2.21.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Add A Red Light To Your Bathroom-Money Can Buy You Happiness Up To A Point

Wednesday, February 21st

Perhaps you can get a better night’s sleep by installing a red light bulb in your bathroom, hoe to remember anything in as little as 5 minutes and money can buy you happiness up to a point.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, February 21, 2018.


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No less than 98 point 5 JTJ. Morning Joseph recap for Wednesday February 20 for muscles dive right in jolly you are so lucky there were charming. Think that's exactly right. Best Irish accents we go. And then they come down and those real moments pink hearts red balloons and those. Harpo horseshoes yes well also get ready for a lucky charms to be adding a new marshmallow flavor the first time in ten years it is now via the magical unicorn. I do you know I don't know. That makes and again another that's like I think it ran on ideas guess this go around at least they asked that was like a social media voting thing in and they say this is the first time. And marshmallow has been inspiring created by kids why don't hog pot of gold and here. Yeah rainbows and moons a pot of gold is the bowl of cereal. All there's a real ahead does and you're lucky charms are in the pot of goal that seems cereal bowl as the particles I have no idea asserts I look for the new unicorn charms they've already begin to appear now boxes of original and chocolate lucky charms they gave you a box of chocolate each and I'll never remember that. All this in five minutes I'll never remembered Chris this is pretty cool here because this is like especially is I know this is I've gotten older I forget things much more often and thank goodness for my phone but. There's guy is actually one scientist says going back to the old time honored tradition of flash cards should really help you. Get that knowledge to sticking to your head and what they say is that the that we absorb information better when it is repeated so therefore he had the flash card you look at it for five minutes. You give yourself a five minute break the united again. And they say the best car the best one has the F question and one side and then the answer on the back extract it's been you got yourself some time to for those chemicals in your brain to incubates writes easy that's the word absolutely trigger chemicals and your perfume Gasquet in motion your hair spray your deodorant household cleaners and lawn pesticides just like your kids. Are trying to kill you you thought well let's just leave your car idling and clean your house because they're calling that's the volatile organic compounds that are all pretty much come from oil and their use in our cleaning products it's he had all the petroleum products in the city sort of repellent so if you have like for instance a glass cleaner that uses a propellant might wanna switch to one he's despray. So therefore you're having his models on the air assault stuff yeah yeah right so that's that's what they're saying they're well. A lot of stuff sharply from about aerosol cheese Chris. A day away according to go to folks in Philadelphia that's how you have cheese steak is with via with the premiere of Australia we're still in place that allowed cancer. If you're having trouble getting back to sleep after mother nature we chew up in the middle of the night you might want to put a red light bulb in the bathroom this is interesting separate but like the white light iconic pictures triggers your brain and it's time to get up and have breakfast yeah I really what happens when you have for the light on him when you're going to the bathroom she don't trip over things even a few minutes about light is enough for the stimulate the sales in the back of your eye. Stop the Milla told release and therefore it feels it's time to wake up so it's a chemical reaction from the white lie but right red light doesn't do that it does not stimulate the cells it's Kryptonite all Harbaugh that so you had mentioned Kristin there's a red light sitting on your nightlife my note it was fourth. I had no idea what those four and the dogs have to get up and go to the bathroom journal in the middle of the night so we have a little melee. And and it turns red and I was like well this is down. And now I know exactly really. There you go forever guys you still have to aim aren't. That's right there's a sad and just it just as important yes I think actually takes care of the game because you know why if I sit I'll fall asleep on president. I'm glad I don't and explain to do you know why no I I I get the whole thing I just I wanna get over with and I feel for a sentence or slouching on going to be falling asleep I guess we're just more ready than do it and in the I think during a practice at a so let's say money can't buy happiness but too much of a can make you miserable throwing Dorsey can rent happiness but that's just let me. Well DF sixty to 75000 dollars and pays your annual salary and that is what -- as researchers found to be the most emotional wellbeing salary but if you really want ritual that he the emotional individual amount Bryce most gives most welding was most rob if you want or you party like a rock star yeah make around 95000 dollars overall satisfaction I literally strong case to go to our managers. Owners of companies and tell them we're not happy when he 95 we need a man out if I thought I mean what's wrong with that too far out differently and happy yeah. I feel like little mountain man that would go office I'm trying to get up there. They also do point out that you know it really is up to you you could be completely debt free everything's paid for and make 151000 dollars and and be completely happy. Or on the flip side you can be miserable making millions of dollars so religious is up to yield. And finally we looked at 59 studies and found this four major things that about social media that can affect your kids' grades in. It's good that our peoples who use social media intensively. To communicate about school related topics like on social and tend to have better grades so that's the good side again if you're taught years tweeting about you got a question and school and you ask your friends yeah that's okay well if you're doing it's actually you know if you're talking about social aspects alike you know would you bad fund today we had you know pizza for lunch or whatever. But if you use social media a lot while studying or doing homework. You you know that's where you tended to do not do so well because you all you're you're you're distracted distractions again so AXA which he said is correct if you talk about thing about school letting you know really studying it's actually helping your grades but if you do. When you're distracting much like at work. Index an accident by the way this that this is an animal so that's about 50000 dollars and research W. Yes I say that the meat is social media use affecting grade seems to impact people mimic them minimally either above or below via thing you know so. We help impact you very much well in a positive. Right and were all over social media so you can this answer Graham instance snap Janice and yes focus face voters in tweets this if you like we need him we're on the air Monday through Friday between fired. The fighting ABC yeah.