, March 6th

Miss Curling while the Winter Olympics were being performed? Now you can watch it 24/7 thanks to the World Curling Federation!  The most successful people in the world are also the luckiest and glitter beer!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show Podcast for Tuesday, March 6, 2018.


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I there's an idea eight point 5 KG here morning show recap for it'd Tuesday march 6 yeah our area affair with Davis. So imagine this I heard you in the dorms to new wireless won't sure that you receive four dorms I was fortunate enough to. The stay home for my schooling and Christie new of course you had your own home I didn't so it I had my own home at eighteen and I thought. A pro wow I admit this is an interesting because there's they would there's a woman who is 32 years old she's a working adult. She hasn't been going to school she dropped out of hunters college in New York. Two years ago yet each day she still living in the door. Camper in Manhattan and Manhattan probably the highest rents in the world and makes you wanna rush is sticking in the door and so I'm thinking yeah so for the last two years the school has been trying to have Victor a so I guess that was the moral stories this is how long it takes to evict somebody yeah I'm years. They said that does that give the final note notification of her to vacate in a September which he hasn't announced in the court system. He's pleased schools looking for her to pave the door of these at she's not paid. Which amount to about 94000 bucks nice she says that she's not leaving because the school actually did not let her in role she wants to. Go to school shooting wanna drop out there was something. That they disputed back in 2016 on her housing in tuition bill. What I understand is that if she was gonna stay she should just kept paying for it causes probably cheaper than the apartment it's the not paying for that I don't understand the Attica currency weakens her case this yeah. After your ride so as the ball like he did you benign this went on the court system here and well let the Winter Olympics are over I don't know about you have been so bombs theft I'm walking around aimlessly in. May be spending a lot of time in your freezer yeah I you know taking pieces of ice and throwing them on the Florida and sweeping in front of bomb. Law which as I miss curling back but that's the kind of find out apparently in Canada it's kind of a yearlong sport ha yeah that is our right curling the big thing in and here's your Tim Hortons hears a maple syrup producer curly staffer welcome to Canada I -- a -- it was a doughnut but apparently it's so let's crawler. Not out yet. Anyways I did the big unit and find out there is worldwide 24/7. In the coverage of curling events. All brought his by the world curling found federation in their own website. In which is it's actually the governing body for the curling accreditation and they have always had to make coverage on the stone sling and all over the globe. They have links to light streams in tournaments you can also check up the world rankings are eaten future. You know your team Jersey for their you know the number one crewman on the world as a host how geographic is curling and thinking there's not a whole lot of Tunisian curling two times now the Hawaiian curling team but. Montreal. The Arctic Circle the you know skating penguins from yeah. And larnaca somewhere well let's put it this way Tampa Bay and Phoenix and Las Vegas have hockey teams that's true so forget Alan Alda yeah does Miami Seton it's like you craziness here. All right so this is an interesting study because that was the simulation done by some scientists. And they want to find out what makes a successful person visit. You know how do you become a rich person BBC how you are are you successful is he your hard work easier smarts is it luck. Come to find out on the majority of it it's just luck how they measure lock in the situation well with the simulation on how did they did assimilation and a thousand careers over forty years old computer modeling right oh okay so what they did was they they've had it scientists created computer models they gave some workers more talents and others some have more intelligence than others some had more money than others then some had a mixture of all the three. And in the during the simulation some of the workers experienced lucky opportunities to boost their career which they could use their intelligence or their talent to boost it up. Or unlucky events that took money away and at the end of the day of the simulations show that while successful people tended to have the same level. Of either talent. Wealth or intelligence. Those who rose to the top were always lucky now. Flat out lucky at that I think it has to do with what you do with the law yes you know you can come across a lucky situation and opportunity in if you don't know enough to take advantage of it then the largest passenger by yet that's I just don't believe in luck. Given no and it's comes down to what they were talking about this is kind of good and if you're looking at it like for instance Bill Gates did founded Microsoft doesn't mean. You may remember the Zune. He went out the music and I think you're right it didn't work Wear him well although if they came out earlier than the iPod media would have been right so therefore there that's how what kind of plays into the past and it with study came up to I. Philly Gluck the by saying something happened because you're lucky it takes oil the hard work that you actually put into the situation. Like working out Freel got to get to the situation where you rightly manage all the litigate a case you're just really lucky I would be so offended so I just don't believe America well reported good points and this year. You believe grandma was honest about those rest species handed down do I. I don't know anymore now or never allowed to write our recipes down that it was one of those things are those lakes so secret you could easily learned by doing it with grandma. What's so none of my recipes are written down I just in my head. What is going on in Canada. Miss it they're secretly younger. Oh yeah. Yes so what is going on here or anyways huddles all the family recipes they're not really unique probably grandma got them off from a magazine or food package. And then she just wrote them down the road and iron about. There was a website called atlas obscuring that inquired there are two there database. And they said tell your favorite hammy down recipes from mom or grandma. Where they found out is the majority if not all of them were indeed recipes printed on food packages or cookbooks that. Basically grandma plagiarized a nexus get back there are a couple extra chips and then all of a sudden there and tell recipe he tweeted just enough yet. In it made sense because back in the early twentieth century when a mass production of food came into play they were making all these interest in new food concoctions but there was no way. Don't know who do you zone there are more candid gradient there or even frozen foods coming on Reinemund as things that change in the kitchens that your so a lot of these flee these mass produced replaces created their own recipes and therefore that's how that happened is kind of how via toll house cookie recipe came about fighting your nest need to allows yes and fifty Alabama other. Exactly so here we are in the year 28 team and we decided to to add glitter to beer chair and might not. Okay I'm not at the end Communists Starbucks. Is well I as I wrote a letter yeah. And I might have this. Confusion of those little micro dot things no eminently well you know now we're talking about is dissolved mobile animal planet's it's called food grade glitter and it actually has been added should be year. It makes it look shiny and shimmering gleeful this the same thing is blue glitter. And now what's not this is missing out on a shelf on the boobs now no this is actually many small craft breweries are actually adding glitter to the during process. I'd just about a little disaster on. I know they say they're not giving away other secrets they're saying it's not the real glitter because the real glitter. And you know. Is really bad and not kind of unreadable piazza by the great all plus kind of messes up the machinery so this is actually more about. Had a greater book hide and the thing is though still secret is that it has to be added to the brew the beer immediately who. Who's gonna kinda starts dissolve that point can't put it in the factor in the gym where they debts probably on tap that you go to like a bar to do this is the bartender goma which looks more glittering your view be hospitalized McClintock of the glitter Stewart which elects and I'm buying. When shaker to and then finally. You can call this award to a malfunction but I don't know I'm I'm I'm. It's marketing I guess so but can you imagine a swimsuit that you're not allowed to get wet. I'd because I've watched keep up with the Kardashians and that's. Probably what this is where the enrollees just dry clean only and you're not supposed to swim in the suit yet Aso has the world scratching their head it's the pretty little theme studded. Bandage swimsuit. It has a color blocks style studded and illustrated in high Cutley sounds fantastic but it's like you said. It's not meant to be worn in water balloons and it's dry clean only. So at 56 dollar swimsuit is gonna cost a lot of money over time. So it's kind of like Jumbo shrimp but they actually say in the and the description that this is more for the pool party not for all of course hole yeah I understand and did you think dollars response is really cheat that's actually not bad smell something and that's a high fashion because you know this is one that you were to the cabana not in the rule it out yet. Like he says that as the storm of the become a funny thing did falling get wet on order for it to be the size of find out yeah I'm one of those play friend that puts you in the bullpen to get anywhere near don't why you were in one of these things are going man you know I consider to see you're you're about stuff in a box in the -- her -- that's our show for today Tuesday march 6 thanks socialists and in the podcast of course on the line live Monday through Friday between by the ten ABC yeah yeah. Me.