2.2.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Publix The Musical-Items You Should Remove From Your Resume

Friday, February 2nd

Human Resource departments say your resume has about 6 seconds to make an impression, so we have some items you should remove from your resume to get a better shot at a callback.  Plus 100 calorie counts of your favorite Super Bowl football foods and Publix, the Musical!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, February 2, 2018.


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Hello there how you did well I either on differ yeah yeah it's the night he hit point five PGA mornings are recap for Friday. February 2 so let's dive right into its I had. Yeah I have we're gonna kinda thing. We're Horowitz editor of the visceral than we were doing our our also look into Philadelphia. Dead guy had got apria take headache to affiliate the fact that so you if you're trying to get a new job and actually say the hiring managers and HR a view about six seconds to impress them before if they're gonna actually give you call backer ditch your resume so when you worked all night and that six page resume huh. We were going to help you get it down to one page and don't you small tigers all those all kinds of things you you shouldn't be doing a new residents a lot of things into to remove from your resume the first thing when a decision the objective session. Doctor applying for the job we kind of what you want him her right breast kind of a waste of time they say remove or irrelevant work experiences. May have been nice that you worked at McDonald's when you were kid but unless you're going to apply for mcdonalds all right that's irrelevant when you can manage your job. They also say don't mess around with a font there and and and it was too much tax approach steel scratching the margins are reducing the tax. Don't do that as well just leave the default settings on Microsoft Word you'll be fine and then they also talk about references don't include them. On your resume because if they want to references they'll ask for it. And if you put references upon request on your resume well and here's kind of wasting space there welcome the valuable space yeah about just me so they can focus here. He preaches out this morning that thought you're like well. You know look at how much are they ordering your arrest me now. Did you find out some of that and I thought. We're gonna find out later today about it lake alma got sometimes I get a cup or is miss today's sometimes I get fifty a week it's just like I'm constantly waiting for you resonates well interest and there really horrific to just downright amazing one. I'm not much that's in history via. This is this is I wish I was an only in Florida sterling an open that this was going to be anybody this steals this much of a Florida product yet but should have been in Florida this was in Spain was in Spain where actually they brought orange trees to Florida on the Spaniards didn't want to find interesting about this story. Is that the reason these guys were pulled over and later arrested. Was one car was following a truck too closely together were tailgating yeah so even though they were in collusion yes it's so you imagine that the police officers when they pull over the truck in the car and walk up to the car and AC it jam packed backseat. From the floor to the ceiling with oranges with the largest and because the truck and Ari was filled with a gorgeous this was the left overs the overflow yet in essence these people stole four tons of oranges we can't get in the orange guy apparently he died of the bad cases scurry in Spain I would imagine the art I love. Is what you did that storm is that the the that the guys right when we just we were driving along with a driving along distances we saw these on the side of the road which have been picking oranges from time to time as ice as he read here yeah until they realized. Spain where there's a orange warehouse that have been jacked yeah so five people got arrested for theft in the Rogers were returns. This is something you may want to discuss review doctors and you don't normally think about she say you know threat to normal day dealing with the kids and your spouse and your boss and yet you get headaches and you take some Ibuprofen and some -- so you know it you don't think much of it but was one doctor the president of the American academy of of family physicians he says if you have more than two headaches per week. For it for like three weeks solid. He probably should make an appointment with your doctor it's not like at 911 situation but you really be an indicator though the some else's wrong is something else is wrong and if you you know keep in mind and it's pain medications even though it's over the counter you to to think that they're safe they're really art. A C demand offend if you take too much into long's release carting your liver. And Ibuprofen is regarding your kidneys Christen you knew somebody that I had kidney problems from that. Right yes I am on my mom's friend had a horrible neck issue and just constantly self medicated with Ibuprofen an ad bill. Ibuprofen and Tylenol and they just eventually he literally developed the worst kidney issues I've ever seen in someone all because of that and still had neck problems. Yes so you don't beech broke her full analysis of me think that we don't deeds not too too too concerned enough. Well you might get ahead a Q few just think of all the calories that you might consume during in the ES Super Bowl on that is ignoring it and we're the only more sure of actually gave you recipes for the worst Super Bowl party. I'm a hundred calorie Super Bowl food did you know if for the wasn't just hang in and with the New Year's resolutions it's tough when you candidates of -- program let's go over pizza deserve loves pizza are much pizza candy we've for a hundred cal 100 calories of cheese pizza no toppings that she is a regular cheese pizza that's cut and eight slices how many slices can I have -- 124. Of a piece of pot it's 124 of apart we forgot to be a quarter of a slice yes and -- fine so or that that she's it's the that tough opponent and it's great that often enjoy and a lot of that stuff crust and the third down and get away now let's talk about guacamole three and a half tablespoons Eagles a hundred calories five decent five corn tortilla chips this year hundred right there on full well the what the buffalo chicken wings you can have wind. And then two thirds of another. And that's it knowing that the femur the drumstick partnered on the field below what it was part of it and then you wanna wash it down with your favorite adult beverage to say have byes are. You only have eight ounces due to mine I can on a bottles and is twelfth at all okay you can't even drink the whole thing you have two thirds of recanted that he got them out today US admiral to teach you know we got the halftime to promote Justin Timberlake. We've got and the less than Odom junior who plays Adam burn on the hands and announcing in America the beautiful and paint will be doing in the National Anthem. And the thing that winged challenged the out years ago any ate almost 16100 wings. He age 16100 Wayne yeah sixteen hour calories Willie 816100 wing now nobody see that what's over the course of me or he like to hear our own. Well I think to receive sit down and you know and not only yourself but I'm thinking over the course of the year. How many heat. Well your husband's like doing 200. Merit to entertain marathons in the day is in Australia he's he is burning all the photos gallery I guess now. A you know all the singing having at the Super Bowl let's talk about one of our favorite stores in Florida public's there's now a musical with the but you've got the Harris looks the musical that is still an ad for a second data so amid there is down in Lakeland where publics is the and that's for their headquartered yeah you know the Harrison school for the arts. And they have actually created it thirty minutes public's inspired Broadway style musical tall called. When you dream senator around the F on republics Georgia Jenkins and it's filled with singing and dancing in the I need goods you know like you said there a songs paper implant a paper or plastic that we were right now no tipping please and I'm I'm flash back when I was in high school actually bag that was a bag boy at the commercial boulevard publics in Fort Lauderdale. And I'm sure there singing. Songs like all service personnel up front and paper or plastic. There's appear in the dairy cooler. Or play the out of the bingo where there's a frozen food item left out in in this if you have to to fall. That's another day went by the way if you wanna see publics the musical or at the official title when you dream. They are doing an encore presentation of April 7. At the Harrison school of the arts in Lakeland if you are that. And then finally odds are lactose intolerant friend Kristin who introduced does love nice milk. Or cheese perhaps. Yes she misses the most yeah when a custody nutrition of of milk cow's mile by far still the best we are talking up the blends of carbohydrates that's now there's not Maalox everywhere yeah. And a non Gary Nelson what they're saying is that it's they all have their ups and downs but saw a tends to be the closest to the real thing with a great mix of nutrients including some that may be meet cancer burdening. Second most nutritionally balanced plan based milk is rice. Also as now spilling his dairy but doesn't have as many nutrients and has a little bit more sugary taste to incur. Coconut Malcolm's a number three plenty of good fats but has low calorie and has low calories but. Has very little protein in the nutritional value starts to fade away really quickly. And then lastly is probably the most famous or most loved is all in milk morrow has fewer nutrients to speak of except for some healthy fat. And they did say of all the net smelter should rotate them through impair to get the best nutritional value and avoid the sweetened ones because they have about as much sugar as like that carbonated soft drink. Yeah inevitably something is Bobo public's O'Reilly just grab. Whatever's Bobo and then try to limit my isolate so that I don't have too much estrogen and I mean they taste good although I will say I've not tried. Right now the I don't see it very often either I'm trying to remember last in my saw rice milk eyes I think -- Trader Joe's has on a war they were you know courts had helped his destitute you can check reward to seek to have VS sweet.