3.15.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Guide For Supporting Companies That Support Female Leadership-Fruits And Veggies That Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Thursday, March 15th

There’s a good chance your parents had a favorite child as well as your grandparents, a guide for supporting companies that support female leadership and how fruits and veggies can be dangerous to your health.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, March 15, 2018.


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I once again it's the I ninety point 5 TD he morning show recap for Thursday. Fifteenth. Pay pay pay pay day I didn't mile mean. I know that sounds snotty amoeba I didn't realize until I woke up and had all these notifications of bills being paid I am in house like yeah. In an area is at the fifteenth OK got it you know recovered and got an accent that happens I mean all pop pop some pop only wants the money leave our yeah I gathered. I look at Connecticut I don't say is both wonderful and the dam. Only aperture governor to retain you know relating your bills and that's an important so used. I outlets Gordon now a recap what you may have missed on this very show this morning your phone maybe giving you a rash that's because of other medals inside of it like nickel and coal ball can cause an allergic reaction. Plus if you have a rubber casing your phone it could cause skin irritations well plus if you hold up your phone next year ear. After work out that I'm I do I'll cast him. I'm many bumpers and on your phone call and I am looking good you know some sometimes it happens and I have like this this. A Bluetooth headset use you know to listen to music to while I'm at the gym. Oh yeah and you supposedly supposed to talk on it as you know like it you can use as a sound setting. And never works. Some screaming at the top of my lungs allowed what's the point if you haven't noticed is everywhere in my conversation. Hobby anyway as they say that there is also a chance of you might beginnings it's if you're leaving your phone up to your face so well you might just wanna maybe get I've. Case it's not plastic to yet itself from the the medals in its. And then keep the phone away use the Bluetooth because of the infrared energy may actually cause some dark spots on your skin. You so here we go with. This isn't fascinating in effect because him in a women have really come a long way in the last hundred years. I mean though the rights to votes. The rights hearing to do direction entering the workforce doing phenomenal on the war first I still don't understand while if you do the exact same job as I do. Why generally women get paid less than men and I it's beyond me I don't understand it other than it's just you can get more work at a submitted for paying them less money good for you yet but about 85% of all the consumer purchases in a household are determined. By a woman yeah get only 27% of senior management positions are occupied by women that make the products that. Women are in charge of making any money. So there's a website out it's really called it's called Sam. It's FEMA through mock her feet. So it's like it's feminine and economy and exceed yes. All right hide it's it's it's an interesting website because what it does is it and loves you if this is something that bothers you to actually. Choose where you choose you're gonna Spain Germany so Francis either buying a particular laundry detergent. That doesn't have at least a 30% women ratio on the border owned by 50% of women. You can actually find someone that has been in switch your brilliance at. So brilliant in it's a great ways for you to release in the message that you know we need to come a little bit closer in a little bit faster to gender equality via especially when we're talking about. You know women making some of the decisions and counsel be to have evidence to back up. That when women come to an all male board. You start making decisions that increased the possibility. The of the workforce by 15%. There you go well because hey if we are buying him that you want a woman to design it so they yeah. You know the buttons to hit. Yeah how we already have tons of places like tons of resources. The help us find you know things that are good for the economy things that are good for the environment things that don't do animal cruelty involved. So out your fellow woman. You help me out so many ways because we bounce ideas back and forth and you just have a different perspective and I it's gonna happen now that's pretty cool. Clinton can opt parents prefer younger kids grandparents prefer the oldest. It's true it's true oh it's sad but it's true according to a recent survey of our parents and grandparents they found. That's those are actually contestant. Found that 40% said that they're less sport is their favorite that is if there the parents. Great grandparents and the other hands. Or more likely to like the oldest grandchild is being their favorite person the younger ones elite I got the grandparents on my guys to keep it up I always knew my younger Brothers where my bailing the favorite right but now I have proof. I can't wait to throwing in my parents' faces now I was the I am the eldest grandchild for my in my mother's side yeah. And it was true my grandmother spoiled me rotten to multiple cousins I think were very jealous of that Nawaz. So this guy is just you know started like you know kind of pushing away a little bit and it's really going to be the outcast yeah of the family. By the way did you say this is rightfully so 60% of the moms aunts and grandparents had when he answered the question they felt. Absolutely horrible for picking a favorite because it's true each of the kids are are lovely in their own way. Yes I think Fabian accidental favorite damn lake I mean it may have to do with personalities to like so my Brothers easier than linking just easier going and I him so maybe it's just easier for my mom and it goes at trying to interesting at least from my it might my circle of friends. We got a lot along better with my grandparents the my parents yes. Which may be plays and we always hung out in my grandparents' house you don't like the place to be my grandmother was I loved her death was awesome. Let's talk about fruits investor balsam because and do we think that they're very healthy for you in for the most part they are which need to be carefully for taking specific medications or you have a allergies. Because some of these episodes can actually be very dangerous for your. For instance grapefruit juice and it's a great way to start your days a catalyst and to burn fat in your body that's why a lot of died start with grapefruit in the morning. But unfortunately. You're taking a statin drugs. And actually would be less effective in controlling your high blood pressure or her opinion that's insane so you know you need to talk to your doctor about that and there's reasons there and plus I did find this the strangest thing a long time ago but surtax the allergy medicine. Does not worked is actually it says on the label that you you you cannot drink it's or use grapefruit juice or won't be able to work on you. I have no idea and I mean I'm a huge grapefruit juice drinker and I didn't realize. It until I was taking antibiotics and they really don't know it can reduce the Blake efficacy of antibiotics to Michael day. Yes you never think about it when you're lying you're still don't make you feel better. Charities and hit Giffords in general need to be careful of are not chewing on mama on the seeds Ali Ellis not QNC. They super hard to do we you know ever wanted while you could you know in just one or two or not really know about a that you realize inside those seeds they actually possessed the compounds. The makes cyanide. Inside they will kill you. So they say in just one or two freshly crushed cherry pits could be dangerous to your health causing fever headaches fail falling blood pressure and extreme cases death. So if you I am have been fun stuff yes stuff the need to be aware of same is true for paper cut peach and clumsy and plum seat as well. People who are allergic to latex need to be careful of avocados and kiwi fruits. Because the proteins of those particular fruits are very similar to be. The sap of the rubber tree. So that's why you might have allergic reaction that way. Be careful of large quantities of bananas and doing talking like a lot of bananas but still be Kyrie very careful a bottom if you have kidney problems. Because they can tee and a lot of potassium which can be good if you have a Charlie course. But if your kidneys are functioning normally that extra potassium could actually build up causing. Piper. Cultural media Colleen the Arabic we will ordered that. Hibbert who lenient favorite color Amy out day ago which causes nausea slower polls and even irregular heartbeat and leaky vessel such a sprouts and Spanish to be voided if you're taking anti coagulant drugs. Our bloods to make your blood clot. Are not clot I should say. Because those festivals contain high levels of vitamin K which two are needed to clot blood and anti Cooley humans are trying to prevent blood from clotting so that kind of defeating the purpose. And then be careful of cranberry juice has silent passive its key greedy in aspirin. If you're on a daily aspirin routine. That actually may be a little bit too much of that particular protein compound which connects amateur but a little two cents yeah so with all of this consult your doctor. That's the best thing should do. All right Kristin it's okay to slip the dogs they day out about that I get a better get a bigger bed because the Mayo Clinic which. Is not just you know some you know. Quacks telling us these analogies of places are saying that they studied forty dogs. And humans as well in each of the dogs in the human somehow they were a look at this and a dog they put an activity tracked and it was that recording their they're activity throughout the day. And then the owners actually had one that monitored there sleep patterns and what they found was 81% of the humans. And 85% of the dogs had above had satisfactory sleep. Us Acadia rhythms I think. And for everybody the thome should be thinking minivan and the end of a so that is a big to keep in mind and then finally if you have but a snug off of TV very important off of TV one of those. Infomercials you know whether to tell you if you buy one you get the second one free plus shipping and handling type thing. Gonna find out. Also a marketing group was behind that and they were a little deceptive in that it's free offer. And that goes beyond the snow do you goes into the magic mesh door I had that Yahoo! which I love it was like does it work well it's got a mag didn't know. No it doesn't work a lot. It is great but did you know it doesn't ordered you know my catalyst for anyone those infomercials and when they say the secret is and then go on and tell you like them why would you want me to buy you just told me how to make you that he told me yet. The secret herbs and spices for KFC acting duo myself gambled a secret is none of it works and out of it works and what. What and Allan Katz now it's an electronic pet cat toy in a brutal punch heavy duty hole puncher each of them had one of these violent it would free offers that the FTC said was. Misleading and actually confusing having some customers. Being charged more for products and they wanted dating back all the way to at least 1999. So the company has to pay seven point two million dollars hour. Two over 2181000. People. So you actually make your check and MLB city here in the next a couple of weeks they say and an average chip to be 33 dollars. If you really wanna find out if you're part of this or not call the FTC. It's 877982. 1294. Barry LI TI bought online at as seen on TV store in the mall GAAP. So I don't get any money back probably the I didn't get a vote no deal now the only thing I saw f.s and I've been distortion or any one thing I saw you desperately wanted. Was a it was something that is being shrimp but the picture look like the shrimp was flying out and elect like a nerve gotten. So I. Oh illness if they you know you cranked it fast enough of the shrimp when axis are flying up three. Coming out of flying out yet I don't know that's just the boy in me I suppose that wants to have fun with enough about them their food round so that's our show for today we won't want to rob has will be in Orlando mean we don't have the technology to do it their way and yet we do become our going to theme park come on we're not you know we're going under air quotes. The work it's a work trip but mom and sends you off here or haven't picked apart. We'll catch back next time and of course we're on the airline alive Monday through Friday between five to ten here and Eddie point five TT can have a great one name.