1.8.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Your salary is based on your first name-Hospital gowns get less drafty

Monday, January 8th

The best way to lose weight is to start you day with a couple eggs!  Plus hospital gowns are about to get less drafty and your first name ca affect your salary! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, January 8, 2018.


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Hello that's an idea point five KG came mornings are recap for Monday January 8 just Donna this is like. Kind of the better end of all holiday seasons we had like Thanksgiving and then you know he had a nice long weekend. And yet Christmas towing of the organized some time off them in the New Year's and then. Now we're kind of like him. It's we have or five days a week well no I always -- one more real we have another -- Luther king day is OK and if link next week Yahoo! and so the fifteenth that's Monday are lucky that my focus this conversation next week. Oh revisit it and I believe this I mean this of the day when he died right there all the star. Elvis no SE allied bombs or don't don't know blasphemy here on the show worker at a Burger King had to Kalamazoo. So this morning we talked about it you're stressed out you might want to smell your partner shirts couples. And there was an it research that looked in 96 couples had the men Wear a clean teacher for 24 hours of the dealer scented body part. Products as you say and what they found is that women who smelled her partner's shirt felt less stressed both before and after the stress test that they ran. That was kind of interesting yeah they also found. They knew smelling their Spartan or sent got them the most stress reducing benefits verses. Smelling she strangers sent actually increase their anxiety. So called boss travel here. You're look little stress in my wanna know sweetie is teacher just kind of hang onto it and have resonated that right when yell at us tonight. Elation to me were dating and I was still living in Canada used to always every single time I keep assured of his. And like put it on the pillow next to me type thing and I know that the smell went away eventually but the thought that the placebo effect yeah it was very calming like. I get this flashback of what the gym smelled like a locker rooms public high school now or I was upland and known not back and it's now semi of people need to wash your clothes here. Speaking of clothing items when you go into the hospital. They're not known for fashion those of those counts as you're aware that that little drafty thing in the area had always called and hospital and they leaving nothing to Wear but apparently there's become critical care plus where they actually make hospital gowns and they've actually -- in my design students. Fashion design students and they have introduced a new upgraded hospital get out more in the Comodo style. That has an open the front which is nice. A shielding fleet in the back room and allows for partial exposure through the use of ties in snaps sort of invented is a robe with a trap door out. A dilemma lap a mud flat doesn't. Old union suit that's what the panel looks like you and and but it's it's actually kind of hard to design according to them because. There are five different types of hospital gallons that are out there. And they're trying to combine all five into one you would think but it's always at one designed for itself. Not everything I mean let's say they have to do something in the front and should there be ever easier fraud openings are supposed to foreigners will be in the back we'll give it back over here I mean there should be different designs for depending on what they're doing to yeah. Well there are testing these out now on some hospitals in the fall elsewhere a fall works well they could be rolling out the hospitals nationwide in the best part is that the costs are kind of the same. As the current models so hospitals might adapt to these more often. So they go this morning. Harrowing you each have breakfast in the morning if you're skipping eggs bad it's two things that could do really good for you for. A new study found that are women need about fourteen grams lest a protein than they need to men about ten grams less approaching the name now recommended. And we eat most of his protein at night so to exude giving them up my approach and Greg's judiciary around twelve rounds of program in a best part is that if you're trying to lose weight by having a nice heavy protein in your tummy. You're not gonna be as hungry as often and therefore helps you Steve start off the trips to the vending machine room. So that's that for your how you know how your name can actually affect your salary website called value my name. They just took the first names of the a first name in salary data from about a half a million resonates. Dick kind of an average salary for the first 12100 names a list on here and what they found was for men. Names that were like Ed bill just Bob and Mike were on top of the heat. Women list Joseph Michelle Alexis in gene were on top. And here's what they found out the more calling your name is the more money you're gonna make more uncommon new name you're gonna have the less likely you're gonna be hired. And if that name is hard to pronounce even if it's a common name. Chances are you'll be less likely to be hired and if you do you're probably gonna earn less money. You know what's interesting is the men's names Ed bill Jeff Bob mine was a very common but. Alexis yeah how did that make the list that I yup you know. It makes you makes you wonder now and they did show that you know it's very it did a disproportional mail and me and having higher paying jobs than women out of the US and also point out as well. I its image sting it is British so if you do put your name into the little generator at a website to come up an announcement that he dependable part. In this speaking of computers a meltdown and Specter those of those two and chips are. The viruses. That they have not been able to fight in virtually all computer chips for all devices that you have. He programmers are working on the meltdown and other Specter's a little bit harder to get to actually might require a complete. Redesign of the computer chips both those are names of programs that are trying to break through the computer. Barriers that to protect you yeah so did it that's those things are two ways to protect the vulnerability of all chips that run everything yes indeed be key in this is that you need to update his pain in the but is it best to wait 34 fighters. You need to update the systems when you get upgrade so I do it now. And then finally those little screens in the back it's but there of that airline seats may be going away. That's certainly not on every our lives I'm charmer last summer I was on airliner that had one of those are now that's good American jetBlue has them yep we are mutually delta has and as well but apparently there pricey they cost about ten grand each seat. Second see whether the airlines wanna get rid of him plus they do add some weight to the aircraft so are getting rid of all that stuff actually reduces the weight. In a storm said I'm sure it'll pass the savings are now AM I don't say gasoline and I'm them pass the government. You know everybody's got a screen Wear them than every devices discrete I just want free Wi-Fi. I won't mind our free Wi-Fi that works yeah where cry doesn't work well for the ones I haters where you have to air with blood after you you look something up in and if which are drawn on you have to like. Re inter yet time in dot Nauman new gas to new guest trying to remember meal guests are remembered me mixed I don't know how are mental. I think so special guests. So that's our show for to day thing so much for listening to us in the the recap of course we're on the air Monday through Friday between five and ten Elvis was actually born on this date in 1930 right here and I mr. he was born in this state in 1930 or so happy birthday Elvis Erin Presley. 00 happy birthday our rob Malo. There.