2.7.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Perfect Wine Pairings With Girl Scouts Cookies

Wednesday, February 7th

A simple way to track your kitchen sponges to know when it’s time to replace them, Nevada creates visitors guide for UFOs and the perfect pairings of wine and Girl Scout cookies.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday February 7, 2018.


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Hello there that's an idea point 5 KTU morning general recap for Wednesday. February set of let's just jump Friday and that's let's talk about our new alien overlord perhaps the only thing of the Atlanta the plan how we gonna make sure when he aliens finally get here that. We're brutal thing at a bottom and how we've read more hospitable guest has her masters he had the Nevada department of tourism maven build a travel guide for UFO dollar job. I'm dead serious and it's it's true it's again because it inching itinerary welcoming extraterrestrials into the state as well as humans. Who wish to tour the hot spots were alleged alien encounters and I say August yeah. The guy it is a three day Lou but southern Nevada includes stops at the alien research sinner who long drive on ET. The extraterrestrial highway thought. And you can do a quick drive by area 51 that we really can't talk about you know it's a little embarrassing aliens finally get here. We take them on a tour and then we take them Las Vegas and take all their money. Production we we we should put on a little better face these guys portraiture of women or things or whatever there better yet when you get tired of the three day tour you can take a stop at the little AO. Ended unit little aliens it's elite and yet elite end until it got to there apparatus continuing who proves that there are can prove that they are an alien so you know what I learn on the show today him I learned that FaceBook thinks they know who I am. They don't know who I am sure any loan it really is interesting especially when you have those ads they keep coming up it's like why you keep showing me stuff like this you know what do you know about me so what they've actually did done is that he didn't actually have your ad preferences based in all the stories you war room now look through all the pictures you like to everything like that so. We can do go to our web sites and give you a more specific directions but if you log into FaceBook not to the out. Go to the little it did to decide down. I triangle in the upper right hand side open that won't admit we need to says ads are usually settings and then you look at for the ads tab in the while you're an ad preferences. And there is where you can now basically tell. That's what it's what FaceBook thinks you are exactly got it that your your politics where you shop. What's what are sororities why are we can also acts out of stuff which I myself doing it. And things like some things like I never did that happen you don't know me you don't know me army FaceBook. Ladies be careful next time your pulling an all nighter I'm working extra leaks really does hurt your productivity and health the next day. Studies are shown that sleep deprivation Hertz employee performance a lot and a new study found that pulling an all nighter to make it work deadline. Or prep for an exam messes with women's brains even worse. Then men's brain. They do this study word if people were tasked with memorizing an eight digit sequence of numbers. A the morning after a full night's sleep and then the other ones did the cramming session and they basically found a big difference but. Women just didn't do as well and it didn't even know that they didn't do as well that's what's kind of scary I have but I think it's as simple explanation is geyser ever phone numbers better because they have to remember phone numbers are those little numbers get a date I. This is gonna bury my idea thank Allah that went there with a fake you know you should be swapping out your I kitchen sponges once a week. I know it sounds like it's a lie that says when you talk about sponge is costing pennies and making sure that having a set response for the dishes vs a separate spends running the counter. Make sure that you don't cross pot cross contaminate you might actually have a healthier. Family and be healthier for yourself but. We can do a sticker sharply and write the date that you either. Swapped it out or the data needs to be swapped out. And it should stay on the the this bunch for about a week I like we're Kristin does he used brushes her. I used Russia's antenna is yet I use our recyclable bamboo paper tells about the same role of bamboo paper towels very year. It's night and closer REIT had done yet while OK already like put him in the washing machine no you like it's a roll paper towels and need just wring it out like a sponge but they're self cleaning and they were they get these I -- many on and then my mom got him for me for Christmas a couple of years ago and I just kept on buying them their amazing. To your paper towel drying all around how you basically had been generous to it's better than a nasty Stein is okay and Carol's got cookies are here I'll take them and goes why. Now winds I think into a cell we have found through searching the Internet anyhow wind pairing list the complements each. -- the girl scouts of the start of the sentiments are right I recommend a lovely Italian Bruno yes it's a dry Italian -- with tens of broken -- compliment the -- in the chocolate in the cookies and -- the Somalis. That's our favorites -- I recommend a real -- from Spain yeah of that when there has a little bit -- her fruity flavor and it works well with the -- into the term -- -- he's the -- needs some smiles but how about the tag along to pairs nicely within a very rich -- -- Mona and I'm wrong I'm wrong Italy which is a little pricey but it sure is nice to Jews. How about a -- nice -- -- German reasoning goes well with -- for -- that's just kind of a sweet wine with a -- that's like a short -- cookie that -- -- sweetest -- -- -- -- to be followed up with a -- -- California -- -- -- -- -- is my -- -- peanut butter and -- -- beyond -- -- to -- -- -- has a little -- taste -- it. And then what you gonna do you still live in the Savannah smiles compare them with the glass is so they'll block a white and finally with your gluten free crowd the trio which is we're matched that with a nice bottle of Washington's Nate Washington State seraw. I which kind of compliments across our. This is gonna work we're gonna ask spark if they can do preparing for a line Nasser and the other two of those smug girl scout you know how to sell out there yeah. But we only do that there was a sale of a girl somewhere in Washington outside a pot dispensary yes sold 300 dollars for the cookies in two hours I would imagine so that's brilliant casting nets society overall international. Now the so another good reason to get off the couch and take a brisk walk daily or may be the best way to prevent alzheimer's disease I think this is really great researchers found a rubber exercise at a moderate intensity could delay symptoms and improve your brain function. Mainly because your pumping more. Oxygenated blood or your brain that's got to hold over the alzheimer's is of the feud if you don't use -- you lose it you know and lets you know you have weight loss benefits you have heard his mind so I look at this weather we've got his perfect to walk outdoors you need an excuse Iraqi always rescue a puppy that's true they always need dogs are personal trainers they're IR they have the personal trainer with a Leach mine can outrun me any day Fatah. I'm three legs under real leg up so there is our show for today thanks for listening to the podcast and more on the air Monday through Friday between five and ten ABC's. And.