12.29.17-KTK LOG-January Is the Best Time To Get Hired-Storing Cheese in Plastic Is Bad

Friday, December 29th

A New Jersey town is ticketing anyone from out-of-town using their roads during rush hour! Plus things you should do at least once a year and why January may be the best time to get a new job! It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, December 29, 2017.


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For the final time this year on this press a super should ever heard of that shall welcome to the ninety point five KTK. Morning show recap for Friday December 29. If you're looking for a new job in the new year. Looks like you need to striking January. The historical analysis from 2006. Through 2016 if found companies hire the most in January. Would about a 135000. People that were hired last year in January compared about 25000. Nationally in February. Last year so they are saying that mainly because new budgets have been approved and most companies wanna get the year up to good start. They're gonna hire. Basically in the month of January interesting so what to wanted to make sure your resume is up to snuff we have the information on how you can do that their web site. Four yeah this is an interest seeing waited this one town in New Jersey is tackling. Out of town and commuters that are plugging up there out of their streets the so you've got this town that's on the final stages of the via a New Jersey Turnpike right if we get into new York new York and of course you know New York. A lot of drivers a lot of cars and sometimes people do the cut through get off the per turnpike. And cut through the little town of Leona New Jersey. And it's causing the locals to get very frustrated with our whole bunch of traffic congestion. So there actually between the hours of 6 AM and 10 AM. And 4 PM and 9 PM you're not allowed to drive but you're only allowed to drive into town early on if you lived there. That's cream and eat and if their if your pot being an out of town heard. You're gonna get a charge of 200 dollars that your ticket. The the mayor says that the ordinance has been thoroughly researched in the town has no doubt that he ordinance will. It's withstand any potential legal challenge although the up police chief said that it's become a tough we have eighteen police officers. What's going to be one of those things that's going to be hard to patrol wanna by the way the the presidential get a bright orange like a Packard that you can pay for mere when she Euro rear view mirror to NFL I'll tell who's who have a secret tests and handshake to find out that. Found Mike in let's talk about cheese you know outsold and she's it comes in Jesus makes sense to storied cheese in plastic right yeah not so much according to experts they say that she's. Stored in plastic will equate giving you a funky flavor in your actually killing it. And I really think that is more or less and organs all of blue cheese. Stuff like that actually has mold the girl yes. They say that the the best way to do it's a story is actually in wax paper. Wore a parchment paper and everybody wants lasting about brie it's stored it the good kind comes in the little would real and I just take brought. I know who I decided that we I kind of discovery. Was when you behind the really expensive teens in the deli department incomes and hate are very nicely and nice wax paint her. That's Yang Yang sensationalist story it's so up. Worked the wise there. Yeah others I think we do everyday things we do weekly is that some stuff monthly but there's every once in awhile the we have things that we need to do at least on an annual basis this is from experts they say has since we're getting into the new year when I going to knock these are right now. Get a physical. Annual check W doctor doesn't hurt and most insurance will cover entirely. And at the very least maybe do a self body check or had your sweetie face check your body in your back to make sure everything's OK and I did over your dog as much as they'd. You know put on that face like he tricked me to be to have that Indy check pierce credit score which is really good because that's good for your financial health and so many jobs now check your credit score before the even make an offer. So it's good to know that your your credit is up to date in knit the known using it to illegally. You're entitled to a free credit report once a year from all three reporting agencies go to free credit report dot com to get done. I never heard this one drain your hot water heater at least once a year never heard Alan they say that's you can do it it'll prolong the life your water heater by eliminating any minerals or debris that's collected at the bottom. So you can give yourself what they say is pretty easy we can hire professional. Cleaned your carpet CB has that imagine a year's worth of dust and dirt crammed in there yeah nice to get those are cleaned up. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors pose a good idea. Trash your beauty stash as painful as it is a lot of those beauty products do go bad after a year. And and are so maybe don't buy as many or if you find that they have a lot of left over. Or a year's time it's probably something you don't really neat. We look at it yeah attempt and it finally check up on your retirement plan was last time an extra 401K to make sure that it's working for you. You maybe need to add more money from your paycheck do you mean change how your balanced out food and all that's at you can now take a look at at least once a year for better life. Totally take a lot of those things for granted Kalin there's a perfect time of the year to do it he does do it at the beginning or end of every year exactly. Considering getting out you're at work that to me people are working this time a year so might as well. And it finally use your phone less than 28 seen as hard as it is we we check our phones on average around 85 times today. All looked painful it is so appear resolution is to maybe distanced yourself from your phone is a couple things you can do to. To trick yourself into using it less mouth I was adjusting his may actually turning your phone in the grey scale. Yes seven looking all pretty and nice with those great vibrant he'd colors. Have it all white black and gray a sound horrible yeah. But they may work it's in your settings area and access accessibility she knew that we can change due to a gray scale. The other things they say is just to avoid social media on you or and if your phone itself. Not really good for a year anyways. You know cut coach yourself and thinking I'm not even any is looked it up on my phone has been down so slow anyways and it's an apple product and older battery probably as you. And then the final one here is that you just keep it off your desk and actually many happy constitute a little bit more by not having that stretch it. It is I charge my phone network often because I. Easily forget detergent night. And leaving it in an inaccessible place while I'm out worked charging unit has been a huge huge help for me to just stay focused San Diego its work before you already self. That's our final show for the year thank you so much for listening to our podcast we will all three be back on Tuesday January 2 20182018. Until then have a good one.