3.13.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Lending Your Credit Card Is Dangerous-TV Show For Instragram Food Fails Hits Netflix

Tuesday, March 13th

The hottest pool toy of the season sit 6 adults and a cooler, lending your credit card to friends and family is dangerous and the new show that hails all those baking fails! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show Podcast for Tuesday, March 13, 2018.


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I ask the 98 point 5 KG came morning show recap for Tuesday march 13 let's dive right in Joey yeah shocked that but probably not probably him. And you know that really is kind of good west found out through out life that having some separate banking and financials stuff on your own food is not a bad thing. On any particular. There was a new survey they came out from credit cards dot com a final more than 36 million people have been bird flu. News by lending their credit card to somebody else two years or so yeah a half the adults. So that they have left it lent their credit card or debit card to somebody 35%. Saw a negative consequences. Surprise surprise including overspending that was number one on the list not getting paid back for the dad I hate that buying Planar concert tickets and having people pay you back as soon. Markets in next time I can yes next time. And then I just having the court the card lost or stolen you know I'm honored to run. Not at all the pain in the bottom had Mya car lost before it took two weeks to get the new one new. I know somebody tried to get me to buying something pretty substantial my credit card in their excuses we you can keep the points if I get at a well blood and mundane wanna pay me back before the bill is due so that I didn't get the interest on it yet out and yes it. These things separate I love that they are like oh we get the points yeah there are totally thinking Neely global blitzer weren't says. Yeah well you can hear often before the integration yeah. They found us as interesting as well 30% of cardholders who let their cards to spouses and partners in 21% to kids as said at 39 for. Not to let it any didn't even an immediate family member borrow their credit card you know. For those who do lend out their cards and state charges up 200 bucks that's okay and the youngest group in the cardholders a aged eighteen to 37 or more likely than older adults to lend cards. To their friends. Other also more likely to say the cards get lost or stolen imagine that. Loose structure I'd learned something Tia and they never comes back a little bit of all things my out of all things yeah out. So this is a good information here lying and a hot bath burns as many calories as a thirty minute walk I'm I have to change my stance on hot bat try this one out here a case so there's a study that was done that was then Finland in Arlington holes on the thing lunar new. They had a group of men ride a bicycle for sixty minutes and then they had those men lie in a hot bath tub for sixty minutes news. Now what they found was probably be music to ears soaking in hot bath for an hour burned about a 130 calories that's. Isn't as much is riding a bicycle but that's the equivalent of walking thirty minutes while so that's pretty good plus they also said that the out of the Europe. Your peak blood sugar was about 10% lower when the bath was taken in as opposed to the bike writes that definite. And also they suggest this was called passive heating could help reduce inflammation. In May help off while ward off cost cardiovascular disease might have to jump than us on the yeah I try this on its I don't like because it's like being outside in in August in Florida yet we pretty much have signs in our backyard theft. It's just you know you camber either of those things yet. I have this immense fear that I am going to trip and fall on to the hot surface that is producing the heat yes Donna so I just can't bring myself to Millen numb I'm too clumsy at the thought of my sisters that we teach super. Super clubs if you're leopards sheets chairs over air so I. The photo I averted at. This is cool especially now that the pool season and float down the spring season is here. If you go to wal bomb excuse me Sam's Club right now. For about a 150 dollars if you confine going you can get the 10 X 10 inflatable float pool float toy. That apparently is the must have think it holds six adults and a cooler and it has chairs and cup holders. While yeah are you kidding him by my line a tread looking forms so. They say takes about twenty minister inflate and they come in three vibrant designs including a flamingo a unicorn and a peacock Ammann McGee keep my out that peacock if you look at form right now there there are hot items defiance of maybe has more on the way but. That's what's going on their. At this is great as we talked about this awhile ago but you know you see it like those interest pictures are in to grand. But these wonderful decorated foods in herds. And it just a beautiful I think you're trying to make it and something happens where it just doesn't look the same life life happens life happens exactly. So I Netflix has a new show that is actually going to us celebrate our delightful often off illness of baking failures. It's called nailed it. Perfect and it takes a takes home bakers with a terrible track record on trek to create a recreating those wonderful masterpieces GC on nine and at CN an instrument whatever you. And you went 101000 dollars it's a cool premise they have they have to browse one rounds where you do you. Trying to recreate something simple like can emote GR McKay yeah and they have something that's a little bit more challenging designed by guest judge. Now if you win the first round that you can actually give advantages to the second round surprised if you're competition's doing better. There's a freeze button that makes them stop working for for a three minute tool that's painful that's it's you know it's me kind of hard there via its chemical thing guys called that nailed. The first season and six episodes available on Netflix. Watch it sparingly because those six episodes ago quickly yeah I putted Mancuso who are you got it yet another ready. And then guys beating dogs are ignoring you you're absolutely right but women are the unique dog whispers of the zeevi genders. Apparently women are more fluent two dogs speaking dog and understanding had been a men are. This is the conclusion of scientists who I've recorded the sounds and nearly twenty dogs growling in different series like some growing to do you have Gardner food from another dog and one was growling when they're playing Tug of war and with a rope. And so what they did was is they had a small group of people a forty of them attempt to identify the emotion of the growl who'd. The two types of people were able to identify more particularly the better than anybody else in those that were. People who experience with dogs and regular basis and women even though women may have native owned a dome. Wow they really didn't think it has to do with women's higher sensitivity to emotional stimuli and as soon base meeting here between the lines and and get the emotion that's behind the the ground. Yeah acting you've been around down long enough my oldest dog is eleven and I had m.s and use of baby. I seriously feel like if he's in the other room and he even makes a noise and like you want your do you need your right I just. You just know all. At this interesting you know you can beat you pick that up I always distinctive and I'd tell my dog off the couch you discuss steer me in the put his head down like. Oh heck yeah you're ignoring me and you're just made me mad so yes go outside. Yeah it's an area that's our show for today Tuesday march 13 of course thank you so much from listening to the podcast were on the air Monday through Friday between five and ten. So we'll kitchen then. Me.