12.27.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Nutmeg Is The New Peppermint-Secret To Making The Fluffiest Pancakes

Wednesday, December 27th

Have some shipping boxes left over from your online gift shopping?  Now you can fill then with unwanted items and donate to charity with free shipping!  Plus nutmeg may be the new peppermint breath mint and the key secret ingredient for fluffy pancakes!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, December 27, 2017.


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An analyst Ian it's the 98 point 5 KG gave morning shows we'll tell you yes so we aren't. That's what's on the door anyways. Four Wednesday December 27. A nice warm light where we see I told you when you started this business. That the week between it. Christmas and new years would be very light it is flake. I mean I actually haven't seen a coworker yet cleanup. Besides the hours of waking up for morning show and it's pretty easy you know gig yeah I know it's just wish we could do an attempt. It's a confidence. That's a us. But I here's what we did this morning on the show I thought this was kind of funny because you know this rivalries all the time. And they are not archrivals other not so no there's some really horrific battles between some teams it's not that bad Sony ECB have your own teeth. Yes that's okay good yeah that's very important well you know there are many rip rivalries in and probably one of the biggest rivalries right now would be between Google which is the big dog and yet being. Which is it a bigger dogs owned by Microsoft but they basically do the same thing there their search engines. They also provide you know your window to the world wide web they've pulled videos and audio. And they also gave little maps and directions and lose so they have little cars that dot the world that drive from neighborhood to neighborhood to give you that street view of what it's and you gotta wonder what happens when they meets at the fact that it happened to make up and exactly and it did happen at 4801 glacier lake excuse me who glacier lane north. In Plymouth Minnesota and happened Tony fourteen. The car captured the being car and the being car captured the Google car. In fact the Google driver gave a friendly wave to the being driver in the next photos at those kind of funny. However you not see any of this on the being website apparently the Google car has been cut out of the picture. Leaving only the roof mounted camera inside end in sight while the image to the Google car only blurs the face of the driver of the being car on Google. Also I I would imagine that things a little uptight about this. Just kind of blurring the pixel leading the below the whatever but yes it's this kind of one of those things where you know fingers or snap in his day go by yes. Like his debts and the only. Let's talk about fresh breath Shelley usually we think of temperaments are meant in general as giving you that. Little bit a pool good feeling and only and a gonna find out that may not make does it better. The scientists have discovered that there's a compound in that make the camera is the same cooling effect as menthol which is a used in pet permits. An excellent government has called mint on occasion a cool feeling and that it's thirty times more potent. And Aiken last much longer so this is kind of giving possibly. Your pumpkin spice craze a little bit more air time here. Because now you can now cool off your your you know get fresh breath you're look round would not make yes however wouldn't go grab a bottle of not make from the spice cam a quite yet yet not not the spice kind again inning and got a really had a refine it just a little bit different. This is interesting you did mention this in passing. A couple of weeks ago and actually founded but. It's kind of cool that Amazon is allowing you to Q give back to to charitable donations. Just in time after Christmas you know you've gotten all this boxes that have been received from Amazon or. Or Macy's Kohl's Wear reading your online shopping and yes kind of sitting around you either. You know put him in the recycled and beautiful the mopping use them later. Or you use them for gifts and then you know like you said using for guess and but there burden dirty back to being just empty boxes is the gifts or do you vote yeah we did all of our shopping this year online so we are Housley is hordes of boxes. Well now you can now is with items you no longer want and donated to charity. Amazon's partner with the organization called give back box. We can chip and one and items to charitable organizations for free and it's very very simply go to the to the I give bid back box dot com website yeah and he is that code and email alleges in the give you a prince. A principal label. The Eugenia there'd stick or tape on the box and a drop it in the mail and fill it with on one and items like clothing items movies. A constant jewelry shoes at any sort of a kitchen apparel. And it basically will go to organizations that can use that US cell and use the money for job training employment placement services. Support services. And even transportation for those and. This is going to save mean so much time now. Because we constantly you don't sit there it's like the joke of I ain't gonna donate all this stuff to a charity and then it's it's in my trunk for six months he hit jackets lessen your car yeah and how late I have so many boxes that are always playing around the house along with. That you don't need to purge them so this is perfect. And see even better is that if you can't make it to the post up is to slow the nobles and like the post office or UPS to your place of business or your house that's brilliant pick it up for it. I mean that's is as lazy using gadget can give back to charity and Amazon give you an itemized deductions he needs to be taxes this year. So that's critical perfect forgive that's not a sign of old age they cut this because I thought I was getting really old it's actually sunny view having a poor sleep pattern. And that's that you get is the truth of I guess you have like I synchronize brain waves that help you retain information in those waves sometimes get out of sync union and that causes you to weigh get up go into a room and figure out. No wonder why he went to grew to begin with. So what they're saying is that it does kind of happened when you get older the area of the brain to regulate sleep does kind of go a little wacky. That's why you parents and you get cancer up at 3 o'clock in the morning EM it's is because what happens. But they're thinking that they can may be changed this type of the brain to actually get better sleep patterns which could open dimension to. Yes that's great I know the link the older I get the less I sleep but it's true that older I get them more and more and more. I'm doing and you've got kids and you've got animals and houses and responsibilities and jobs so the hour now and it's just never went in we forgot everything Syria rally. Forgot to take time for yourself asleep yes and then finally this secrets of the fluffy as pancakes ever. Seltzer water and brilliant cast the thing and the bubbles and and is a leveling agent actually has a little bit of texture. That will make your pancakes or rather than dense the Macomb aryan fluffy. Going to try this yeah. I cannot wait Jimmy's favorite breakfast food is paying cakes we he could be running Lincoln Alec a rat on crack. I think I want to thank hicks is a dagger time but I thought I got after that yes. They say were a substitute the milk or water that you guys use also water or not you're worried about does substituting the milk for the flavored you can use for Christie uses which is. All in flavor and Vanilla flavors and again blueberry flavor all the other stuff. Or you can just add a little beer. That's I'm also gonna trend Allen yeah because the beer has the bubbles and it is well and the alcohol should boil off for the most part leaving their multi taste so you'll get a little flavor there as well. We just got a Vanilla Porter. And I'm think in that in the pink cakes. He Gomez should love that. Yep make sure you are because I think he signed up for what that two million cave thing coming up here sooner I think he's run a fifty K on my birthday. You know what we should we should actually rent out space on missed his arm for the. Needling and do the 101000 steps you can make some extra cash that way he could start wearing peoples that that failure and absolutely Mexican move. Then you may have just stumbled on them then so on that's what we do here on the showed you listening to our podcast of course were on the air live live Monday through Friday between five and ten. I main.