1.9.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Quickest way to de-fog your windshield-Better way to teach kids to ride a bicycle

Tuesday, January 9th

Ever think of teaching your kids to ride a bicycle without training wheels?  One guy thinks you should and offers a detailed way to do it! Plus the fastest way to de-fog your windshield and milk made from peas?  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, January 9, 2018.


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I once again it's the ninety point five KG he would ensure recap for Tuesday January 9 start having to take to payoff of an activist tomorrow but. Kristen and I made in for the show and we were reminiscing about the good times when we were learning to ride bicycles with onscreen nails yet I learned how to write a bike on a arms and there was a lot of dirt and grass and I remember it being quite difficult how much does and as a back Alley and I have its. Feels like scar still I mean remember an African format. I'm sorry Jerry was learning to ride his bike and he was. Off on his way and looked back to be like I am doing it ran into the tailgate of trying to cut a like those videos you see on yet again that happened well. It's kind of funny because this guy has a better way to train your it to get your kid to ride a bicycle that's one of the things is telling them to always look forward and yet. Not down or backwards up but he actually suggests. Taking the training wheels off your kids bicycle. He says about this works for about 99% of kids especially when they're younger. And here's the key they also besides digging up the training wheels to take off both panels. And you lower the seat as low as possible. So message turning the bicycle into a glider. Or is Darren is genius so you give the kids the bicycle. He let them use their feet to move around so I can understand how the bid handlebars work and everything along those lines and you know if they file they have their feet there. And you gotta tell you what it would this guy calls kangaroo hops we glide you stick your foot out you push written and you stick your foot up severe kind of gliding. And Angela baggage a little bit more sense of how the bicycle balance is now when they get that taking care. He put one Bob one of the pedals back on Leunen and pitcher puts it the kid on the bicycle seat. Stand stand behind them and hold on to the back had them put their foot on the pedal instead of using their other foot it's like a scooter and every kid can use the scooter exactly yes it's kind of getting in the use that figure out how the pedal system works and everything like that so once they master that but the second pedal on. And they kind of hold them out like you would the traditional way of holding on the back of them and launching them as they ride the bicycle but have them stop within ten feet. It's important because then you know how to stop the bicycle and do it again a twenty feet in the third time let him go as long as they want. Toward the shot will love it BI the detailed information as we kind of skimmed over its end we don't want you dead to her you can't sell. It's at our website for a milk made from peace. And we're talking crap PE a STJ. And yes the the keys that's Margaret when their baby but nasty when they're smashed yet but apparently this is the newest milk craze. As a more attempts are being made to create a beverage for the help properties of the cal goat milk. But also all isn't and you don't doesn't come from an animal doesn't any can be used for people that. Are lactose intolerant toward concern about stuff so this is what the it's it's basically it made from yellow peas. And and it's that may sound gross and nasty but it's listen to this to begin yet not free soy free. Lactose free. Gluten free. It's better for the environment and armament who takes about a gallon or two of water to produce to process one that Allman seed and mean and it has more protein and calcium than other alternatives melts and and doesn't have the estrogen properties that allow soy products have so. I'm doing it looks pretty good on paper they say it dead dead doesn't taste like peas which is good and actually comes in four different flavors. I'll look forward in stores later on this this this year so it's a quaint. Cool way to defrost your windshield it has all that fog and condensation. Mainly it's because. Like with fog in the morning kind of follows upon your windshield it's because there's too much moisture inside your car. So makes sense much would you be the five simple steps to be trusting your car or be flogging at the quickest or eight. Turn on you to Foster into the high setting turn the temperature controlled some hot not cold. Turn your air conditioning on even though it's gonna blow hot air turn your air conditioning on. Turn off the research hilly there must be fresh and number five crack your windows. So you've got the air conditioning which dries out air yet the heat the dries out air. You have the fresher blowing in so it's blowing out the content that water vapor and you help it stick data quickly by opening your windows. I was reminded well we were her after we did this month. I was reminded by my dad that he always told mineral my window down because I said I didn't know that yeah and you can forget the stuff after awhile. I know about this is a couple ways to actually I keep your windshield from getting fog or condensation. One thing is to grab a tube sock filled with kitty litter tie ins are on your dashboard. Apparently it sucks up the extra moisture Yao. It's actually kind of picked up and a lot of it's done on mobile devices on tablets and stuff and they're saying. They are claiming a 46%. Increase in traffic because people are shopping on the mobile device but here's the thing. Only 27% of those purchases are actually completed the just kind of hang out in the the shopping cart that's a lot of shopping cart yeah. End what it does is a cut ties that inventory and it's actually getting some of these retailers have been like hey. We're not really getting great movement on this product even though we have great deals between you brought up a really good point which and when he is next time. I owe you (%expletive) I seriously I can't tell you how many times. You go through really some senior carton and then you basically just leave it there and then you get a coupon in your email. And it says hey we noticed you left something behind you need a little motivation and it'll be like. 15% audit our that yes motivation yes I do yes I do much of this guy's gonna give yeah I will say you do have to go through lake in Elena tells you do you wanna create an account gap you just do that part and are in the cart empty houses in your probably gonna get. A whole bunch of spent emails as well which is OK good well what I deal why I I don't subscribe instantly like 'cause I know they're gonna send me the coupon site that the coupon and then I just unsubscribe and go back and say. You know. Well you're you're cold when it comes to shopping I AM amicable and holing that putt. And so on that's our show for today thinks of us are listening to the recap of course you can catch a lie then and Monday through Friday between five intent on ninety point five KG yanked. Have a great one. But all.