2.13.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Ways Auto Insurance Companies Figure Out Your Premium-App Helps You Avoid Loud Restaurants And Bars

Tuesday, February 13th

Be careful when choosing protein shakes and bars as some have as much sugar as a candy bar, an app that helps you avoid (or find) a loud restaurant and auto insurance saving surprises. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, February 6, 2018.


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I'd bet that 98 point five KT Timorese are recap for Tuesday February 13 is the it's Fat Tuesday the end of Mardi Gras day is a Valentine's Day is tomorrow and it's also wet nose Wednesday which I think is her because it's all about love voting tomorrow for sure that happens at odds are I was the I was looking ahead I was actually thinking about a king cake because I don't understand that the with the idea of eating a K. With something so small and potentially smalley to some appeal even swallowing and choking and I want the little baby in the king yeah it's a little creepy to you on talk about Kristen. Oh yeah yeah so hairy weird. I you know but you know if that's your position though and best sellers she hits from killing kids the truth is it's a that's no weirder than gravy and cheese Kurds on French drugs and that weird note to say I don't that there. Mayor Garcia Winter Olympics will be continuing here and Byung chain. Has been sharing team USA as they bring home the gold this is you wonder whether doing the did the ceremonies. They take the gold medal they put an arm out there and my right leg that. Kristen thing as an author orchard there it's chocolate yeah chocolate chocolate Yahoo!. Even though here supply shopping here yeah that you actually hit the nail on the head so we talked about earlier today it's split the old miners used to do back in the 1840s and fifties and sixties win. He had goal which was soft landing had pyrite which is gold's deceptive content and I am I know is actually called fool's gold so they would actually bite it and if it was a soft enough and you knew you got the real deal yeah. However the current gold medals have not being gold since 1912. Fact ironically you win a gold medal the insider is mostly silver Q&A bronze medal mostly silver hawk I thought I. Add a little bit of dole just for flavoring and make it look like its goals so they just dip the other real gold medals in Google ads in ouster but here in on important things that paper check again. The US Olympic Committee pays gold medalists about 37500. Dollars for gold. Tony 25 force over 151004. Bronze pretty good then anyway. What the other hand wants taxes on. Yes and come as fortunately they'll leave the course we used to call it the from said the federal victory attackers accident that was after you tax yet I was actually repealed victory there. Back in 2016 but it you know if you live in a state that has income tax will still taxable income and fortunately we don't Torre but the here in Florida. When you're going to you are reaching get the economy mid afternoon and wanna snack instead of reaching for let's say a unit candy bar you might wanna reach for protein bar but sometimes there is a blurred line between what is a protein bar energy bar. Or candy bar or is true it didn't end because I eat approaching Mars a line and had to search long and hard to find the one that I have been in actually passes these three criteria. That a dietitian says is a good source of protein which a lot of times is about as as good as eating a serving of a Fisher chickens smoltz or so the criteria criteria is that it's has less than 200 calories per serving aka. Three grams of fat or less than five grams of sugar or less. And there you go ask for the protein powders they say walkway is the way to go 100% to eight Koi is that way Hugo. And Elsa say if you're able to make a natural protein sources that's the preferred way right but if you need the instant stuff contrast the criteria but there's a thin line between McKinney Barr an idea and a power bar. And I guess a shake a milk and a very power chick I love I love some of the major candies that are talking like hey has seven grams of protein in camp has a art gallery exactly for me I'm thirty grams of sugar. Let's talk about this really cool app that is coming is called I hear you at the letter do you he might wanna pay attention to that when especially if you find yourself in the situation where you go to a restaurant. Yeah I mean I saw intimate dinner and then how Spain comes on and you can't even hear yourself think yeah. Or you go to seminary Wii release well blows some steam off and you go to somewhere it's very like a bar and it's very very quiet. So this at kind of works like I Yelp does where do you turn it on when your catcher your restaurant or bar. And a record Saturday thirty minute segments and then an average is that Abby gives a rating. So like if you wanna find out if storms get shift storms kitchen is allowed plays defense and whatnot. And a lot to barking dog okay that's by the Christians barking dog cat the cafeteria at Atlanta you know that going into it that's pretty cool right. There are pretty quiet when they bagged. I'm Izturis at the market dogs learned that where they all have that look of these. Last seen huge black high are they go straight Sara McLaughlin commercial right ha ha ha I've a friend of mine makes his dog watches are McLaughlin commercials it's a note that due to all the dog how goodies and how good you have a yeah equivalent of starving its army kids and I know. There it. So all your auto insurance you would tend to think you get a good rate based in being a good drive horror is that that's wrong Chris Malone is very real I don't know where you live how much you make what's your education level what's your credit score they don't wanna the the weather plays into your business insurance it's amazing so there's a real cool website we encourage you check outs called the zebra dot com or Kristin does Debra. That's our and if you look and ask these questions but they actually compiled all these that this information askew bunch of questions about yourself but. Here's what a lot of insurance companies do is they look at something that is what's called a non driving factor for instance your credit score. They actually thought consumer reports found. The that somebody has an excellent drivers with a clean driving record and a poor credit score. Well actually play a higher premium than huge convicted drunk driver that's incredibly excellent credit score the better you have better credit score but I'm drunk is better than somebody would not good credit them about her -- -- -- -- say most insurance companies penalize drivers who have been texting while driving compared to a couple years ago so all of that than Greg yet you need to really look at that if your best for texting and driving it's just like a speeding ticket you really dean in the end auto insurance let's talk about the safety Baghdad cameras lane departure warning collision prepared prepared systems and stuff like that off yes nothing at all the other bird barely save anything on the wow the only thing you get a had an exception is the electronic stability which saves you about seven dollars annually. And then ask for making payments you may want to skip the automatic payments and they say they're gonna give you discount on average about one point 5% discount that way. And if you pay off your premium in full instead of the monthly payments. You're going to save about a 67 dollars a year and that website is. The zebra dot com and there he is due this I I got halfway through but then they wanted to bunch of personal information I can tell somebody was gonna contact me I I did and I I just had a different phone number and all these can I got twelve quotes back and yes there are very very good if I'm gonna play with a little bit later on. I did and I just didn't do the submit at the end of the after the literally tells you when you submit this year basically saying that all these companies can call you beyond that I didn't see like the better Baston the pricing hole and it actually on par with what we have right now. And you know one other definition christened a zebra like the largest size you can get. If it. Missing now is not a lock up I knew I had a kind of there was a bruiser joke actually I thank you on here and I try to be united and frustrating coming up prior I become a professional candy takes a look like a second bag it's all right there is the company that as behind Orioles in Cadbury chocolate is looking for for professional chocolate taste testers running Leo working a seven and a half hours a week and did you'll be required to provide the company with the objective and honest feedback. It's a job you eat chocolate and give your opinion okay fine why would you not want to on this yeah I was born to do that's. You just need to submit your application by February 16 us this Friday we have links up on a website they do want honesty. And I guess you know the more creative the better because the last time it did this within an hour well over a thousand applicants Solomon and you take Friday off. Aria yeah you might need to take it is Thursday off to just Wednesday that the fourteenth is Valentine's Day on throughout. Maybe you take Judea for a nice meal Ole maybe I'm doing it all the congress he could be doing it all wrong so you've got the two schools of thought one of them is that you do absolutely nothing because it's. Made a big card via Valentine's Day ending of the other ones which generally issued new newer relationship we have. The the dinner and you have to sell the followers liveliest noon chance to pick her up when you take her out to dinner and then sending you have a bigger and a giant dessert and bought a bottle of bubbly come home. In her body passes dockers or some awful that's that's. So infinitely I think her goal is to have some love them some love and do it backwards yes all right now what he means now on an open your mind in a Tizzy. He just means start with. A little love it and yes let's go out to dinner after you build up your appetite because there's a couple of things yes first off you've articles of that appetites and that's great secondly probably gonna get a better reservation because you later in the night everybody wants to become Ehrlich as you know we're doing. So I. Think that's just some food for thought into it a little bit backwards that's interesting bit but died when he subdued backwards and still the cabinet anatomically try to figure it out not in the bedroom okay and backwards India and I thought it's kind of like the sound judgment there and we're out and it's up. That's a no way out where speculator we north of podcast anytime we in the air Monday through Friday between five and ten ABC.