2.5.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Breakfast Personalities-Why You Should File Your Taxes Early

Monday, February 5th

The truth about some popular weight loss supplements, the breakfast personality test you can use to get your kids to eat, try and quickly  finish the most important meal of the day and why you should file your taxes early even if you owe money.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, February 5, 2018.


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There's an idea eight point five recap for Monday February 5 how about I mean this is yeah. Our Philadelphia Eagles though it was a great game a lot of times the commercials are better in the game that was not the case last night you know resigned I'm really sad and establish and gone to bed so early about it. There was really only on awake today though. Well that's true. Well you know BP headed idiot you by now listen to step recovered on the show today yeah I there's actually you know I can tell because that the statue of liberty people are dancing on the corners he hurt -- the united there's attacks prepare that has the you know some are just up like statue delivery but anyways. The consumer reports actually says even if you owe money you really should file your taxes as soon as possible lists four reasons for that the first one let's say you do owe money. Even though he's you can file your taxes now that the payments not due until. I think was that the seventeen and the seventeenth this year on a Tuesday yes so you have all that time to kind of figure out how to budget for your back taxes or. May be little time to come over the payment plan is not so quick. And doing it so late so that's one of the reasons. Yeah what is you can now protect yourself from identity theft. Chances are others bread and a good bit crook out there that'll fund your taxes for you and spend your tax money so. Although they say that the the it's idiot and identity theft has dropped by two thirds from the IRS since 2015. There's still that small risk. You also get your refund sooner there is that risk a chance of the government shutting down that next month. And if that happens then the iris stops working and chats through wanna be on its way. And that this is interesting you might wanna actually do topple over with the tax person on this did you actually find your bio way with your refund now. That's like a Roth IRA or anyone in this traditional IRAs receive your own money so here's the idea you put the deduction on this year's taxes or for the tax form this year. You get your money back as long you have whatever money sear it's in that account it by that account by the the seventeenth of April. You're legal you're okay who got those come anyway. Stylist at about these popular weight loss supplements don't work Reza very key tones. That they don't work period or whenever that one for you know it's funny as it has really helped threats that most of the stuff really helps obese rats yeah that's the claims on the bottle can't promise that exactly was done on rats but when I've got to humans really didn't work so I'd leap you know that the drama on people to. How about match which is a green tea powder that's been going around is saying that we'll help you lose weight although. Greens he has had self shows that it can help you lose weight the matched she green powder. There's really no research to back you have to be careful about. An interest you can try this report as a cold grip cars NEA Cambodia in you say you tried it I did Charest it was one of those you know hey isn't the hottest thing in house like out of fruit and must be perfect and I know nothing some new drama for nobody's ever heard a bit I guess the of the obese rats love it and confess. Yeah it is a no significant on weight loss was not taken by those that take that particular supplement and then. Caffeine a lot of times people think just having caffeine speed you up in an increase your heart rate there for you burn more calories and fat. Not necessarily true doesn't do with a bad at all in fact actually edited in a pigeon hospital appear too much caffeine some of being lazy good for the environments now now we're talking and they're saying more and more people or working from home and that is up reducing their carbon footprint. Are saying on average in 2012 people spent a seven point eight more days at home working vs one point two days in 2003. So that means we're burning less fossil fuels and using less energy. On the roads as well as a fan you know heating and cooling as the big office buildings. However the tradeoff is speed they didn't think about you know all these deliveries of Amazon in all the stuff he does there get their current he had this there are you Chirac truckers that's what. Obese rats now it appears that at all the way to him to bring us rating for its self to be brought to our door and you can get anything rat dear nowhere that the truth now absolutely including Bart pressed five picky eaters or breakfast personalities not deal with them these are good for moms and dads. Like the little miss I'm just not hungry. I that they're not eating breakfast in the morning you might wanna consider what snacks they have before they go to bed or perhaps a dinner may be a little too late for a maybe movement or get that early bird special worker in your house absolutely mr. picky Pallet that's the one I won't try anything new so what you wanna do is try elect a meal rotation. Bijur do include at least one item that they like in their breakfast and it may be though experiment a little bit on their own without being told and that's kind of works that way. I can just tell you as parent and the kids have no idea what they like. This journey went through so many phases I don't want potatoes we'll get you can have French right as we know the French Fries I don't want me to sue I think a Q what kind of soup do you not like I don't like soup. Okay great what kind of soup I just only soup and you know what super. It's it's it's super great look at history you do taste palace to change too as you get older so. This one's but probably good for adults as well I'm a little miss I just don't have time and you might wanna get them to the breakfast table below earlier. And maybe do some prep work ahead of time like peeling those hard boiled eggs are coming Apple's the night before. Mr. snail pace eater or a million slow and steady. In this appeared to it falls in this category get them to the table a little bit sooner than anyone else and allow them to eat at their natural pace and and give them. Like a five minute warning you need to wrap up breakfast because this time ago. And then finally miss I only wanna eat one thing that's a tough one. Consider making small changes to the current team and this I think is a great idea it just try this alcoholic tried on Tuesday there try one new thing properly or the picky eater too little bit yeah you ballot in a journal. That's really true so there are some information for you there. One place on your body should be using essential oils and that is on the soles of your feet. You have giant pours on the soles year for you to listen and even now when you amendment allows those essential oils the quickly pass into your body in releasing their benefits more efficiently than anywhere else in your body. Plus your feet have a little bit thicker skin so maybe not as sensitive review maybe have that kind of like Hyde situation. And do they work pretty well they reduce stress and help you sleep with a little foot massages well I and end finally we have a dog in Michigan that was approved for unemployment benefits and dallas' incredible apparently he was working at a Turkey cheese or some pick up. Andrea let us nothing has some major fast food chain and that Detroit's enough that he had received a letter from the unemployment office saying it. Congratulations Michael Ryder. You're gonna receive three or sixty dollars a week and unemployment benefits the dog's name is writer LYDRRYDR. Yes so it's a German shepherd unfortunately it all the big catch the snap through but. The indicated pace had to be investigated because apparently that's one of the the more fraudulent waste your unemployment -- apparently Amazon checker for yeah I think. Migrate some suspicion if you're Dick you know while for unemployment check I relished an affair. Adam the majority mill. And oh yeah. He's worked on this for years visibility only got three leg leg and disability any cleans out the little box like hackers and things hat tricks and so that's our show we're debate makes rejoin us weekdays Monday through Friday on ninety point five GT can maybe see you back many.