2.16.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-How To Flu Proof Your House-Turn Cheap Sheets Into Plush bedding With This Hack

Friday, February 16th

Go ahead and order the cheapest wine on the menu, just don’t get the second cheapest!  A simple trick to turn those harsh cheap sheets into plush, comfortable bedding and ow many bad days in a year!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, February 16, 2018.


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That's an idea point 5 JDK morning recap for Friday February 16. I'm Kristin on medication David's. Storm and Chris right here again recap today's show. I'm so you have a bad day but that and how many days do you have a year there could be considered bad days we have the stats right here we got the research that's right 200 working Americans 2000 haven't said that directly they we have about sixty bad days per year. There's no monster (%expletive) earlier this why now and they were kind of a mess is up are helping us out of the average respond to blames work for four out of the side bad days I think we should throw they feel bad they should be I've heard myself I'm sick. Yeah some some tapping and home but. I mean work is more right that's why it's called work restroom they also say not getting enough sleep was digging a big contributor to having a bad day as well as. Feeling sick worried about finances and worked extra work related stress right well. Being worried about finances that's why you're work. That's our work I guess I don't know I don't think I have that many bad days now it's kind of hard to have a bed we live in Florida yeah that's faster and be a guy like this part though. If you exercise. 95% of people said the exercise they say after working out. And makes them feel better for having a bad day and that's my trek he really is and you know I love it's a much because I can do something for twenty minutes knowing that I and this is a goal and something I can accomplish now for yourself to me just to say that he actually did something today yes you know end up for me it's and invest in the myself I try well my workouts are scheduled them first discuss all of the things around them dip because that that's pretty important I think yes absolutely. So go ahead did you do are exercising go ignored the cheap wine I'll pay for all while. The chiefs Q can I am this is really cool let's say you're going out to dinner tonight you get the wine list and you're thinking if I wanna order the cheapest wine and the man you but I also don't wanna order the hundred dollar once all take the second she cheapest we're all that's very wrong first off there's not many people I can tell the difference between a ten dollar glass of wine and a hundred dollar glass of wine I know the difference ninety dollar ninety dollars other than that you refereed have a better chance of flipping a coin to melt it's better. But you're absolutely right about this second most cheapest one is actually a tricked into a restaurant g.'s because of that they say well you know what. You're not gonna go for the sheepish you don't want anyone around you think that she psychology of wine sales rise some critical and check the second cheapest their format. Who merchant I don't want to be together ordered the TV I saw the second but guess which one they make the most money on the second lowest priced wine is the moneymaking restaurant doors are Smart. Because they are very Smart but we've had spilled the beans and a secret. The flu probably one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory. A lot of people kitchen they're saying that they this year's flu vaccine very ineffective in about one theory works 13 of the time silence so what you can do is be pro active and fruit flew through pure hell yeah we've we talked about washing our hands on stuff like that but the best thing you can do right now. Besides washing your hand some of these tricks to flu proof the house because those germs. The flu virus can last for 24 hours in the air so if you sneeze on a surface that you have the flu that could stick and hang around and have one thing they say is it is very important is probably the hardest thing to stop is to quit touching your face with your hand my mom told me to quit touching myself hippie guess he was very was what a you know we that's why it's always a good idea to wash your hands regularly especially when you're coming out of the bathroom even though you may feel you don't need to that just do it akin to academic times I bite my tongue when I'm leaving the bathroom and and guys just do it isn't just walk out if and you're at work you don't know of anybody else as a as a guy here's got a signs is I'm sick yet and is Doris close and we appreciate that you know he's out of he's got the job Doumit. Stay home if you're sick but wash those hands it has other things you can do you can clean your house now you can get on the offensive going it did disinfecting your house which is different than cleaning disinfecting it would be using things like death deluded bleacher. I just of rocks at or even steamed rice will kill the F flu virus was a sigh emphasis by sharks team mopping and Kristen turned me onto I love this thing. How about this one adding a humidifier craziest this sounds really in the humidity capital of the world my. Even in Florida. Even even now and in winter it's not as humid as normal and they've actually had studies that say that the flu virus cannot survive being in rich yeah hot air humidity in the US treasuries the opposite you know you think to reduce because I think when I walk into room I automatically make you human drama from a human guy I'm so. And then things that you normally don't clean you really should decent disinfect my door knobs refrigerator microwave handles anything you touched with your hand and I don't make a list light switches chair backs TV remotes and tablets phones all that stuff going no. Yeah. I'd bet my boy avoid the warriors are mistaken that was in my good idea now. How about this little trick number you'll love this one here by the cheap sheets we've got to do it by cheap wine yeah right by the by cheap sheets and you can make them feel like a cloud nine those those those Westin wonderful she's got to try to suck it up much of the Westin hotel has beds that all spend the extra money used to go there they're unbelievable moment this is so cool I got to try to screws you need baking soda VF and white vinegar you need a cup a baking soda half a couple of that white vinegar. No detergent also fabric softener washing with that yeah switch it to the cold sack were rinse cycle yeah wal although she should be nice and soft now you're gonna wash new sheets anyway at least as they have excise not a mural where they've been the only means are we pulled up the package I always watch from the good anyways but duel with hat with a cup of baking soda and even and half a cup of white bleak our white vinegar. WH I gotta try this on the the wash cycle on hot rents on cold and they also say vinegar you grass and you know as other new uses for an early hours for cleaning. They did say it's a really good way to get you know clean it you brighten your whites or did you close. It was not as Ursula bleachers with sublease a secure note which is kind of harsh but the that the bid to develop or some how your skin can tolerate a little bit better supposed to mean give it a shot. I era in her soda child from the eighties and nineties might be dancing for this and it appears that slice is coming back would abuzz Lima it's backing gone crystal Crystal Pepsi back in the surge. Back in got a jolt. Back and never back I actually I actually grew old eighties sodas and they had all the failed so there's there's about 25 that they try they. Apparently they were experimenting Imus in the eighties was sodas maybe they'll try this snow Pepsi blue humor that like one index well there's a big difference between then and now is a most people have ditching his sodas that this company's having a problem because a lot of people are choosing. Less talent drain Lexus flavored waters laced water level or forays take on my yeah investors apparently this new slice formula. Pepsi solid they needed name to another company but it's going to be kind of like he flavored water with a very low calories. And have very little sugar but life takes secure were like five years from now the television you're not drickamer flavored waters aria that's it has like Alexis thought after the election well there's I don't know find and it you know and it finally. Your your portable device you're your Smartphone there how much do you think the average American is spinning on their kids Smartphone you're not gonna believe it around 700 bucks can't. They say about 77% of parents admit they spend more than 700 dollars on their child's first followed. And you've got a really good point there's many things that child takes the scrolling never brings back daylight the entire backpack and I just don't know what happened. I hope you're getting insurance accused gonna lose the phone then I just gonna say right now may say about a way that about 25% of our parents. To say I percent of kids at what ages six and younger have a phone and about 80% of parents say that they are capping the amount of time that the children spend on their device now okay. So very ghost and mr. stern statistics therefore you always save you money we botch your Y and we get to get a phone about what she eats they'll let this stuff up a we're on the air Monday through Friday between 510 here or ninety point five JT JBC.