2.6.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Dancing Makes You Smarter-Cars That Are Better In Value Buying New Than Used

Tuesday, February 6th

There’s a good chance the bachelor party will be held at a spa, dancing makes you more intelligent and why you should buy a washing machine now.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, February 6, 2018.


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Hello once again it's the ninety point 5 KTU morning show or recap. For Tuesday February 6 two when he eighteen abilities six days of February have passed faster than the entire month of January really. Into something about time is just. Line and you know it you know I just I realize I think a couple years go as many years is I've circle the sun. And that the the days ball exactly the same on February and in March. Yes they dale and yet it was a big revelation I know I. And telling everyone like we'll be out there. You enough. The February 6 in the same day Tuesday. Will be march 6 also absolutely I am very much on. On let's talk about what we and he may have missed on the show or heard parts of it anyways. You know course the Super Bowl happened over the weekend. I was actually just reading reports. Because a released pictures. All these pictures of you know. Philadelphia on fire being and my actions Israel report there were more people arrested in new England and Boston. When the patriots lost vs those or arrested in Philadelphia for for winning so crazy go forget that one out yeah but we never own crazy here in Florida because this kind of revolves around the Super Bowl we have a sixty year old woman who lives in and porn averted beach. And Saint John's County fairly generally strong opinion about who's gonna win the suit rural and unfortunately for her husband or her boyfriend. He had a different opinion. That led to some very bad things happening here apparently right after kick off. The the sixty year old lady Cheryl Merrill. Actually picked up a wooden shelf off the wall and through and had a boyfriend you know the when those sheriff's officers came under don't you know when you get the law involved you know you kind of wanted to tow away in media statement. So she had tries to do you believe in her car of the deputies had to wrangle her out of her car and likened to keep her from going when she was arrested drag a very battery and of course she was drunk as a skunk. Let him and his. Well I hope she is yeah. She is single and you never know he can take your Mac and you know apparently she can throw things so that I don't know about him. Let's see here to talk about throwing things looks like guys are taking the bachelor party out of the strip clubs and into the spies who. The international spy also she should or big spot says that there is a 47%. Clientele of men. Which is up from 31%. A decade ago and the experts that think that. Because men would be think of massages after you get injured or something like a sports injury or accident Lenin realized. I'm actually feels to be pampered and it doesn't it's just a wee bit a little bit yeah so was a lot of times men are now turning their national party into gatherings much like women did. Were done for for many years and going to have responded. In essence. I'm glad I mean there's something just magical about a glass of champagne glass rewind button and the TV is just not there for us. I need to sit around their girlfriends in the most plush robe ever. Physics have when I get massage is it I don't know what happened especially when I'm on my replaying in my stomach flu clogs up Alia Wyatt I aids is a paid. I turn into an allergy faucet and then you stand up to nearly. Yeah added to the same thing yeah let's see dancing go ahead and dance Al lot a lot more because you're more intelligent if you dancing. The university study found that participants who took a thirty minutes also class. Check this out so the memory increased by 18%. Had their focus increased 13% and their understanding and ability to understand boosted by 8%. This totally makes sense and it does so much goes into. Remembering. Lighten the movement and remembering like what comes next. And I in the dance at sell Guinness so quit giving you have to be really quick and feed soon no pun intended but even like staying in in rhythm with the music so. Go ahead and take us also class I'm in does improve your your memory there. So if it's furlong time and is pretty much true if you're looking for bargain a car used cars generally you're gonna get a better bargain. Because on average when you buy new car the second you drive an awful lot of it looses about 34%. That's against the average. But not all new car sales are and not be are pretty Smart and are bad I should say. So when you consider that a car's horn blew 34% of their value. There are certain cars that lose less of that in the first year of ownership there's a company called icy cars dot com. Analyzed over six million cars sold between August of last year in January this year and they found like for instance the Jeep Wrangler unlimited. Depreciated about 3200 dollars over the first years of in essence. Mr. losing 34% of the value. And lost only 9% of its. Good to know so in on Mars we'll just go and buy the new wonder yeah used to hunt other big ones to had a low I'm depreciation when should draw from awful lot. Toyota Tacoma Toyota forerunner Nissan Frontier Honda Pilot Chevrolet Colorado. Honda HRV the Jeep renegade. And Subaru WR Tex so lots of trucks and suvs that's pretty matchup for some reason trucks and suvs hang on to the resale value a lot more yes the want to lose the value the most. Luxury cars soon surprisingly the Cadillac XTS. Loses almost 40% of its value from buying new. So why buy new via that secure what does it get a bargain now give it an electric car. Followed by a Jeep Compass Mercedes. CTS seemed to lose their value. Fad diets let's talk about them and you know eating only avocados is not really a good way to lose weight. Saying it until good I know the delicious but that's really not what this viciousness is talking about being Chiming in saying these are the team current fad diets that are absolutely the worst for your body. With a nice of explanation for a number one on the list the detox juice diet. Sounds good detox Jews to all natural. It's got to goodness and it's delicious sounds like starving yeah well that's exactly what it. They'd say after a couple of days of being on like a liquid Jews dialect your body tends to think. I'm not getting enough calories oh I must be salmon time I'm gonna go starvation mode and slowed on the metabolism. So therefore losing weight and actually more difficult. So do keep that in mind and also keep in mind superffoods by themselves are not super. Make you know if you're on and do like the coconut oil and Apple's sinner. Cider vinegar kicks or whatever. Just realized that one not one specific food consumed on its own or group of food eaten together. Will. You know basically cause weight loss yet like a good Malone is of everything. Gascon wanna yes absolutely so. You know balance is important and and also the raw food died this is again. Sounds like it's a great idea eating and process food raw and it's natural form. But if you eat raw food for a prolonged period of time you can actually have some deficiencies invited its. We talked about this awhile gonna makes a lot of sense but lycopene. Which is a great in an oxidant. Is found in tomatoes and carrots but it actually strengthens when you cook tomatoes vs eating a raw. So you can see that you know for certain instances. You do need to cook on and that's what this issues in this is talking about this not one silver bullet will do it all for your. It's a balance of good food good cards could proteins could fat. And good exercise yeah I think he I need a grammar balance. Balance is the key and then get off the hype via and then finally. Now is the best time to buy it a washer or dryer are both out. All right so we might have knew but I can buy anything yet again no problem doing his job and being here. I'm yeah actually economists are saying listen if you're washing machine is going cup puts her ago you might or replace it now because they're gonna cost a lot more later on this year and then into that and foreseeable future. And it's all part of the recently passed tax reform. There's a new import tax on foreign washing and drying machines or to about 20% for the first one point two million imported washers this year. And then it goes up to 50%. 50% and of course. I'm probably going to be the manufacturer will pass that along to the consumer so then maybe the idea behind this was well we'll find then I'll buy American stuff because the OB cheaper. While it's good for the American companies historically they tend to hike prices on customers when they have fewer foreign competitors. Due to tariffs or quotas. So even the domestic ones historically. Are gonna rise Peru the prices of washers dryers are. They say that you know for its gonna be kind of a gradual increase because there's a lot of our companies and windows stores retailers that stock up on these machines. But eventually they're gonna go up through the route so yeah dynamite. So that is our show for two day will be back on the radio Monday through Friday between five and two in the podcast whenever you'd like.