12.28.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Areas Not To Neglect With Your Anti-Aging Regime-Packaged Foods That Are Healthier Than Fresh

Thursday, December 28th

Let’s face it, the vacation will be over soon and returning to your regular sleeping schedule can be tough.  So we have some tips to getting back in your regular sleeping routine.  Plus pre-packaged foods that are healthier than fresh and why changing lines while checking out can make your wait longer!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday December 28, 2017.


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I'd add that idea point 5 GTQ morning sure recap for Thursday December 28 let's jump in feet first feet first all right you're enjoying that time off. The vacation. The sleeping into whenever you once but you know he much now via the reality is that it's coming at a mean to be the bearer of bad news but we're gonna give back in toward normal routine and probably one of the hardest thing to do is give back on your normal sleep pattern is so sure it's been deemed most talked about topic in our house is getting back into our routine and it's and it's kind of tough so here are some explanations. Are things you can do to give big yourself back in your sleep rhythm its you're I've been traveling a lot maybe you're jetlag you can ease back into your sleep schedule by. Going to bed a little earlier or a little later depending on which trap a bit direction you travel so if you you know. Lost hours you might wanna go to bed a little later. And if you gained I was in my wanna go to bed a little earlier. Two. Did you sell back on the right track there who and as for if you provide just been kind of a bomb. You know sleeping in leisurely waking up whenever you want they say coach should do about an hour before you go to bed is disconnect from your technology. Means. TO disconnect from the Internet disconnect from your phone disconnect from last a few normally do against your mind just a little bit of a break where you can economy that sleepy mode. About going to sleep. And then finally if you then using a little bit of the bubbly it too much and finding out a fall asleep. You can realise after time they using alcohol to go to sleep probably not a really good idea. And that which you should do is avoid caffeine afternoon. And avoid alcohol three to four hours before bed time. In their four should help you fall asleep much poster. Yeah I have noticed since I cut out a lot of caffeine I was drinking and I wasn't thinking it late in the day but I was drinking an inordinate amount of caffeine yet you are yet I am sleeping a lot better end. I'm actually feeling tired by the time I go to bed instead of forcing myself to go to bed and get tired straits yes it's a huge. Huge win because for me even though it's just something small. And they see testimony on the caffeine is definitely keeping you oh wait yes as you are I'm probably using that lotion a much more now than you did in the summertime because we've lost her lovely humidity. And you know it can something to think about it you're anti aging regime I'm sure it has to do with your face in your eyes because those are with the commercials tell student and but there are a lot of areas in your body that you are in neglecting so here is information. From a dermatologists are you ready and yet your lips in particular. Your lips as well the first places are shines an aging get wins the last time you play the UB protector on your lips and noon and it's not your lipstick. At that no it's very important SOO two and invest in ellipse the armor bomb of anti aging properties in some SPF. Thank you more stress them as much as you camp. Also your neck now keep in mind that your neck in your chest they also get exposed to sign but you never really. You know take care of him and written all this kind of pricey so maybe you wanna spread and all of that part of your body. You can now look for lotions that contain vitamins gays in CNB through either best the investing greens to use to that. Help bureau rehydrate your body image should be put some sunscreen on theirs well. Also goes for your hands and your feet. In up in the summer you will learn the flip flops and sandals and of course that means are exposed to sign him and he never really taking care of them so make sure your lotion in them and putting ass and protector or on sunscreen on their your feet in your hands as well. And then all so he might wanna slow the aging process by eating anti inflammatory foods like fish olive oil leafy green veggies. Lycopene found in tomatoes all good stuff Arkansas camp. Packaged foods that are healthy I know you try and stay away from the center of the store. Because this early if there are a lot of processed foods you know stuff that's been sitting on a shelf since 1982. That is still good to eat something's wrong with that. There are some items that are packaged in canned that are actually been reported in the fresh varieties for instance. Canned tomatoes. NL has to do with the canning process which they use heat in the heat actually causes the tomato to release more and it's lycopene in a usable states. I use canned tomatoes so often because it's just one of those things like it's convenient at a boring chicken breasts. Oh yeah this is boring and knows it's simple and easy and is actually really good cause and lycopene is good great anti oxidant and is very very healthy. Perfect I cans or pouches of wild caught salmon you might think what's going on here are you think fresh fish have been having candid follow me on this one. Wild salmon as much healthier than farmed salmon it has much lower saturated fat has much more mega three fatty acids which are good for it. But there's only a certain time of the year you can catch wild salmon so for the rest of the year you'd rather an angle for the quote on quote fresh farm raised salmon. Go for the canned varieties because it's actually healthier for you. And it's a little cheaper than buying the frozen varieties. Let's see past there was a health food because it's full of olive oil and pine nuts of their ego. Plus shifts have been easily cheese in Garland was all aid in digestion and so extra olive oil connection though your risk of developing type two diabetes. And how about a whole group and in particular team are pre cooked even the pre cooked stuff is pretty good in in here my stomach growling pit. Literally just the yes and that's a timeout. And finally I'll hop prepackaged hard boiled eggs they went eliminate the cooking or undercutting of eggs well providing a great supply protein in their low in saturated fat and they eliminate. Angering your coworker you path. If you ever try to cook an egg at work it's like and burnt coffee or burnt popcorn and you don't get a lot of fans. Getting impatient when you're annoyed at that this was kind of funny to us. If we just came out of the most wonderful time of the year probably the most annoying time for shopping at at via. So this is actually from a doctor Allan anchor Henderson. Who came up with she's a psychologist these kind of things you can do mind tricks to would he be a little patience we need Illinois. And for the entire examples keep in mind that you're standing in line at the grocery store. Okay the first goal is to other first I think to think about is that your goal will eventually be achieved. Well you may be annoyed staining there line realize in yourself. You'll eventually get out of situation and get on with your day yes so it's not a big whoop Dee do to get all upset over a did yourself what you need in your imagination we always like to look at ourselves as an ideal version of ourselves our mind you know. Looking a certain way acting a certain way so did those attention so you know make sure that your looking at yourself be the better person so. Don't causes seen if that's something you strive to do. Change your conclusion. You might think that you got somebody is a slow checker or somebody who is. Writing a check in balancing their ledger right there giving means that I had kind of given the benefit of the doubt that perhaps you know maybe it's the computer that slow work. Something else so yeah you look on the positive side is I'd like this one pertained you're being watched. Which means tenure being watched by your mother yes the you know the one that woods you know Pincher arm when you weren't doing good things. I am yet they say that you know if you the stride he's up to look to be a better person. You really our concern what you would look like if you are in public so you wanna causes seemed so imagine if you're being looked and then finally. I save your story for later not the negative story liking you believe what held me up a line. Look at the line may be some he's wearing a really cool Dresser cool pair shoes and realize that didn't take a look at those when I would've finished. So those account trick she can use yeah speaking at the lines don't be aligned switcher just pick a line and stick within its Harvard researchers have found that if you. Jump lying you actually wait much longer backfires. They say he jumped one mind you end up waiting around 10% longer if he jumped two lines 67%. Longer. Yeah imagine all the time you're spending pacing back and forth between lines now hunt there you go. And eight yeah but don't he'd be too hard on yourself I guess we're kind of hard wired this to do this it's called the last place a version Cooper. And in essence we look ahead to picking a line is a contest. And you know picking a line it's quick is going to make us via Victor so we look for strategies for picking the shorter lines that they doesn't say just pick the line and stick to it. I'm as much as you can in fact and maybe even a better for you to pick a line that may be is shorter but has a person has a lot of stuff and one. Baggy one Warner. Vs picking the line has people has fewer items that door they're more problem yet less transactions is less transactions less human interaction as well CX loom with faster by staining behind and maybe waiting a little bit longer. Yeah there's nothing more maddening and seeing the line you just got out of going shorter. And then getting back in another line in alone. And I learned this driving and running at a driving California that's the same for driving on the roadways well together such a good point I love watching peoples that means you confront any so quickly and in only to pull up right next to them for traffic light. And I. Do that slow look over to see if they're looking at me and I have Michael Smerconish phase Ali Agha trampoline effect. You know it's just like can't just relax who have actually don't get their. So that's our show for today Thursday December 28 think so much for listening to our podcast we're on the air live Monday through Friday between five and ten.