1.3.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Buy airline tickets in January-Worst words to say in an apology

Wednesday, January 3rd

Don’t toss out that empty prepaid debit card you got for Christmas and the worst word you can use in an apology.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, January 3, 2018.


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I there's an idea point 5 KG a morning show our recap for Wednesday January 3 probably the call out when musicals did when he TI yeah yeah. So let's hear us talk about Somalia it in his I think it's going to be cold after the first week in January all the way through Sunday we'll be back with a seventy so. I'm sure we'll have a cold by then. But you know in the in the meantime as you want to stay warm we got some some tips for you because you know easily we were flip flops or shorts everywhere all yeah. That's the stuff your mom soldier when you're live in the house where it's cold outside and it still goes there were hat. That would be coming your neck and not even mad we win your inside you actually costly to do three times more heat your house and minister colds that because we're in Florida out. It's much better and cheaper for you to actually layer on your clothing including wearing a hat we lose about 10% of your body heat through your head I mean suppose to have an even when your inside this year are your ceiling fans kept on. As the warm air rights is the ceiling fans of bringing down just make sure that they are going clockwise he's. And then this kind of cool grab a new pool little now you know us slice in half. And then what you wanna do as you can stick it in between your door jam at the bottom where there might be leaking some air. That should be able to stop it or to a Dachshund ought to do that. Doc says student movement towards Iran and and and and silly until a tree comes sound and fury hero again. And then now finally when you're a layering all the blink it's keep the fluffy blankets closer to you you wanna keep the thinnest and dentist link it's on the top. So we have a really nice cool that my. And made us and for our wedding and not so we put on top of the nets fluffy down comforter yeah. Same goes numb at the quotes on top yet beautiful thing out. So if you look into this and traveling on an airplane. Before its summer you probably wanna buy your ticket here in the next couple weeks have couple of flight booking web sites have put together all their data and they found that this is probably the best time the cheapest. Time to buy airline tickets is going to be the first couple weeks of January. They say by march domestic airline tickets will be up by 13%. 56% increase if you're flying international and one wonders that gene difference. Well I remember I if you are on vacation that we did a story about the predictions for twenty team does the world economy is doing better so more people are traveling OK so they tend to think that there's gonna be more it more of a demand on the airline tickets so are gaga supply and demand writes I've heard of so guns and butter. He hit it right. So if you wanna buy tickets and if you like to buy one for your three favorite people on the radio we do around here who well almost areas heel yeah of course we know if you. The so let's say you had a fight with sweetie or somebody at work or your bus sibling and it comes down down to the apology. Do you really wanna be sincere in the apology you wanna miss out on these words here because it will just kind of negate your entire motion a few winks are what is the worst word to use an apology but. Sorry but it. Sovereign. Bots. Actually kind of according to a psychologist actually just ends you know you it injure your sincerity at all and then. The worst phrase to say is a hint well I'm sorry your feeling that way I'm sorry you feel that way she the that's our manager punch in your twist when he. That will actually be the most sincere apology you have. If you have one of those prepaid debit card Girardi Max and spent all the money don't throw away quite yet two reasons one Obama practical side yeah if you end up buying let's say a dvd on that that debit card. And you throw it away in the C would take it back the probably just gonna put the refund back on their cars and if you don't have your out of it and then other third beside and I think this is the one we like the most is you can use that empty as a dummy cart for signing up for free trial is brilliant element if anybody wants and it happens all the time they want your credit card number to give me this free thirty day trawl for -- and rice will give on this little dummy cart to not gonna look at a good argument charges now but at the end of the month when you forget that you have to cancel. They'll be getting in touch you've gone he discards of audio yeah I'm now seeing. As a member of blockbuster when you would have to have a credit card to get membership low cholesterol yeah right I did that with an expired credit did zero everyone really had no problem also. At that ex barker makes a great. Ice ice return yes indeed. The Simpsons and is the longest running TV show in history and it's been kind of interesting to see that so many episodes that they've. And this has been able to predict the future yeah vapor dearly who predicted trade trump presidency they predicted Super Bowl matchup Super Bowl halftime shows. Even Disney buying twenty century fox. So you can imagine that there are a lot of people watching and there's us there was a team a police department in March Yorkshire. England that may have swiped this particular scheme from his innocence. They sent out invitations to people that they wanted to top to see in talked to in the spirit of Christmas is there a fake Christmas party app free champagne three feet deep putting free hand free everything. And so of course when they came in to get their free bubbly. I got to look clink clink. I handguns on hills like drunk driving burglary like that and they all came in and they all got and cuffs on now and eggs in contrast in the ninth season of the Simpsons in the eighth episode. Chief Wigan and the Springfield police offered a free motorboat a surprise for gravel for everyone a person's Springfield homer was included if you. Hard and of course he ended up arresting them I'll be and then finally if you're letting your kids read a Harry Potter good for you if you are reading. Indeed since they grew up to be better people. There was a racist and a three groups of children one net group in the fifth greater level. One group and high schoolers in the third in college age and they found that. The three groups showed more tolerance to marginalized group. In fact in particular the college age readers who reported not feeling any connection with the Baltimore it. They're attitude towards refugees have a greater chance of being positive. So in essence her country in the world more tolerant at least the more accepting to those that are a little bit different lives and it's we can all use a little more tolerance and Harry Potter is there. Us or spell for that this thing yet tolerance US less tolerance and it's yeah exactly. So that's our show for a chilly Wednesday join us live Monday through Friday between five to ten on ninety point five GT ABC yeah.