2.9.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Add Turmeric To Your Workout-Red Lobster Cedar Bay Flower Bouquet

Friday, February 9th

Hersey’s has a pretty cool promotion for you when any Winter Olympic athlete wins a gold medal, lawyers are predicting tougher divorces in 2018 and adding this spice to your workout will give you an energy boost! IT’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, February 9, 2018.


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Economist welcome to the nine hour five Casey Timorese are recap for Friday February 9. 201 eighths yet. Olympic starting today and you might notice that you picture it's a little different it's probably due to the new tax laws that are in place right now. And it's kind of interesting lawyers serves our kind of preparing to go to court a lot more in divorces are saying is going to be a nasty in a rough year for divorces. And it all comes down to alimony. So did they change the rules on alimony it'll after December 31. You can't deduct alimony that your paying to your spouse and the spouse although on the good side doesn't have to pay. Doesn't have to pay income taxes on their data their data treated like income anymore so I attorneys are predicting that change will complicate divorce negotiations and lead to more cases being heard in court vs just being settled. So there anticipating though he hit into the courts a little bit a lot more than they have in previous years and they sales in her women or this report two as true it's they say they're gonna raise about six point nine billion dollars over the next decade. To Olympic for the tax cuts the paper that says I by the way our tax cuts are temporary. Yeah the corporal once per very true Barack. Hey Tony eighteen Olympics the Winter Olympics and twenty Pyongyang you think you Yung Chang South Korea it is going on right now now major year for teen USA because apparently for every gold medal the athlete wins and team USA. Hershey is going to give away candy bars. So I got a new one called the Hershey gold bar. The sounds pretty good there Chris and UD this right I think woody that's on there caramelized cream candy peanuts and pretzels see the pretzels make a pretzel makes it threatening him like those chocolate covered pretzels absolutely so for the next two weeks every time the team you know we're telling you this now because you need to prepare for this yeah. Every time thirteen years it wins a gold medal visit the Hershey FaceBook page or Twitter feed and look for a special giveaway post because the first 101000 people who clicked on to believe link. Will then get a coupon in the mail for a dollar fifty for her she gold bar which essentially a free bar I'm and they dislike email tonight that they would email it to you right you'd think somehow probably click a link and then like a coupon code I think a coupon codes Colombia known in violated transplanted a horde this out like coupon in extreme coupon inning and it's only one for one per person. I and it's only available for the first 101000 people unless you use them the private setting on your browser. Hi. Many visual cookies on the private setting got to get a candy bar without using cookies have a valid. You need a little boost in your step when you go into giving it to be honest with this one of the reasons I don't know that some might decide not to go to the you're just too tired and Souza laundries I'm tired but apparently. Tour it is really good at boosting your energy and actually good for after workouts as well in all due to the cocoon and and Okur Truman which is inside the tumor yeah and apparently aimed at a lower your levels of the tee and in turn boosts your overall energy. At the tumor boost brain power in general because increases the levels of growth -- and in your brain and then also after work they say it works just as good as Ibuprofen in relief and so muscle and that's saying now has a little it's a little staining its a little it's all think you know early in a little O'Malley has unique smell ya think when you walk into an Indian restaurant. That pervasive smell right at the glorious amount so well you keep its most beloved or hated that yes so a lot of what the benefits of you may wanna is go with the supplement itself so the pre just swallowed bedeviled him. Let's talk about TP your toilet paper habits are you overhang and under GAAP aria. Over all former is the correct way by the way if you look at the patent by The Who does that mean exactly know. The drawings on the original patent there was it's submitted to the US patent office. Shows it coming off the top now off the bottom of powers act carrying that around with me yes it's easier to grab the that the square right but I have to vote church people tell me the reason they do they do it under now is for children and for cats. Because they can't spin it and the whole roll call all okay as vintage is kind of keeps looping its way through as they have to get really fired gun opposite way of their idea OK okay I'll give you that so there you go but there are some habits of personality traits for the U overs vs the underserved for overs. We like to take charge related organization and order and yes we will go into your bathroom and hall racked up a toilet paper dispensary direct asked for those who do under they tend to be more relaxed more dependable and seek relationships with strong foundations. Then those that have no preference I think your full of lies. I'm gonna have a preference. They say they cheer you like minimize that conflict appreciate flexibility and enjoy placing themselves in the situation we got a FaceBook message Durham when we were doing this breakers you know woman. Says our newsletter for the that the told people there you know it's true Miller underworld I just wanna make sure there's a role where yeah. I I I really love the fact when the especially here at work they'd be toilet. Brawl holder is into took the cardboard tubes there now together as a fresh wrote to a paper being used on top of it on top and I'm like three notches complete the task here it's I don't know its estimate to a year we would all she gonna do say that I mean it really is the other do you think it'll put on the Super Bowl if they had does this kind of you have close to the touchdown package that you. If you would just maybe got the toilet paper closed after the brought the news you have eleven go up in the next couple of weeks and I did not know it's been a makes total sense apparently each country in the each athletes have their own chips that go with the golf course you know to make sure that the eat right properly so the right there they're athletic peak so. We got cards for ends the Norwegians who do really well in the north in the Winter Olympics the curling but they have a curling channel I was watching current and actually yesterday morning was one of the actually start but the with the tape delay. I was wondering if the USA did ending in curling so we can get candy bar. We have them we'll have to wait and find out but thus far out I need my alert on my phone as well and so the Norwegians. In bay had a specific damning new that they have for their athletes and when they got to to Pyongyang I Chang. And South Korea they went to the local market and they were gonna go to order some foods unfortunately. None of the or Norwegian spoke Korean and the greens and speak nor did not all an origin Koreans see if we hit a so they went to their Google translate why not sure it's never messed me up like GPS yeah. Excuse me a passer I would like 1500. So eggs we want 15100 legs or go to Google translate and they go here we want and here read this is what we're looking for yet so what what happened when the eggs were delivered service the next day the a's were delivered and the kept noticing well usually it's coming out of this truck. Apparently Google translate had somehow scrambled the binary code instead of 15100 eggs they ordered 151010. Times more than you really need NASA instead of and there are a good sport instead of Hague as salad sandwich is set for the entire duration. The grocer took back the thirteen 1500 extra eggs while. But you just imagine being really tired like this like death Thanksgiving from Turkey eating it for we all stand in their cholesterol critic cant take it and now that that's. That's our show thanks for joining us on the podcast and of course on the air live Monday you have between five intend ABC yeah back.