12.21.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-2018 Predictions-Measuring a Dash A Pinch A Smidgen

Thursday, December 21st

How much is in a pinch or dash or smidgen? We found out!  Plus retiring early can shorten your life and tips for snapping the perfect family photo.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, December 21, 2017.


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And it's the 98 point 5 TT gave morning show recap for Thursday December 21 they went just tells us. Welcome to winter Kristin welcome winter's nap eighties for highs today so and so you know Burr. I don't think that winter is very welcome in Florida so I just decided to skip past the chair I'll we say and we do have four seasons in Florida when you know like when new people move and it's the area. And here is right before summer summer. Just after summer and February. That's generally how it works. And over what we did this morning on the show you really think your jobs horrible imagine counting one point two million coins by hand. Ha. Chairman of bank employee has spent the last six months of the year. And days life. Counting over 5500 pounds of coins by hand. Apparently there was a truck driver who would does saved seemingly useless one into penny coins in his home. In hundreds of afraid to backs well unfortunately he passed away in May. And the family discovered the other one point two million points just on mobile there in the house as they cleaned it out. And fine you probably think I wouldn't even know how much to assume was there yeah I'm not even hears that the wrench in the pertinent to the deal here. Is between from 2000 to Germany went on the Euro. So half the money the discussed collected over the last thirty years or good chunk of it is a money that's no longer really valley. So it couldn't be counted but normally like you're hygiene through a machine because it's also a for euros not for the Deutsche Mark now although an even if they went back distortion found a machine counted and many of the coins were you know like sound in town to whatever kind of dirty your. Would mess up the machine so this guy had to hand count all the points which he dead over six months coins totaling about 9400 dollars. Choose pretty nice little unexpected inheritance from any. The family of the Yankees and the since it was unexpected I really hope that they donated to that lovely gentleman that had account their pennies mass in the calluses on his hands can you imagine the smell you out but you don't smell like pennies and at her two year set the everything you taste like yet he's. It means that yeah auditors and not yet so make sure you continue to work because if you retire you might drop like a fly. This is confident. US census data found that people who chose early retirement had a 20% higher mortality risk. And osu stayed in the workforce longer. Those who retired at 62 appeared to shorten their life expectancy compared to those of retired at 65 kind of echoes another study that found people that work past the age 65. Actually added more years to your life yeah so yeah you're gonna work till you die. I mean it. When you have a goal in mind. That isn't just kind of existing. And it helps fuel like wake up every morning and have a purpose online yes I can only see how that would make things better. I've acts I've actually seen people when they retire it's just there's no point to looking and they just kind of give up and and I don't wanna go to LA Mina. I don't wanna be just a I'm is lungs I'm enjoying my job I wanna continue to work yet so yeah is save your pennies you can have a fund retirement yeah exactly what they did taser this Erica this is ahead scratch or what is when were making a cake. Adding a pinch of salt or dash of pepper. I'm I'm a little less worked up now that I found out from Lily yeah that we can order these measurements yes you can on Amazon so again. But I was a little worked up during the break you have. Paul are business manager mentioned the same thing she heard and she says yeah she got mad. But because a local story in Gainesville but are. Yeah there's actually measurements for a pinch which is actually 116 to 18 of a teaspoon. A smidgen is half of that which will be 130 seconds of a teaspoon. And then a dash is actually illiquid measurement don't he's for dry goods it means anywhere from when means 18 of a teaspoon. Yeah also keep in mind silverware that are called teaspoons and tablespoons are not measurements size for teaspoons and doubles. They are not I have often used teaspoons and tablespoons from the drawer in a very small lake in a small. And rest of these men you can definitely tell the difference because they're not they don't. Cut the whole thing you have to actually keep it on to us keep tablespoon or t.'s non-GAAP. Not a good idea for now. All right and guys you probably Harry having some friends and relatives all words sometime over the holidays man an opportunity to take a picture to remember forever. Here's some tips to you I get a really good pick picture and it comes down more or less to your planning so. Which you wanna do if you're in charge of the picture. As before all your guests arrive. He won a plan to where you're going to take the picture and if you have a couple of people that like the glug glug glug a little too much in the Miller time it is well before they get a little too happy. It's a good complained to whack jobs it was going to be in front of the fireplace make sure that everything's kind of cleared out. You have room for everybody it's their time in your mind figure out who's gonna stand where. And then also be bossy when it is time to take that picture don't have a problem of interrupting conversations or. Pushing people because if you let them now move themselves is like herding cats you'll never get your picture hit F and it. And then finally what they say here is upgrade your camera self timer on there's a lot of new technologies you might wanna go get a new camera because a lot of them. Arlington to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to an app on your phone. Where you can actually adjusts. You know of the the distance of the picture or the camera and actually snap at as you're standing in the picture itself. Yes and if you are like me and you love take these types of pictures and torturing your family cut you can buy aid Bluetooth wireless remotes that connects to your shatter on your phone about that it's the most handy thing ever and I used to do like the whole self be relate my face was like cropped out halfway but just to get a picture of everyone here. Now I can force them to stand in front of the camera and I'm in the picture and we all look so unnatural. Act. I think. But it's. Yeah I get the picture you get the picture all right let's look into the big crystal ball give when he eighteen which is less than two weeks away. You deal news is actually done a round of a sitting. What do you what do you all do what would what's going on here there are things going up in price going down you tell us they had three things that are going up in price three things that are going down for 2018. First one this is kind of a no brainer if you're looking to get a new Smartphone you prepared to pay more. Next year because the phones this year realized that the new apple. I've content is a thousand dollars the cheapest one that cheapest. One of the Google pixel to sells 850 bucks. And you know you really Cain get those subsidized loans and Maurice talk to pay for me to go on a plan like on a monthly subscription so yeah. I felt so that a friend of mine was over couple weekends ago and she as a old iPhone and she was like all. It's finally time I can trade mine in and you know get the new one now like oh you didn't know. He literally hasn't trader opponents along she has no idea you can't do that anymore yeah you have to lease or buy them Easter and Christmas war yeah she was like I could have had a phone for early two years now is like. Irina. And unfortunately. On else savior be doing some traveling into an eighteen expect to pay a little bit more they're saying airline tickets are gonna go up by three and a half percent. Who tell price is nearly 4% are blaming fuel costs like they always do but they also saying a stronger global colony is to blame for higher hotels and airfare so. That's actually kind of a good thing. And they also say that when you go to the grocery store expect Palin a bit more 12% more in dairy beef eggs chicken. Anything you buy it store. Size for us is us things are actually going down into when he eighteen including organic groceries. That's very exciting and I'm not you know I'm not a 100% on it but I can tell the difference when I eat something that's clean. Yes and actually. Bid and is of particular realize and you do have to wrap the top of them with you organic ones because he had a really quick they come with a little plastic wrapping on them and I also discovered how much longer they stay. By putting on a banana hangar aria yeah I got one seriously I think I got a froehlich a dollar publics in aisle and it's made all the difference to knock at that big nasty brown spot on the bottom of the bananas or they sit on the counter. Good idea they say that Amazon purchase of whole foods is why and in them lowering prices are making an organic grocery stores match the lower prices which is also good. I can look at a bias for KTV. Hang on till next year in a particular about a couple weeks before the Super Bowl. It that is win did the technology has gotten so cheap now that prices are continuing to fall on these four KTV so that's really good. And in the shocker for me we're used cars they're saying god to really racked up on a steal with the average used car dropping. 17%. In value next year I'm. I'm not excited about that for people but I am excited about that you know would probably you're gonna get new cars soon mentioned while a number one of the reasons for that is that a mini car leases have become very popular. And they become very affordable which means when those leases expire that the zone is used cars and the right now there's more used cars in the market the people why it's so. You're gonna get a pretty good deal. So keep that in mind so I think you and I both made Alec bandit with our used pre leased cars out money brilliant yet and I had the crow we've got to from anonymous the 12100 miles and I was like hey take a double take like yes. This is a used car I actually bought a new car with like a thousand miles on it yeah apparently because present so yeah like something's wrong here bottom like it well but we're about it yeah so this exposure brash predictions for 2018 and that was our show. For today Thursday December 21 we have one more tomorrow Kristen and then it's Christmas. And then it's me. Yes that's right I we have to explore this a little bit more is on what I know what Mitch missed traditions we have okay all right so I'll ask you about that tomorrow tech. Until then I did ideas get.