3.16.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Spruce Up Your Kitchen On The Cheap-Dog Dancing Competitions

Wednesday, March 14th

Arguing kids will no longer drive you nuts thanks to a new Amazon Alexa skill called Kids Court (it’s free), spruce up your kitchen on the cheap and dancing dog competitions!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, March 14, 2018.


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I bears the 98 point 5 Kati K a morning show recap for Wednesday. Pied de Friday three point 14 I was mistaking I thought Monday was pied but. Well I was I'm not good at math and three point 14. Trailing some infinity I yeah I disaster peanut butter I think I need to ratify. Let's see this morning on the show we discussed ways you can spruce up your kitchen on the cheap yes I'm really happy that I was doing quite a few of these yeah I'd you know I'd like to see your house I'm sure it is six Buick Arctic. I don't want it yeah but it is. Well they first off they say you know why is your kitchen never displays are I mean had a heart nearly RM two bedroom your bathroom when a kitchen very true me and you have some. My friend Jennifer has accused shop and she makes it all forests. And yeah it's called Marley Mae and she'd made a lake it's a little salt and pepper shaker and they say salt pepper and Kia. And then there's on that kitchen aid mixer that says like what they went big did put the yes this that's what I got. That's pretty cool I love that went use containers you know if you're always in your cabinet looking for the coffee in the sugar the cream her in the T. Cookies the honest. One I just put a middle cute little container on your Carrot Top yeah I don't think it's clutter I think it's just good decorating the there's a fine line between Clinton cluttered decorating yet you've got to find it out for yourself. There is eminent. Also at some houseplants into your mix as well we're not talking about just the herb garden but actual houseplants yes I have some really pretty plants and we talked about this I had one. I kept it alive and it gave me some some confidence in myself now I have seven plants in my house nice and it makes me feel very clean and green and they're very happy they are and they do clear the air that's pretty good. Hanging guys do you getting a hanging seen the ceiling racket you have like pots and pans are short on storage genius a lot of great simple do yourself pax TV I'm doing yourself kits you can find the home improvement stores. And then this one's kind of this is a hit or miss with you but throw down a vintage drug in the kitchen as well yeah I I is a rug because we have with related dog and he made them safe spaces. But aside around yes he's a sliding but honestly that in semi added around my kitchen it was like this whole pop of color moon and they're not hard to keep clean. No they're not either tickling a regular basis like you should be cleaning your carpet yeah. Upholstery why not he should be fine plus that's today's some vintage amusing air quotes yet vintage carpets are not vintage the premise polyester Seton clean image you just the time make it look vintage Jerry Jones and go to target it set up. Yeah bios so 150 dollar pair genes have this in the mud started and how fast did you include. I listen we talked about the most common cancer in the US is skin cancer by far about 9500 new cases are diagnosed each day glow and missed batter earlier connect and that's a lot of cancer in us living here in Florida obviously we've been out in the sun and protected many a time so there's actually a couple also got a few scientists have put together a fourteen question. I guess algorithm percent are what add an extra early detection yeah you can answer these questions if you're really honestly will give you. An estimation. If you're gonna have developed melanoma which is the deadliest form of skin cancer over the next three and a half years in apt since it'll prompt you said it well you know what you probably should go to the doctor at least to get a referral to the dermatologist and you know keep this on in in eyesight so. If it does come you know they catch it early enough will be a death sentence for yet. All right. This is really a great skill that's available for Amazon's Alexa it's called kids courts because let's face it mom and dad. You're shaft you're taxi driver Yuri consultants you were a doctor and of course you're a referee. Oh yeah when the kids don't feel that your treating them fairly solid state do you blame the referee or the judge. Alexa older before you this is brilliant. So it's and say you tell us they want you but the skill EC Alexa open Connecticut's court. Having you here like this low horn and then you hear my is gavel. And then in essence they wanna lose that did the plaintiff and who is the defendant a prosecutor and defendant. And then you go and you argue your case just like you are in in court and Alexa helps them understand what the prosecutor writes so cute is being injured you can have put in that evidence you cannot bring a witness to this. And the best part is that elect's overall pick up on key words and well and has since come up with the decision you can. Appeal the decision if you want to hear that's so good for the best part is is that it well you know your sentence if you're found guilty is to do something silly like trying to stand on your hands again run around the block or something alongside funny dared the other lady who invented this particular skill says that she hopes that it helps kids stand up for themselves in a calm manner. And to articulate their problems coherently and to take responsibility for their actions which I think is. Rates it's brilliant I mean that's the hardest thing in the world when your child is upset to get them to tell you why yes you feel like you're back to the stages before they can talk. Yeah of this this helps them and also tell shows somehow the legal system works is countries are I think it's pretty cold future lawyers abound let's see here no so a lot of people love a fast food restaurants Europe putting vegetarian or meat free main news chat. Guilty of that yeah like I'm guilty of taking part in them because I just. I'm not a huge meat eater I don't care for it months of IC a vegetarian option like what like that but it is and that's good because you know I love as I've gotten older you know like red meat doesn't sit well yes pardon. And so it a lot of people do good for the health reasons but the issue is that you know it's it's a fast food restaurant even though it's tough opponent doesn't. It's still at a fast food restaurant and in the article really kind of hit the nail on the head I said look. Sport to be you know fresh food and into each you meatless you have to have fresh food delivered daily a lot of restaurants do it would deliveries weekly. Yes they have just been there's don't have a lot of storage so they in essence preserve food using a lot of salt we add the salt of bounds so you know you'll kill you so it's been witnessing is when you go to these the meatless versions at a fast food restaurant go and look deeper into it. See with the sodium content is he with the fat content is and then also if you decide to get that. Make sure you're not you know. Putting cheese in Manning yeah I know this other stuff that you know adding baked into it I mean come on yeah you're adding more calories to something that's supposed to be a less calorie yes I'm a huge catch up person I was shocked to find out how much sodium as in catch. Oh yes it's Perry is you can actually violent sodium ketchup so I've actually started buying low sodium everything I did she because there's some assaults in the end everything that we have everything and even to the point now of that I don't need to consult on a cook scramble eggs yeah leave for sultan that because. There's something else I'm going to be eating out yet how to have solved and it didn't so anyways I thought that was in Tuesday. This is really cool here I did not know that there are dog dancing competitions there I did neither of my life is made a little happier yet there is actually started back in the early ninety's where it and obedience trader demonstrated something called he'll work to music and that's HE EL. As in he'll do the commands and until command not the issue right so there's actually like thirteen pages of rules. How you can do these competitions and there's certain things just like with ice skating here or gymnastics you have to do certain number routines. In a report to be part of the concerted via competitive circuit. Sadly the the main one which is the world Kane and organization and does not compete here in the states but there are a mini ME doesn't local or a regional. He he would eat dog dancing competitions are available. So we can break it down to here so I've I think I need to do and I think recent is a perfect Casper Crist I don't really I I don't think there's ever been a more perfect thing for me. Thrilling dot dancing give it a shot yet and finally we talked about the season finale of season two of this is us don't worry. We're not gonna spoil it for now but you probably will need to issue. Pushing me to show any time you watch. Bobby Jones now got to wait took two to fall September before we get this season three under our belts out maybe going a little bit this is us withdrawals. Not too worried this a special phone number you can call it's 412. 502. 5065. And on the other and you'll hear Randall Pearson he's sterling cape manages the dreamy asked these early get back home and I love that he had to I really I think the cast in the show's really in the writings to yes perfect. I think he ties it all together yes absolutely he's really really big issue there any les and I still think your message to. To you for watching the show and the best part is that you can leave a greeting or suggestion or whatever after the beep. I'm going to call this probably daily until until the fifth at. Just here's what you hear the calming. Calming Randall Pearson and ego that powers our show for today Wednesday march 14 of course were on the airline Monday through Friday between five intent. A ninety point five KTK have for what my name.