2.20.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Why You Should Cook More With Beer-Happy Meal Soon Without Chocolate Milk And Cheeseburger Option

Tuesday, February 20th

A fast food giant is removing two iconic menu items in their kids meal, one-star reviews are pointless and why you should cook more with beer.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, February 20, 2018.


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Ohio there it's on the way hi how are you know. I see you standing there it's via an idea point five GTQ what did you recap for Tuesday February 2 and which are coats on the back and help yourself to the dip meant six upon it there you go so here's the route basically do a recap what you may have missed or heard half of the story this morning so if it is possible I think storm. It's hard servicing when he heard this it is possible to die from eating too much chocolate and I realize that by eight four times my weight in chocolate that I would die of cork is a fringe. Except I think I've got. So there's an emergency met medicine physician is says you out believe it or not too much of anything can actually hurt you and kill you and that includes a toxic dose of chocolate but. Don't worry. Unless you're able to say eat about 7008 for Hershey kisses in one setting. You'll you'll survive the next chocolate encounter Lanka and a 1084. Hershey's Kisses yet and they see you go broke getting them to it that's very true and fingers could bleeding from up and going off although the phone onto. But it just goes to point out by the way you probably have a stomach gateway before that becomes toxic factors so. This is a really good news encouraging news as a stable in the fast food happy meal world to a woman who announcing that they are phasing out and removing the cheeseburger. And chocolate milk. All options from the happy meal bomb they say it's an effort to cut down the calories sodium saturated fat and sugar that targeted towards kids there are aiming for. A happy meal option has 600 or less calories in 650 milligrams of sodium or less hot here they say that based on this new criteria out. They and also their running with a 10% of the meals a calories connect them from saturated fat. So based on elect criteria the cheeseburger in chocolate milk. Have got to go OK so while they're going to be is starting in June they'll be off that the menu but if you are to die hard to ordering it for an adult and what the cheeseburger you can requested is just not going to be in the menu anymore. Here I do you know tons of adults order happy meals on the go to McDonald's you know I didn't really think anything of it but now I think it really is to Maine to link. It's smaller yeah seagate your fix right he also get a told. How do you get a. Toy anymore about stepping on an overnight us. Let's see here I am making a case for a raise instead of a bonus is a lot of talk about people getting bonuses of one time bonuses and all this good stuff which is nice. Don't get us wrong but it just seems that the bonus is taking place at the rays of late. An analysis of the last 25 year trend of companies. Going for bonuses instead of raises they found a 91 about three point 1% of total compensation benefits. Were focused on bonuses. And about 5% focusing on race last year that made it's the bonus it swelled up to twelve point 7%. And raise only put two point nine who. Any kind of review their worthless and it's hit your worthless just like the product I reviewed. And they also had the most misspelled words and tend to be the longest when did whites by contrast five star the highest reviewed possible ratings. Nearly as useless as the ones are because they're generally very short black punctuation. So they say you're really looking for. Really valid balanced or reviews of products or services. Aim for the two in the three stars Justin to be much more truthful and had the least number of grammatical mistakes which should make your eye twitch last OK okay. Got and to many punctuation. Then yes yet 24 actually supports I get the idea yet do you hate. In fact that the relate to short. So you might wanna make room for the golden girls hot sauce collection this is the oddest thing we've had on all day today it's great I love it it's a hot sauce brand that is based on a beloved ladies from the iconic eighty says sitcom. Yet these spicy that's beyond their character for me was galloping your peppers. The desert rose Richard B Betty white's character rose nine land also uses peppers but not a spicy. The rumor planted him above the bass told the hot slide. Where it's presented it mixes in the spice you hobby narrow and then the the most spicy as one evolve course. Our favorite Sicilian Estelle Getty care SF Fiat it's the Sicilian fire which has a bit more having Euro. The each of them come with their own. Cheesecake recipe on the bottles well. Sell for about ten dollars each or 32 dollars for the set this whoever the company is that made this they're capitalizing on something that's so hot right now again yeah there's little areas there's a lot it's amazing how well the golden girls has the result of what the time yeah it's 2030 years ago is still spotty today as it was and Betty White is the only remaining living members get all the money absolutely Obey the sort of our show for today Tuesday February 20 the courts were on the airline might be divided between five and maybe Syria.