12.22.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Web Site Helps You Forget TV Shows-Warning About Fruit Juice and Asthma In Children

Friday, December 22nd

Ever wish you could watch your favorite TV shows as if they were brand new to you?  You can with Samsung’s “Unspoil Me Hypnotherapy” web site!  Plus scientist say there is a link between fruit juice and childhood asthma and you can buy a piece of Christmas TV nostalgia for $10million!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, December 22, 2017.


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Pope oh very Christmas sits the Keita game warnings are recap for. Friday December joint second and Gaza Christmas Kristen that were off Monday we are so this is our only chance to do now it's our passion Tuesday app that's boxing day at the national holiday and what is what is what does it mean was boxing day. Boxing day is today that you box up all your presents a return into the store and there's massive discounts on anything you want to replace it with Heidi sorry vision of Black Friday. That's what it means Bob that you presents yet. I for some reason I thought it was like. Like I'm public dog bird of fighters don't know enough at the day that you box of volume presence and you go shopping while yeah. Well I don't I you do Pakistan flat broke. Trying to not speeded things differing candidate who not so you know those little FaceBook quizzes that come up all the time and AM. They you know this kind of fun like shared your friends and it came like two yes firstly she win in 92 and which is savored it which refers rock concert you are concert you went to an. And which your third grade teacher's name stuff like that. Questions sound awful lot like your bank's security. So questions there. Earlier in my and some of those more secure sites that dialogue and tail yes and to be honest with you you actually are handing the keys to your bank account to hackers because a lot of them will start these. Particular questions up on FaceBook in so many people share from their print and mail me you don't think anything of it. But be very careful when you start answering questions like. What was your first car and where was the place you were born and perhaps what was your mom's name before she married into and that your main name news. These banks that I'd just be very careful with that in fact I mean he would admit NB a good idea just to avoid them all together yes. Well it may not have enough time for Christmas but you know Star Wars the the last yet I is out making box office and I history. And you anything by yourself or your children the Luke Skywalker land speed because we're too big to get into it. But it was actually makes the high Radio Flyer the people who make the that the wagon and it's just very cute the X 34 and La La land speeder. And of course loose tower there had to sell to get parts to get a ride aboard Hans solo some millennium falcon. They sell you out this. That's how it works at the oddity comes whether to good writers for two drivers and interactive dashboard lights that have real movie sounds and it goes a whopping five miles an hour they. This one the appear under 130 pounds maybe yeah. And you hear for contortions as an army for kids it sells for about 500 bucks online. I'm away because I have my good friends are having a baby in May OK and so I'm gonna give this a little while to come out and then hit maybe like eBay used no good because they're both. Let's just say they have star horse tattoos railing they're both big fans how nice is I can find this at a discounted price this would be like not ultimate get. Well maybe you should tell them go to this website because you know there there's. Watching a TV show for the first time in the excitement of what's coming up next what's coming up next month and you lose that when you re watching it over and over again so Samsung has who launched a website called the unspoiled me. Hit no therapy website. And for twenty minutes it says it will help you forget that favorite TV shows that you watch it like he was your first time again. IE and very heavy tenth. I don't know if you saw the movie get out I didn't. Really the top of my guys they're really horrifying good movie. I'm in good mood and I love drillers like I love thrillers but this is literally the plot of it on my almost let me help you stop smoking in the basically hypnotize them into slavery Carissa whalers. Well they did say. That if you wanna forget all that you do one another website they say. All you need to do stink about the web so the Arab series you wanna forgets. And just kind of relax at about twenty minutes later they say that your memory of the show should be Fuzzy enough that you get enjoyment watching it for the first time again. Scenario on that aid how about this Monday 1964. Classic Rudolph the red nosed reindeer little cart cartoon Indians stop was nonstop action or something like that yes stop motion take me a motion to be out and think I did I notice it's the longest continuously running Christmas TV special in history. And now you can own a piece of history as the little puppets that were Santa and the public Rudolph are now for sale on eBay for ten million dollars. Yeah I discovered I after we did the quiet man on texted me and said she will take those for Christmas this year ocean well it's our last ten million yeah okay you know prop yes she updated her Christmas list and said. Please and thank you will they take it to it's a two party got to stay starter checked. We're in business no problem I'm you'd add Persian princess offender has seen male or coming in exactly the authentic way. Puppets were actually made in Japan back in the sixties and were restored in 2007 sold to the current owner in 2010. Now he's wind apart with them for about ten million bucks plus 9725 fish Russian shipping. I don't understand that think for ten million dollar charge for and chipping area. What you have until Christmas night to bid on and so maybe your mom will give the surprise you never know. Maybe and then this is kind of scary a warning for pregnant mothers and children scientists add to harbored have shown a link between sugary drinks and fruit juices. And your child developing chat asthma and women who consumed the soda and sugary beverages during the pregnancy were 70% more likely to have a child diagnosed with asthma by men mid childhood. And those who never or rarely drink sugary drinks while pregnant. Even when your child is born is saying there's a 79. Parties BS 79% likely a chance that your child drinking sugary drinks will develop asthma. This just blows me away I do have asthma as DL yeah Heidi Tim and I mean I know we just talked about this really my mom definitely didn't think so and I grew very. My mom basically made all of our foods and stuff them. But I mean I drink a ton of fruit juice that was homemade right and so it's kind of like oh no wait don't I got. Snared thinking that there has to do something with the deferred truce that has to do with something with the development of your lungs or lie a Airways so. Make this something to consider may be cutting back on sugary drinks in May be you know instead of giving your child so much reduce maybe swapping for water on occasion. Two prevent that development of asthma because we kimbo tell yet it's not fun when you have an asthma attack now. And finally. You know in Colorado. They have recreational marijuana. And although it is legal and it's a long as it's legal to sell it long as you have a a license to do so but you know Europe common you know homegrown weed in the backyard trying to sell it like moon shining. It's illegal the law doesn't like it to you can imagine these two gut one guy 39 year old Sean at Langley was up on Craig's list. Which are still surprised the people go to Craig's list but yes yes there is a car there for sale he wanted you have any cash but he PMS is the seller and say hey. I've got four pounds of weed I consider a trade for the car are you up for. He sent pictures showing the authentic and how it sets the icky sticky and come to find out though. The seller of the vehicle was none other than the teller county sheriff himself. So the sheriffs warned do you know Opel voted the law. Made an appointment remind me to quit supposedly sell the car doing for the we'd course brought the sheriff's office himself and the vice narcotics unit into it as well thought. Of course Sean brought his friend Jane with him she got arrested as well can you imagine that. She just went along for the ride in Scott arrested. Yeah I wonder will I do wonder if she knew known me out like what was gonna happen and she still just went along favourite because I mean I guess. It's weird when things are legal but then they are also illegal and I had some friends that moved out to Colorado and she works for the federal government says she obviously cannot partake by her husband doesn't so he could and I'm just like I. And learn it is that kind of had scratch but it's just along the same lines as moonshine and you know or our licks are true you can't make you liquor but you know it is a legal suit to do so rates. But anyways this is the in our show for today have a great Christmas happy new year will be about the for the new year. But and you know he can listen to us. This week Tuesday through Friday who confided to body.