1.5.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Guaranteed way to win the record lottery jackpot-Hydrogen Peroxide sort of useless for scrapes and cuts

Friday, January 5th

Although you can drive modern car without having it warm up on a cold morning, you still should “drive gently” until it warms up.  Plus a guaranteed way to win the record-setting Mega Millions an Powerball jackpots from the lottery and hydrogen peroxide not so good at killing germs on cuts and scrapes.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, January 5, 2018


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There's an idea point five KG game warnings are recap for Friday and January 5 two -- one eights and now we're gonna start off with a question and that yeah has changed over the years should you actually warm up your car first on a cold morning and I says only if you have children go out there do it for half half now if you wanna do that due to warm your car like that of the cabins the year kicks on many. When it comes to warming at the car so that the engine parts of soft and warm up. It's really kind of gone the way that was your father's Oldsmobile right those cars have a lot more moving and mechanical parts in the new on Saturday GAAP. Now in the oil was a lot thicker to rights now so I did kind of need a few minutes to warm up in order for the via the engine to work properly but that doesn't mean you should started up in just that star racing down a quarter mile out that's the thing within the cars today they say you should drive gently when your wins cold out in the morning is that the first five to fifteen minutes. You can drive it like when you getting your car turned it on Letterman for about thirty seconds with the oil kinda get to the motor that's a spitting on the seat belts and getting yourself situated but. Don't you don't go like you're in a NASCAR race you out right off the kind of gently warmed the car the thought is that you still have hoses and belts that are still. Britt told Abby got a call yeah and you think about your engine mounts and all the little pieces of rubber or do they get brutal in the cold weather so give them a chance of yeah so when the engine itself was already warmed and ready to go at it in it pits that heat out to kind of slowly warmed via its. On this guy like being married. Okay all of the sacred all right. Catch up now I'm. I this is kinda scary news hygiene products I've basically useless and somebody that mother always used whenever had to cut the entire time I'm growing up is fizzled and look like it was work yeah apparently it's like here brother in law it's just he looks like he's working but it's not just on the couch exactly. The bubbles so that this is wrestling sensation is actually a chemical reaction with the enzyme in your blood system called cattle. I Kennelly Islam. And an essence it releases the oxygen for trapped in the water auction process little bubble uses oxygen and water and coming out a bit because it's a chemical reaction yes so but it's not really doing anything not it's not killing the bacteria anything they say doctors say you're better off just flushing the wound with running tap water saline then using a mild soap to clean this rally area. And then that add a thin layer of gasoline or petroleum jelly. For added moisture in protection they do say that I'll. Keep in the wound covered is actually better than letting it be exposed to the air so you know the old thing but let it breathe and and now put on like neo sport and I it by its amongst skin cancer lesions taken off. And that's what they support in note your surprise me guys have bought just put me a sporting Donald just gasoline in and not talk much cheap. So you just vastly and a band aid in keep recovered and healed up quicker I was amazed yet it took this long for them to tell me not at all these years for sure come well probably I would say the odds are pretty much in our fear that we're not going to win. The Mega Millions and powerball you can hear our voice Monday morning nobody won the Mega Millions and our ball but as of Friday morning the Mega Millions is likely. 418. Yet and the powerball B 460 by about a half a billion dollars each I do have a system though are tiger is out he could actually win the lottery you can win any lottery but let's scored takes Saturday's powerball jackpot estimated at 460 million dollars. We only approximately 290201338. Tickets. To basically cover all the possible powerball number cut a combination how long would it take to print out that many tickets as you would have to start like last year exactly it out. All right so each one of those tickets is about two dollars each so you know how in the 460 million dollar half a billion dollar again aren't we would need to spend 584. Million dollars to get those tickets and essence we be in the whole 120 from Lima that's government Mathis hit it right and I sex that is really to government map however there is you can get a little bit better than just random picking a number of having machine to a website called Lotto numbers dot com. And actually tracks the world's most commonly pulled number all parents you do have kind of chance of picking the right number and let me tell you to let's say you do win the Lotto is this weekend until you need to move to Puerto Rico. Okay federal income tax is only 4% there's no state tax he won't have any electricity. But you'll save a lot of money well a without amount many can build many power play and I'm itself pretty much you could be the power system a Puerto Rico via. You know 37 million Americans snore and there's about 37 million spouses that can't stand it so I'm raising my hand right here him now we're still have sore ribs with the fifth and now a lot of times it you know snoring is actually sign of sad as sleep apnea CLU should death had this checked up by profession are doctors are -- went to the sleep lab a couple times there where the C -- mask every night but they do say a lot of by the snoring comes to nasal congestion floppy tissue alcohol consumption and enlarged console so here we can do it at least on the congestion side is easier Steffi no road and run some a saline solution. In and out of your nasal cavity I have flush things out that might help. Elevate your head any sort of wedge shape held. Will actually and lift your head out so that you can did the floppy tissue. Will be missed up of the blocks the back you're throwing causes the rise should be should be alright okay you can also sleep on your side it sends to help. This is interesting we have the exercises on our website that they some research suggests that you can do strengthening of Melvin tong exercises may present prevent snoring mix my mind wander he Kenneth is a veteran of the authorities he committed these these particular exercises. Over three months they reduced or snoring frequency by 36% in when they did snore. Their intensity was down by 59%. Our I would like to see the machine at the gym that it helps to strengthen your tongue in your counsel and you know nobody wipes machines down at the gym also Mexican pro sports machine ever I don't I mean wouldn't it hydrogen peroxide throwing that I think. And then when you're talking about New Year's resolutions these are some things especially the trying to get to drink more water and Daria no this vet about 75% of Americans suffer chronic dehydration that's amazing and with most of your body made up of water it's. Problem you know when you see people care and water bottles around that's the cure right there Jeff have a water bottle on your desk have water with you at all times and Estonia. This morning I saw none the interwebs here. There's likes a water bottle has like a little light in it and it goes to your fit bit and it reminds you to drink water a little. A light a c'mon the whole bottle glow yet and the woman's utter desk and a close and she just takes a sip so if if it takes. Computers to tell you to drink water may -- that's what it takes and you don't really does is making sure that -- have a water bottle or -- help -- pitcher have a site at infineon when you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated try to stay ahead of feeling thirsty and a lot of times when you're hungry -- actually thirsty debt that's troops I was drink water and then wait a little bit maybe that -- goes away and you won't UB killing two birds with one stone and you know it's unfortunate in my car gets hungry for gas Chris -- I don't know did we invade some country because why did gas prices go up the last couple song let's spin the -- reasons from the petroleum industry is a phony -- reason we can you just blame in the holidays but bit this January. We're in the highest gas prices in four years so I remember for fifty for almost had a five dollars a gallon it's still a little higher if not I always wonder. What are you guys doing seriously what why did you just raise it to when he sets I don't know they say this is the most expensive January since 2014. Have made triple lay eyes says don't worry those to further we get away from the holiday holidays gas pressure should come down like I guess they ran their credit cards up to this let's help -- let's help the gas companies out here so that's our show for today Friday January 5 they were on the air live Monday through Friday between five to ten in the podcast whenever ABC out but I.