3.12.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Bad Boss Voodoo Doll-Crumb Resistant Keyboard Just Now Being Patented

Monday, March 12th

Critters in your spice rack?! Get back at a bad boss with a voodoo doll and an app that does all the legwork so you get cash back at your favorite stores! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, March 12, 2018.  


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Hello there is an idea point 5 KG came morning show recap for Monday march 2 it's my day my day 3120. I don't know of very ago. I miss Mario shows something you may have messed good comic creature how we figure we do early in the show so why not hop. Although some spicy you having your Spicer acumen that make Rosemary and stuff like that. Crawling whereas pay a pantry past pinching test yes there ABB in six virtually undetectable TI but there it is there. And they attacked foods that are tucked away your cabinets he bet he gad laugh like a flower cereals herbs spices in chocolate and so it's more by the way they apparently really light. The pepper varieties like pat Rick in Ky yen. And so basically here's the deal. We've been eating them all the time no big deal but well I think he'll have but they do say you should rotate those spices don't they're not good forever. And she's by rotate them in and outs I don't know yet very much good note. If you ever turned over your keyboard and go in lieu. Lou this will be good because apple finally and Tony eighteen is working at a keyboard that lobby Crum resistant. And if apparently new patent application was filed. And they're gonna use stuff like gaskins brushes wiper since last conceal gaps I'm here for it to keep that this stuff from falling out when I don't know why we don't have a yet yeah it's. Have been one of those things that happened oh yeah. Though the keyboards been around for at. RBI I don't understand that but there they say they're working on its the so maybe in the next few years when everything's virtual keyboards boom you know. Collide we're making a cradle for the rotary phone you really needed him. I so we've heard of a wedding rings people abuse tattoos to cement their love the people Wear the wedding ring around her neck consider their finger. I now we have. Wedding ring piercings wedding ring piercing on your wedding finger okay all right journal piercing seems to be a big one. Where the jury secure with an anchor than is placed under the layers of skin to keep in a place. Others used an elected navel piercing bar bill to look like wearing down now yeah just Kim. Really jump on board this one's no because you know BP catch the ring on something or. What you go through a metal detector or something along those lines and La anyways. A little bit of a nightmare of Abbas you might wanna looks and for some help to relieve that stress in the form of a voodoo doll balloon is yeah. Getting upset and plays the opportunities are hurt the dollar easing tends pliers in flyer. I can't get some some sort of a justice for and a bad boss they've studied us two's overstays concluded that. And accidents and there's two forms of bosses a dysfunctional boss in the dark Boston. Probably the one you have is the dysfunctional one who really is not to hurt you but because a lack of skill or other personality defects are not very good at their job Keenan the dark bosses of the ones that the quiet wants it to be careful of there have very destructive behaviors include. Narcissism a me in earnest and psychopath so yes on the booted operatives bans were all asked to call a time when their were abused by their boss in their career. Did you being yelled at and they given the chance to retaliate those are used voodoo dolls today had a significantly higher sense of justice. NC can't kill lumped it in brutal hit that I. Instead of searching for coupons or going to your credit cards in half and to activate the cash back rewards yup he just link up your credit card to the app and it will automatically do that step where you can get savings that cash back anywhere from three to 10%. Stores like gap. Bed, Bath & Beyond Wal-Mart target Home Depot forever 21 even hotels fantastic day job and does it for you than when you reach 25 dollars it'll actually send it added to your PayPal account or make you a debacle or a gift card. And they do say today is. Beat the one thing is the trade off is that you have to give some your personal information up like yeah shopping and such yeah. Not too shabby but that's our show for today thanks so much for listening on Monday march 12 row on the air Monday through Friday between five to ten right here in ninety point five KT yeah.