12.7.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Secret Santa Selector-Deleting Super Old Social Media Posts

Thursday, December 7th

Having trouble pairing up your secret Santa?  There’s an app for that!  Plus why you should never drink sparkling wine in plastic cups & not everyone likes self-checkout!  It’s all on the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, December 7, 2017.


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And let's not eight point 5 KTU morning should recap for Thursday December 7 all of what are a horrible day it is it's rainy it's cold that were nice and warm here inside the studio yes the weather outside is frightful but inside it's delightful because. Decorating the house of Christmas last and I don't try to break up the clouds by naming your laser device into the sky because it doesn't work your blinding airline pilots now this is Kudlow is probably since these these laser light displays came out a couple years ago and it's kind of probably even laser pointers is that people reporting about airplanes and you know it SA not to look into the laser light. And the reason for that is it gives you temporary blindness and when your flying an airplane and your final approach I don't think they need their eyes and others or if you're on an airport don't use those home laser light. Christmas displays things that to and then also the should be talk about you know drivers sometimes these things get knocked over elected dog oxidant is knocking and so it moves out of alignment could shine into the street to the same thing to a driver yeah so you know periodically check it out make sure it's working correctly and if you do living near an airport probably too steep written go with the traditional. Wired Christmas lights. We do wired Christmas lights though we also have this laser light thing mean. Aimed at our trees I'm really a big giant oak trees and offering yard. And I have accidentally locked in its path and a temporary blindness is an understatement really are you satisfied with that with what it's doing for you I love the lovable okay cool yeah and not as some of them actually that music is well. Yet those ghost you lake and they'll be sent to the beat of the music nearly Bluetooth. Ours is just red and green and it looks and makes the tree literally look like it's just sparkling with reading green light. That's going to all right well when you have your bottle of bubble wait don't drink it in a plastic cup I drink how long. I do well yeah I'm so some scientist at some some looking into the bubbles of champagne and sparkling white wine and they found that in. Plastic cups the bubbles actually get bigger and that affects the tasty you're. Sparkling light line or champagne and true they say you actually be bubbles should be in a nice small. Tapered look or action should be at going up a line in your slender flute sheet glass at. And that means it's actually affects the taste in a positive way so you know what you have here are carbon dioxide bubbles that are popping and you don't want to add that to mess up your nose too much is of course 60% of your taste is for your nose and and we use a plastic cup the sides are kinda rough and that causes more bubbles so just drink out of the bottle if you look if you don't have a flute. Exaggerated champagne and a classy a little platform says drink a bottle okay that's a common I have to get more champagne flutes from my champagne campaign yes faster more champion you had to get more champagne you can't be a glancing at that you didn't isn't. So you know a lot of ties champagne leads to some poor choices pictures in May be post online yet tweeting in the middle of the night and then now five years later you want to run for political office and you think. Learn about that one jagr was our I was really Pannemon banana nut when I was tweeting or you're channel or are probably more realistic is your applying for job and a lot of times employers are looking at your social media to see all right. If your character that they can trust that we cover are true congress well here's what you can do that it really depends and I want people knowing the real me you know now all know how people change over time you know like proceeded picture back in 2009 you could just have been really kind of crazy stupid we your college is a fraternity stuff right so. Each of them have their own things but for FaceBook there's something called post man FaceBook post managers for manager app FaceBook post managers has called okay. It's on it's a chrome extension in you'll actually pull up all your social Europe off FaceBook post. And pictures based in the month but the year of the keyboard does genius than you can kind of pick which you wonder just mass delete him or change him just because you deleted is that doesn't isn't still out there somewhere they can be out there are some he pitches and like time grabbing. Software. Yes it could be okay but it does things never really go away is never really go away but it does lessen the chance this of people come back and bite you when your pogrom when you don't need to get the ever wanna know just totally yourself yes very true. I have a this way there's some nickel cardigan and twirl TW OL Boston ruled by toolbox that must be for Twitter jackets have for Twitter and an apple and android they have on several different devices for is to grand that you can use I just really depends in which when you wanna use in paperwork but it Tweety bird invent Twitter. And that the bill I guess so. This is kind of cool if you are in charge of picking in matching secret Santas which can be very stressful job London office people who love or hate you yeah now they really do is of this of the call the slack secrets and it selector. I need to input everybody's name it's a secret Santa in abuse and algorithm and match up the secrecy innings for you and and even sent an email Lori AM. Direct message or so that you Nieminen teacher hands dirty in net. You know genius and it keeps everybody off your back it does you know we were talking about all these apps as an apt to help pick the secrets and there's an app that helps to leave your media posts yes but what about the computers that help us check out at the grocery store those self check outed retail stores. And there's an unknown item in the baggage area yes that apparently is one of the biggest complaint in it is true life and he's always check and a sinner like picking up the I don't bring it down picking up putting it down and then the little red light comes on like a race and Allegheny yearly report to come over years in my will be gone through the underlined yeah exactly takes its investment time there's an there's a threat on Raddatz which was really all people were very very funny. We have links to a better whips have you wanna take a look at it but it does talk a lot of the other issues of White House self services. A lot of times when you go to the story especially for us being it cause I celebrities there are ties we just wanna get. Out of the store quickly ended out in now and the other our time and again we love when people come up and say hi to us but that you know there are times Regis when we get in and out and there's one of them talks about. Well greats as a problem I register here comes the supervisor and all well I remember them from high school classic fashion company right now you are not your husband's long lost cousin who writes in that I don't know downsized go on the rhetoric somebody's going hey organic bananas at the regular bananas rice yeah. Plus I got a tenderloin of me for the regular banana. I was like 39 cents a pound. Only small. And then finally you're talking about more things about your computers but there's a lot of out of state news that they're talking back to people. Telling your kids at Santa Claus isn't real the skills and you know it it really is sick is this is such a wonderful ties between your kid because Santa does he beat does believe he is alive and he's a look these are well and he's bringing presents so. There's this chrome and Firefox plug in that you could put into your web browser. That is called keep believing in Santa it's absolutely free in what it does is analyzes web activity. For any information that might threaten sand and never come across as fake news and will actually blockage in puts a nice picture of saint nick according into the camera. Giving you the judgment life's middle. So sent a Santa Claus Israel that's where you found out listen to this podcast the rights and I had breakfast this and a Macy's and it was yeah a a tall strapping man and I was overcome and I took my picture with him and it was amazing you have enjoyed shall issue lot of noise and yes. A whole perfect thing. So that's our show for today in the B bilingual version here for this. We're on the amended to try to restrain five intentional plot but also. All.