2.8.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Worlds Hottest ice Cream-The Twenty-Twenty Rule For Wine

Thursday, February 8th

Can you handle the world’s hottest and possibly most dangerous ice cream?  How much are you spending this Valentine’s Day? Plus the 20/20 method in enjoying your wine.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, February 8, 2018.


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I there it's the idea point 5 Katie came morning show recap for Thursday February. 8 and do Larry eight. I know he didn't hit the nail on the head the seems like G Fedora is growing much faster the first you don't happen at Virginia there. First couple days of February passed faster than the entire month of January and saying I don't know what's what's what's happening here Arlo. But the bummer really happy or sad about this particular story but you know. The item that has started the digital rights a revolution in music. The compact disk may actually be into its final stages that's sad yeah he is best buy announced this week that their stores will no longer be selling CDs as of July 1. And day at the consider onetime best buy I was one of the biggest merchandisers in the US of selling CDs. They send out only accounts for about forty billion dollars annually and it's just not enough to keep the four space occupied yeah I guess so but ironically enough they're gonna continue to sell vinyl copies of music for two more years. Good kitty he adds kitty and they have it live contract for the next two years in the gonna on that point. Targets kind of doing the say they're doing our vision on those CDs and dvds in the going one step further. Now I'll tell you. I still like getting the dvds because the Internet goes out. Or you know it's his power for two weeks during hurricane exactly immunity allows you to watch things without being connected but yes. I guess how it works is like for retailers is go by have a brick of CDs or dvds and then. They sell they have and then what they don't sell based ship back to the our distributor. And they get a credit for the next order so in essence the person giving all this season and dvds are no arrests or get the money up front. So what Tara wants to do is actually do kind of a consignment deal. So that when you buy move movies or music at target when you ski in it they pull their money out the top and then they send a check to be distributor. So in essence this distributor has all the risk and that's what they tend to think that some of these record labels just might lulls assay. And forget it we're done with the CDs for now so yeah and outsmart them misrepresent kind of sad for Oscars you know we did see did launch of the the revolutionary compact disk 35 years ago and now it's coming to an end it looks like. I just thoroughly younger than me in is. And now the disarmament the first CA I think what are what was that it was either Alanis Morissette or eighth base I honestly don't remember which one but I had those two cities as my jagged little pill. Yes yeah yep I remember that when as well. I think I remember rating via price cause that's when I worked when my first radio jobs yeah and I wanna CD from the radio stations are. It got us let's see just over the world's most dangerous and hottest ice cream. I don't know about this one here and I I think isn't a Ben and Jerry's is kind of going after halos top wind yeah writing about their sights set on that locale widescreen yeah well if it's localities could I wouldn't. Of course or go without once again it doesn't have that. Casper is with aspartame. Known Casper than some than that weird sugar alcohol that was causing so much people have dietary issues gas yes that gap. They're saying it doesn't have that interest and that's pretty good well this goes the action Optus Erica went virtually you offing giving you refreshment it's called the breath of the double. Lindsay has made with the world's hottest peppers the Carolina reaper has Cisco's bill he rating of just over. One point five million. Making it a 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce I can't even Adam. I can't fathom how hot that is done don't want sealed I have friends that just love sweating out there and they're like they're smiling they're reading a top it's like what's yeah I would feel I don't get it. But anyways if you want this ice him if you're under eighteen forget that you can you believe associate you have to sign a disclaimer that actually says and it could be a risk of personal injury illness and possible loss of life. Oh yeah. I would put that in my mouth ominous sign that the and then the servers actually at the all which ice cream parlor and glossed over they serve it. Actually where plastic gloves because that stuff hots can you imagine just accidentally touching your face or your all right all I Shia. I NER visit leading I do think it's fine that they do it at Valentine's Day because it really could if you like a bad relationship could be burning out your hard. Yeah you could end up an ERR maybe even getting on Valentine's days of people do you don't like you can like lure the midnight hour. Ruin their day job at night yeah. There you go with some ice cream he is so yesterday's podcast we talked about the wonderful pairings of Girl Scout Cookies and winds to compliment them. But now today we find out we've been drinking wine in the wrong way our entire lives. That's a matter of opinion how check the other is no wrong way to still drink my benefit you've got a guy who named Jill fat Tony he's on the TV program the wind show and he says that. You should actually chill your red wines you were drinking. And warm up your white wines. And it's a very simple up the thing Freda remembers the 20/20 role sold for your red wines take it from room temperature then the French for twenty minutes and then service. With your what he white wines if you storing it in the fridge Oreo even on a cold area ticket out and let it warm up to room temperature for twenty minutes and go for. And try it yeah I mean I'm willing to be a Guinea pay when it comes anything line that he can't real I'll try multiple times to give you my opinion yet. Yet so this time so is it better to take it for your skin is a better to take a shower in the morning or at nights. I hadn't thought about the skin factor but I do take nighttime showers here in my timer yet whether it's accident in you have fantastic skin so I'm sure this plays into it maybe they do say that if you really want to improve your skin may get a good night's sleep he should shower. At nights and it makes sense because you sweat all day event oils are natural oils he got allergens all over you're sitting in that office in the traffic in the U all blood itself. One wash off before you go to bed yes mom and then that also will wake up with a radiant skin implies that hot cold up and down in temperature does it help you get into the rhythm of getting to sleep. My unit just for me I eat I just love the morning shower and and I was topping the story off the year mom. Went even before work outs on the weekends sometimes I'll take a shower before I go work out yes and it's because I feel sturdy even though I know I'm going to sweat. Yes the strangest thing. I don't think I mean I'm really happy that I have two boys in my house that love showers right I Jeremy and Mitch both showered twice today the F and I'm grateful for that but I don't think he had if I feeling to you Sharon the middle of the day just to freshen up. Yeah whenever. Answer that I did go through a north shower phrase a phase and I think it was who's backed my early teens Alia out you do want a shower and ever ever. I have a blow my bread two Brothers one of and one thing that I'm not gonna Naimi on the air but one of them went through that and it would be like two weeks and we Billick so listen there. You know we knew that art RD annual chit chat we blood YouTube. Staying young you need to limit the based. So when it comes to picking the right album Colorado for your walk remotely. You know EI. You thought melons right to see if they're good usually at least you you pick a great for two as a sample deceive you wanna by the grades yet and pinched and great and I'm sure you've you've squeezed. And I'm a college trying get that that. That doesn't soft but yet says square of the law firm and yes pushy inside. Are you not to squeeze film because I don't want the fingerprints on the inside but now there's also little tip where if you take a little. Belly button off of it they can the color of the avocados right there will help you see if it's right or not I really don't know half. Yeah like if it's brown means it's probably overdone if it's really bright yellow it's not right but if we take a little belly button off and it's green. It's just perfect interstate while this guy here says it actually go to the other side of the avocado he has those are the bottom side of it because that's the side and actually comes out first when it's growing. And if the fat wide round bottom. Boldest side. If you give that a squeeze or a quick and has that firm yet squishy avocado. Yes of the outcome make a very clear it's up I. And if you have that little firm that squishy feeling then you're good to go even if the tops a little hard. So that's good knowledge and make him your bunting is up pretty good about the trial into a yes. And then Valentine's Day all love it cost. It cost your time. It costs heart aches sometimes it actually costs dinero money in according to big big retail The National Retail Federation. They say that we are planning to spend an average of a 143 dollars and 56 per person. On flowers jewelry candy clothes and other gifts for our sweetie. A lot of money you have that's Erin de that was just created for our. The sake of creating a day GM that's very true another report actually found that 35% of couples are playing a night out on Valentine's Day and then another 25% a cut of people who largest up planning on a romantic evening have. Alternative thought things in my instead of a romantic evening by buying something for themselves yeah that's why we're getting together be different if and the I am and agree with you as well I don't like forced upon holidays like now grandparents' day and Valentine's Day and birthday to a degree I think that you know it's I'm of the mindset of I wanna think you Mumford birthday there's you know I just was there yeah Hamid all the work and they did another here. Thanks for bring in means you have to shore but you know there are a lot of people and especially this in new relationships they do when against the via. I'm around waiting on anybody wants to celebrate and I'm just saying. I don't personally yeah I do partake in gallons and stay which is the day before Valentine's Day and that's GAL. And that's for all the ladies that just wanna have a day old gal yesterday Valentine's Day not the not Dowling gallon at one mean and there's gallons of wine consumed and chiller. But it's got a gal for lady I can say again. That's how we get into this club leaders rethinking how much I wanna only be part of that. Could well let loose thanks so much for listening to our podcast of course you can catch our show up in the morning five to ten on ninety point five GTK. Pat back they.