2.12.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Bad Foods That Are Good For You-Google Chrome Automatically Silences Auto-play Web Sites

Monday, February 12th

Who wouldn’t love to drink a beer that is flavored with pepper-spray, silence auto-play videos permanently with this easy Google Chrome setting and bad food that are good for you!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, February 12, 2018.


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That's an idea point five GA TT morning show recap for Monday February 12 hardy have within the month of February VS earlier that workaholic the Olympics on the radio over different pet pet I thought. There's your let's talk about so what we may have missed on the show this morning this was some really good news especially as that even paying attention to the plight of these worldwide they've been dying off and there's been all sorts of even with people wondering what's going on a lot of it has to do with the pesticides. Which are companies are actually changing so that the bees you know are it doesn't harm the bees but believe it or not. 42% of these are actual Q herb killed by a parasitic mite called the burrowed a destructive war. And for the last 25 years the the demise itself has to desist the way they can lump. So I was by pure luck that to German scientists stumbled upon this great discovery. That's adding a little bit lithium chloride to miniscule amounts of water it's amazing what the what a great way to cure of its news and it doesn't hurt anything and it kills Ozal Paris yeah they sent over 72 hours and as in 9200% effective rate and killing the the of the parasites of their for the bees can continue to lead at live. And this extreme enough down into our food supply if we get honey and stuff so. They're doing further research but this could be kind of a new practice coming on here very soon which. Could really help out the rebound the bee population one of antibiotic all right so I did admit this type played with pepper spray and I'm as a public service. I would not recommend playing around with our color our your kid in Georgia dear. I wasn't even a kid I thought I don't ask I was a sober adults. And I was just I can only sober adult I wanted to see it just sprayed pepper spray because you know. Issue before how does that work take things as they scored it. Just as a gust of wind blows a back in in my face I'll man okay so it's still are you know what that does it has a nice little burning out it's like you regularly like black pepper techno I think that's a horrible. I had died that day so you I can just tell you I can I'm not gonna be a fan of pepper spray flavored beer passive and understand is these two guys went to college routed to the guy that has a brewery and a guide apparently invented mace you know. Or works for the mace people he had not fish had Drury has teamed up with the mace security international. And they paraded in your face pepper spray flavored beer. They actually save and Fiat capsaicin that the use in the pepper sprayed the mace is so hot. That all the handlers have to use a special equipment but by the time it reaches your palate. A innocently. A dark smoky moderately squeezed out the has. Of heat that won't burn your palate how much does not only guy walking around the corner with a chocolate bar runs on the guy with a dark wood or jar of peanut butter and other abrasives. The same thing. Now to my favorite and and a little bit of the smoky flavor is defense. I did have a AAA. Maples Al yesterday no yeah even the triple A was just it and there was that tingle in the back of my wrote I'm like no idea mentioning that the hot wings in light. Helping a Popper is I mean don't think he'll miss unbelievable I imagine the next day. The next morning now that's true. Has heard enough unfortunately or fortunately how you look at you can only go by in your face beer at the dog fish doctors had brewery tasting room in Delaware. For a limited time seat on the road let's talk about whiskey and doughnuts in chocolate and hello I'm Kia and healthy. Yeah I believe it or not allow. Of those things such as mentioned are actually good for a balanced diet. If you listen to admit traditionalists and they're a complete explanation don't listen to bits and pieces but the whole explanation for instance. Yes alcohol is bad for your body that's true but moderate use of alcohol and whiskey and it in particular. As has heightened whiskey is a high level of angelic acid it's an anti oxidant helps destroy cells they create illnesses and cancer and heart disease. Furthermore they actually said that a little bit about moderate use of alcohol has a good good way to raise the levels of the good cholesterol in your blood system cool affair so eating dark chocolate once a day is actually healthy for you because it actually cut your risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke by a third. Plow and then donuts. Would think about this let's say donate your favorite food all right and viewed don't eat donuts anymore because they're bad for you Jim if they sell them by the dozen okay. So that they are with the with nutritionists say is that if you deny yourself that that pleasure having you did donuts for so long you'll actually break. Or lose become wells people and almost associated with on your. Yeah he'll do well over indulge on us what they're saying that. A rare occasion if you wanna donut and you've been good and you've been eating healthy and you being sleeping in the united you know go ahead and how one enjoys. Key in all three of these things is moderation runs square chocolate today one store right all right and whiskey would be are they say moderate use of alcohol is one drink a day for a woman her two days for a man I just don't buy chocolate donut and a little bit whiskey. My son. Works its multitasking. So this is eat healthy get interesting packages if you order from Amazon when you have dipped into the talk chocolate covered whiskey donut our late at night with a credit card and here on Amazon could be very dangerous especially via PayPal because it's just you know one little button and next thing you know. For me is not precedent or whether with a package yes so you've got a couple here that named Mike and Kelly gallop and they say they've been receiving strange packages from Amazon and move when we mean this is they haven't ordered anything. They don't know who's sending it there's no tracking information and it's really good stuff the answer less like a cellphone case or USB charger now so they don't know what's going on although however they did work for Amazon one time in there working with a Amazon because they think that this is kind of a scam. By manufacturers people sitting still he's a Cabletron to boost the ratings on Amazon right yeah so what they did was they set up a fake email account and they go ahead and make a purchase through Amazon's. And they do it with a gift card so therefore it's a verified there it is down right via card you don't know who or where it's coming around. And then what happens. I've heard it's done and why they sent it to their address that that I have delivered our guest today so they go back to their fake email address since I always love this product exactly. And therefore the algorithm for Amazon will put that lot that item hi how are okay Seattle earlier. So they were few of them ticket distinct kind of ironed out time. I don't know if I would diet I've become a creepy like it's looking from the sewer and you know steering it means again just watching you sort of think early. Electronic log rolling right there. Let's say it a big guard so the it to silence those auto playing ads to be using Google Chrome and you haven't updated recently. Gordon right click on any of the tad Z you're gonna see in a setting called mute site now we talked all right so those ads that pop up funerals like you go to a new site in a starts reading this story true that your trying to read yourself yes and you can shot a mop I know now it's like that adds and that. Free playing in the you never know where it's coming from me out when Vega and the best part about this usually commute the myth that the second you leave the site you need a mutes everything you when you go back to edit its pledge blaring your right right this actually permanently shut it down as long as you don't clear out your browsing history okay you know the word of those on Italy's number not to play that there are nuts and am curious though me out Willett knew something you want to. Get on muted there probably immunity. But the play around that to say yes. And then finally this is good news for a mother earth and mother nature Dunkin' Donuts is ditching their phone cops. The company announcing that saying that they're getting rid of the styrofoam cups and there for introducing a double wallpaper cops. They say and of course along same lines is the yen the technology we have the inner lying things so they say that it'll keep your coffee hot and fresh. And your hand holding you won't even actually need morals cardboard sleeves either so you're reducing waste there. They estimate the that'll keep about a billion dollars. Out of the landfill and that's just one company now one company a billion cups that's incredible. Now so I don't don't use you don't want plastic straws and Omar really Emeka GAAP. I really try to tell the service please don't bring me a classic struck you wanna bring either the papal and that's fine yeah we went to a Disney over the weekend and we got to the beverages and we did notice that they switch to. The paper straws and energy they've. Except in the drank all day and it worked find out how hard they went worker like I grew up with them and I must do something right but I dug another says the rolling this out nationwide by 20/20 so memorable years or so. That is our show thank you so much I can listen to us live Monday through Friday between five and ten ABC. Many.