2.23.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-How To Be Late To Work-Why Dogs Eat Poop

Friday, February 23rd

Getting ready to ask a hand in marriage can be memorable with the help of an avocado, The Walking Dead roller coaster and why dog love to eat other animals “leavings.” It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, February 23, 2018.


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Hey there hi there hole where it's all the ninety point 5 KG a morning show recap for Friday February 23. I know you're not a big fan of the Walking Dead are you a fan of scary things Chris I'm not a fan as scary things that ire. And then have any possibility of being anywhere besides behind a movie screen all right and TV screen. Well maybe this may not be for you but for fans of the Walking Dead might wanna start booking a trip to the Thorpe park. And it's an amusement park in the United Kingdom will be the hole on the world's first Walking Dead roller coaster. Called the Walking Dead the ride but it. And it's a very creative yeah and be completely in the dark with physical and digital effects that include a mid course pause that's scary. Linebackers and special effects lighting smells to create a terrifying unique atmosphere. Who wanna go do it in Athens her EU. Apparently it's gonna open around the i.s so unless they have a picky eater. I hope and me you know me and MEM on the pick heaters well but so if you you know when you're trying to cut out saturated fat on your beloved foods are really is kind of like you have to either cut it out completely or just you know. Take the consequences of having a highly saturated fat diet. But there's not a may be some wiggle room here. And it's thanks to I gave a chefs secret that is now gotten out it's called the blended cheese burger as a third less fat because beef as a brilliant but it still old media and feel full and what they do is you filled the third of the meat that you moved out. But mushrooms. Perfect cool recipe and at our website. QTK 95 dot com. I'm basically what happens is is if you're able to do it says the mushrooms kind of what do you call the spongy. The squishy squishy I mean yeah like I many weren't too much and their growth. They're great looks frames of flavor they'll go into second flavor so this recipe actually calls you to marry needs. The mushrooms in a B stock. So therefore kind of taste like meat even when you are not eating as Majid in meats and actually we'll see B calories and saturated fat. Perfect speaking of calories are McConnell has lots of but you'll get zero calories. For using it in your wedding proposal yet how about that this is was actually started as a mr. Graham post but it is taken off. A they sliced open public Colorado with an engagement ring in place of the hit. I thought it was just like it but pictures thingy but apparently enough people take its you know if it's on the Internet you know it's true. I can't wait to see pictures and completely squished her ruling and one a guys you than their pocket and you're always saying so do keep in mind it's the second UConn opened an avocado starts to brown so I keep that in mind if you're doing leader in the day even when we. Before he asked the question of just to be on the safe side. There is a proper way to be late for work. It did you know because let's face it. You're gonna have a dead battery in the morning you're gonna write in some traffic you know over sleep at times were only human so doctor up the yes on the liked out of the dog got sick the kids got sick. So what you this article talks about it is because they asked a bunch of managers what's the proper way to be late for work in the number one thing that they said is just to be honest and truthful. Hey buddy of mine came into town last and hadn't seen him since college radio and out having Amy drink a little bit too much and I'm running late I'm sorry. And that is much more honest and up from Bryant's end when it comes to being trustworthy and showing character. We to keep your job. That goes along way so don't make a lie just flat out tell the truth. Colleges and that way lead air when the boss says some of them are you being late you have to remember what you fed and a half did they tell mom that my dog was sicker than they get. Yet have any Ty noticed how many times to my pick here as you know and which ones are did helpful. Each also for instance if you have a big meeting coming out adding Texas show spew being late. Go ahead in phone ahead to your boss hey I'm going to be late sari should be there about fifteen minutes late. And then if you do have like a big meeting coming up to be done proactive and say hey. I was planning on now making copies of the presentation Vietnam running late can you do this for me there at the copies are made us getting fifteen a yes. And then finally here if you're chronically late we are always awaits. Before becomes an issue. Come openly proactive with their plan to corrected so for instance maybe you'll go to bed earlier. We are set to separate alarms or whatever but include your bosses say like hey I know this is a problem. I'm worried working to corrected that again shows initiative and that should help you in the long run yeah. You have four dogs. And and I'm sure if you can have fourteen more dog she would yes so another zero behind that happy I didn't close there are icy you do love dogs and apparently even known this for many many years but dogs love poop. Yup and they Morse says. Well licking your face after and yes and you never know until it happened yet we're not talking about who've been more actually talk in me and ever acquired a taste for hoop yeah. And nobody really knows why your your your vet had a theory or said that she at a briefing says has to do with the vitamin deficiency which could be yeah. Yeah there's also a theory about it's just a dog's evolution of falling back on this too. Thousands of years ago when dogs lived it impacts by themselves. They would be you know go to the bathroom like we would but you know then the FCC's harbors disease. And feces left for a long amount time actually attracts parasites so. Removing the feces early by eating and might have been a way for them to clean up their area to prevent infectious diseases stuff from harming the pack. I can't deny that I mean that's that's the logic to make some sense than. Come by the way evidence suggests that punishing your job for the for eating Cooper. Has no no effect in reducing their behavior so we're gonna continue to do it and like your face. So highly chips yeah that's so why do dogs eat certain goods they can and not others it may just come down to us were dogs have learned your dog may have not learned to eat Puk. But if he sees another dog eating gluten and more likely they're going to do it fact the survey dog owners found that a dogs that were described as greedy to their owners. Or enough households with more than one dog Kristen Miller and Mitch Miller wholesale. Other more likely the. Will poodles are so Procter has done and a picture of probably Moodle inning that's who I know poodles are hunting dog did you know that I had no idea these amount to hunt but my bad preference has two poodles that she shows like actually in link that Canadian. Version of a smaller like Westminster. And they are just I mean I've never seen dogs looks so proper and so groomed and so. Down on yields are way. Those judgmental god. Ever it's crested yet she's here again. These hey by the way the best way to rid the clean up off fresh coup from your backyard. You can try and train them. But you know this going to be kind of an uphill battle if anybody want to try to come. Clean the two out of my backyard I can afford dogs. I welcome it's all right. And then now one hub confirmed the widespread. Suspicion that we had that words here in Florida were the best to being that. Invested mean. Back yes it is a personal finance website took a look at the seven deadly sins now those are. Luck in christianity lust gluttony greed sloth wrath in the pregame pride. And what they did is they took the analysis in in all this did data from states and they say hate. How much is greed played into each state in which they found number wind. Is Florida at of all of the seven deadly since combined IE leading involves a California. Nevada Texas and Georgia. We're we never won and specifically jealousy jealousy yes that's definitely got to those only in Florida and similar exacting their revenge that's right so it would be India I guess we would call jealousy is aware of the seven deadly sins. At that list was compiled a thefts identity theft and fraud. Apparently there's more fraud identity theft and theft overall per capita in Florida. Than anywhere else in the United States. If Florida Yang. We're ranks fourth in pride it which would be vanity apparently were just behind New York in the number of beauty salons per capita that's crazy should never have to worry you'll have a weight to a teacher haired he had no. Florida is seventh in lazy NASA data course. I would imagine that would be a gluttony. When they comes to people not exercising the average weekly hours worked. The volunteer rate in the average daily time spent watching TV. However we did do well when you Woodson take an area we did poorly and which is driving. Come rearrange whereas it's shocking to any earth in anger and hatred dutrow of course would be wrath. But. When it comes to that those numbers were compiled including road raged so. We got that going for us there. That's our show a little victories the party and take a little victories we need you know that's our show for today Friday February 23 of course we're live on the air Monday through Friday. Between five to ten here on 98 point five to eighty.