12.20.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-How To Gracefully Kick Out A Lingering House Party Guest-Tailgating Makes Traffic Jams Worse

Wednesday, December 20th

Good job!  We covered adult reward stickers and how you can get that instant gratification of not yelling today!  Plus tailgating actually causes those phantom traffic slowdowns and some beauty products should be stored in your refrigerator. It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, December 20, 2017.


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Hi there it's an idea point 5 Katie came morning show the recap for Wednesday December 20. Wind today yes indeed Kristen. We evil adult all week award stickers ideals rewards there's anyway she I I need someone to tell me that I'm doing well yeah because you know work wardrobe person the first ray and I got my spelling out list done idea I'd tonight. Cleaned up my desk idea but isn't party. So there's a company called space up paper space boutique. Next up for some nickel a dual reward stickers. And it's really quite cool it allows you to get their instant gratification. And being noticed for the task that you have completed for a and LT rights he had a sticker he didn't hit the snooze alarm this morning you get a sticker not. Drove to work without yelling at somebody hears a sticker. I didn't spend all your money at lunch he says stickers. Od it real mechanical have seven designs and five investigators per page for under ten but she'd actually even individual least make them as well and brilliant and even add your own one so have a little fun there. In the with the Arab group and probably the Christmas party has already been done to keep this in my next time you have a party does or maybe one or two guess that just. They don't get the message it's the party's over in less time to leave and I don't want you know beep and mean and nasty but you'll get out. So here is some advice from a a woman who. Has written more than 75 cookbooks knows a thing or two about entertaining Mary Barry. Mary Mary Mary battery so she says you can drop some subtle hints by gently stirring to clear things away like you don't. Put away the depth how close the blinds and curtains are stumbling out. I you can even a good start verbally giving the subtle hint like saying don't get to work tomorrow or compassion got to work tomorrow. Shall I call you and who lose things like that but if they're still sitting on the couch time to take it up and not a passive aggressive statements like. Do you think you're gonna stay here all night. Where do you think abortion I just open of another bottle wall of wind the I think that last statement is an invitation you have now might I'm never gonna say no. Pasture so. Your final play it would be to just. Start going doing your bed routine turn off the lights go into your bedroom pull your bed down your teeth so. New refills so awkward in an offense finally doesn't work well then take that the settlements out of it and just be blunt get out of my house back me yeah sure. So this is a strange phenomenon but it would are called Salem slowdowns when you're on the interstate or something it's it's when you're going seventy miles an hour and then also new EC brake lights. And down like 5560. Miles an hour and then you finally get back up to speed and there's no accident there's no police or there's nothing. Yeah I'm always looking for the accident on the other side of the street or barely in the other direction and when there isn't one I'm just incendiary but he of puzzle Walt and we can think tail gators for that you know bumper stalkers believe the drive to close because. In essence for a this is escorting MIT they did the study on on what causes ominous what they believed. And they say you know for a smooth traffic everybody needs to be going at basically the same speech. And to have the equal distance between each other and that's in the event at south something that's happening you're not going to be you know. Pick in the grill of the car for any had a good idea my mom my said he should be able to see the tires of the car in front of the yes that's a good rule of thumb so what happens let's say that mr. Taylor missed tailgate or. And other tailgating and for some reason the car in front of that slows down Benitez the break which slows down a little bit. There's no room for error so the interrogator has to jab their brakes on. Which then causes the car behind them to jab their brakes on and the ripple effect kind of happens and that's how the traffic slowdowns or Kirk. So of course this is not gonna stop anybody from Tel game because you know people would tell you there's no common sense there notes again their DNA be out really it is that they do see this is being kind of cool application for. Advanced cruise controls that can actually just the speed so. That's good information may be you can just kind of off flaunt this in front of your favorite tale Gator. And then if you have a refrigerator in your bathroom distorts a mere cosmetic she might wanna consider doing that. And a lot of the products that you buy an item might point out the ones that cost the most. Ashley do better in cold and dark enjoy spaces which your bathroom is far from that yes so facial missed homeowners and I creams would actually do better served in preserved. By being in the refrigerator. They give it this way when you have a swollen ankle or something you put ice on and it reduces the swelling. Imagine your face cream going on being coal. Who is brilliant feels kind of good dozen minutes plus if it has active ingredients like threaten all Ben's open our been a proxy fight or vitamin C. Those can actually spoil him become less effective in warmer and the more humid conditions or keep them in the French and then. Keeping your nail polish in the refrigerator can actually extended shelf life as well and prevents clotting and it also shields us from the sunlight which could cause is coloration. I think we came up with a perfect solution here which is I'm gonna put a mini fridge in my bedroom yacht and start storing my make up. And a bottle of wine and some cheese and tax stuff and it's like looking into a month yeah let me liken in the dorm sort yeah. Where's brewers are resorting back to our college days here but in a Smart way because make up is too expensive to waste yes. By the way when Fiat nail polish just make sure I take it out of the fridge a couple hours before you need it so that it has time to warm up a little bit. Yes and then coming up Thursday December 21 11:27 AM the winter solstice will have to officially begun in the Northern Hemisphere. That means of course that two winter will be here and astrologers are predicting it to be the absolute worst day of 2017. They say it's a rare cosmic occurrence that hasn't happened. In more than 300 in fifty years. That the sun will come into perfect alignment with Saturn. And that last time that happened. Was in 1664. They say that this will mean that if you have any big decisions to make probably shouldn't do amateur lag and around or not feeling up to snuff. That's probably a data you wouldn't Ian many wanted to stay home and watch Netflix you know that's me yeah might not be easy they say about a 22 think should be all back to normal. And then finally if you I had the idea of giving the puppy or kitten. And under your Christmas tree and the idea of your giving to your kid. You may hold off on and just a little bit longer and instead giving pets gift certificate. Brilliant and here's why they say shelters in humane society say that it's his and well known fact in December adoptions do go up. At the flip side of that is that the returns of them and of animals going back into the system peak in January. And that's because a lot of times people aren't ready for a pet so. You give your kid that gift certificate gives you a little time to do some researching into which kind of man at a pet would you like join the big one small when would you want one that. You know has. You know bid whatever. Behavior traits energy compatibility and you know. Plus you think of it this way this is really busy time of the year where. You know relatives are coming no word in amiga parties and stuff in there's chaos with a tree and decorations. In January since we're all broke no let's do anything that's so you have plenty of time to bond with that dogs or cats. In the in the month January when the that's going on yeah you can get your tree is down he got when he had time to just have that one on one interaction with them and I would also suggest fostering that's a good idea because you can bring them home EC -- where can your house it's not necessarily a tough time but it's a way for dogs to get out of the shelter for a little while. While they look for permanent home and it kinda gives you the option ago may be I wanna be a faster fail. Yeah that's that's very true. So that's our star show for today Wednesday December 20 we're live on the air on ninety point five GTK Monday through Friday between five and ten Bob you.