12.5.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Prince Harry Has A Hack For Crispy Bacon-Rule Of 4 For Gifts This Year

Tuesday, December 5th

Forget why you went into the kitchen?  Or the notes you studied last night before the test?  Read and say things out loud!  Plus HRH Prince Harry’s hack for the crispiest bacon ever and the Rule of 4 may be the best Christmas gift ever!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, December 5, 2017.


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So it's an idea point 5 GT game morning show recap we were Augen juice tea gaga and December 2000 say what you will hope you like blog and who. I doubt anybody any black anybody sorted into the Christmas spirit of course it is Amir what twenty some days away and we are torn days away factory so he's. Might we found other Christians though only wish from her secret Santa was a nice block yes. Well we better tell secrecy and it says hang under the receipt because according screw. Alton Brown you may have heard him from I want. M the good eats its own Food Network yeah. He says the scientific Food Network guy he says he'll need all those nine Joni three knives to be a good shaft. New chef's knife anywhere from eight to ten inches long a large serrated bread knife handy utility blade in the four to six inch range. Policy a pair of give kitchen Sears spender prep live on the come apart kitchen scissors you know those are those are pretty valuable he says. Only things that that need to be knifed our big enough for a night near the knives and everything else just use the shears as rights you know like when you open packages it's not for night or if you're likely to be cutting carrots for salad yeah you don't need an IP guests just use that then there's the kitchen cheers yes I'm a nice guy though I like the night and yet. And so did say get advice on your cutting Boris is ditch the plastic in bamboo ones which I thought was interesting he says opt for a heavy board made of maple right. Which Ashton works well plus when you story and I restore them on a magnetic blade. And by all means keep them out of the dishwasher is you're gonna ruin of our heirs. Let's see the rule before I die like this this is pretty cool because. Here you are you bought a dozen parents for a little Johnny. And up for a presence for little Johnny and Christmas Day you opens all up and maybe one of a lot of the twelve nearly likes Obama that's exactly true it's because you know mom and dad and Santa we all work together to make sure that there advocates at the absolute best Christmas ever. And that that doesn't necessarily mean squat quantity of pride as a means quality so. That's how the rule for works in this is actually from a parenting blog and and everyone has tried to says is works wonderfully so. You give one gift that they want to. One gift that they need one gift to Wear in one gift. Your read. That's that's that's so perfect makes a lot of sense yeah I I wrote these down have Marty started brainstorming for Jeremy like and that's just the genius way. Because it's so true with your kids like you start on this. Very modest very lame wanna get him one thing he needs and then you seal like thirteen thing yell leader and wait. If that's how you oversight tanks that can navigating get into a lot of dead and this is a good way to stay on track for that plus is Yahoo! chief Jimmy in a Lotta kids as well. Prioritizing and in managing your money it's nights you know course we all want everything but you know we can't afford it so yeah I got an idea how you compare the start of three all right get them some I want to not any yet does something to read right there what they need his underwear. A ten. So that's that's the gift that they need to make in the gift that they Wear oh but that's an idea why it's an iPad and they can read on it ignited and detail that we are kids ask for the iPad pro. Yes a switch or whatever you need that right off. Let's see let's talk about if you're if you have this issue of forgetting why you get up and go to a particular room more. Forget where you part two or maybe for guesstimate you were just introduced to or he forgot everything you study for that test. There's actually a researcher says by speaking. Out loud what you're wanting to retain is the best way for your mind to remember if I'm trying to remember Alyssa stuff I should read it out loud to myself and somehow that feed bag going through my ears back and in my brain pan. Has it gives us the best method press again that's basically how it works makes sense I guess he had decide deceased for methods to come up with justice and reading two in the headlights as students do this and they had to memorized or had a tests on words and so they were users to study for the test either reading silently reading aloud. Reading to someone else allowed our hearing themselves recorded greeting to themselves. And it found reading. Out loud. By far was the best way to retain information so they think this has a good application for those you know older people who are fighting dimension or you know so minus kind of stifles. You know puzzle games in possibly a doing laughter cross word reading the clues how loud or reading your thinking out loud. That's gonna make a lot libraries a lot noisier. And appeared to try to study for the test we should ask. This is really the only way I can learn I've denizens I was a child and I still did it to the day graduated I would literally read my books out loud. Yeah because act of me saying the words and then hearing them back into her and seeing them on the page is look I can remember anything. I can use this as an excuse on a select a muttering to myself volume shot at a cost the floors I was reading now I'm I'm learning and keeping an issue. Kind of an externally this sort of just internalize Ian meaning you're having their voice in your head as you're reading. Yeah your external lies again maybe that's just threw more powerful method hey here's a more powerful method to make bacon better now we're talking and they can bears Battlestar Galactica fan. We've got all prince hairy he's been in the news lately mainly covering all married yeah has unfortunately he's off the market here and he spent time here in the United States and he is and that got enough fondness for American vacant. Krispy American yes he loves it because apparently it's much more Krispy here in the states than it is in the United Kingdom with surprise me in the story where is he learned about crispy bacon from Walt Disney World shifts yeah. He was when he was here eight years old he may have seen that the famous pictures of him. Prince William pat and his mother and Diane area the idea of writing the right to Disney did it to match kingdom. And I guess one of the trips that they were staying there he noticed that the bacon was exceptionally Christie. Eight year old minds want to know so we asked the shaft to chef told in the secret here it is you Breuer your bacon until it's cooked in an oven. Place that cooked bacon on paper towels and then finish it up by zapping for one minute in the microwave. Yet the Krispy speaking at an artist I gonna terms he I mean I can see how it can work yet he at best and loved it so much that when he went back to Buckingham Palace he got the royal chefs it look. He Republican bacon like this from now on who should first satellite sure you know of a half year old wanna make a and that he didn't like why Joseph Joseph he did it after hearing what all put your hand yeah. In tonight from Chris and I your stomach grow. Yeah well there are literally started it a editors and I don't entirely there now and try to use the B word. Bacon. I noticed this sounds delicious just found Chris Elliott vacant OK maybe that's BRR word when we want whenever we want something will go up subject crispy bacon and they kind of daydreaming you can pass them by it's not a pig named crispy bacon. It's and this. Is me this man and a safe word I would never kill it. Crispy bacon is still positive we're told army into the we have an idea actually had to work with a guy who had. Had to account name Barbie you. Unresolved at the time so it. If I ever did get a paid I would name him John ham just John and I hot spots are right the camel. The inning if it was occur so you have a picket smoking drinking and that in some of the council refuted that you'd make an idea mad men but not a finally we talked about Christmas lights. In one town in New Jersey check out the name in this town see. Kurt GI RT they're 18100 people there and there's a lighthouse yeah I needed up and apparently has one of the best Christmas light displays in jurors we worry about lighthouse it's your fingers and on the Fresno lads and any ideas kind of surfing on a way of so they out of course up all the Christmas has kind of similar to an Ocala this downtown and the tree lighting ceremony and all that and they realize. Hey this whole string writers now work let's not hear what's gone on city workers find that the public life has been severed guy out vandalism right that's immediately what they pesky kids on their skateboards isn't it or arson I grant you just wants to make everyone is also have they enlisted the police who started looking around in investigating and like. Were out of ideas we don't know what's going on here or stake out everybody. Finally over the weekend and observance citizen captured on their cell phone irrefutable evidence. Of the perpetrators. It was a squirrel yeah swirls been gnawing at the light brands is strip and has been causing a lot of damage in a lot of heartache as they try and repair and just as quickly as they repaired lights. When string goes out so. They actually said that the police department posted on Twitter they had proud to report the case of the broken a holiday lights have been resolved. I'm more happy that no human acted as a grinch in the incident the squirrel was charged with criminal mischief and released. Unveil what you have to wonder why you're squirrel proof Christmas lights that is see you need to work and I'm sure is. Better part of a decades corporal in your birds either finally finally got the squirrel proof bird feeder but I'm not I'm I'm at a loss I don't know what to do I I think that you and I used to think that yeah I got an idea that a 220. Volt Christmas life. Well not Christmas choral. So that's our show for today Tuesday December stuff and listen to us and weekday mornings and buy it aren't we delightful. ABC.