12.19-KTK MORNING SHOW-How To Fake Loving A Gift You Hate-Bathroom Scale That Doe Not Give Your Weight

Tuesday, December 19th

We’ve found a pretty easy hack for your Christmas ham that not only will save you stress but keep it perfectly tender!  Plus how to keep earbuds from falling out of your ear and how to fake loving a gift you hate.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, December 19, 2017.


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Die it's the 98 point 5 KTU morning show recap for Tuesday. December 19 and believe were less than a week away from Christmas we have a countdown in our house and it says days until management's Mitch mess and yet every day you leave take little piece of paper and erase the day and when I wrote seven it was like who allow the when I wrote six to. You you know it is done I mean what we should do next year making Mitch advent calendar. Yeah. We just open up like previous teacher something ever for Daytona. We're going to aren't a management's advent calendar not yet we'll have to do that Alison that's what happens when your born and on December 25 yup. So I you know it's hard to believe Hoover's been around for just suffered a couple of years try really was shocked when you said two years I mean I don't know Howell IE. How it ever got around without you yeah it feels like it should be more than two. Yeah I really is makes it very easy convenient when you're trying to get a ride home from a party are from a store to the airport or. Even you know do whatever it is just open up the app and there's you liberate you know just minutes away but. But people have been using rumored and now medical needing medical assistance immediately. Scientists compared emulates usage rates for over 750. US cities. Obvious for over an app trooper what they found is that ambulance volume has decreased by 7%. I look at this and as big two DO double edged sword yet again a lot of first responders and say that there are a lot of people that abuse the system. You know like they have a sprained knee in a call an ambulance because they went right to the hospital and which is very very expensive and also your waste resources I mean those server and nuances should be used for emergencies only. Op but what's happening is that we you know when you've gone they and arrive in an ambulance. You acquire a hefty little bill he so people have been kind of light you know saying well I don't wanna pay bills of but I need to get the hospital so I'm gonna use uber plus. They find out in proportion to might be faster to get to a hospital person using humor but. You know I'm gonna go on and on just being an all your old but he daddy traditionalist you've written saying like if I'm an emergency that I need. Medical attention. Called the ambulance and at Indio yeah. Even bother exercising well maybe should get this one new scale called the shape not scale and and looks just like a regular bathroom scale but it does not do one thing you can stand on an all you wide but it is not going to give you the number and how much you like. That's really Smart it will it'll it well if what you download the happen -- through your boots you what we'll do is we'll give you a shape or color then blue and green means you're losing like you're argued. If you get into grade it means you need to start you know losing weight in the dark of the grated the more glum you're going to be delusional losing weight may be gaining a and also omelet you ought to make you weigh in twice today. And bit the united knowing how much you are weighing placid that it works on these things they call missions. Yeah I was actually kind of can help you motivate you as well so it'll say something like eat something green with every meal lore. Eat dinner would no distractions and then you tell the app if you've done it or not. And what it does is it from that. And watch the big goals that are obtainable and will make you feel good. So it's pretty Smart in in the end it's still up and you lose weight cost about a hundred bucks for the scale 795 monthly subscription but hate to help you lose weight get healthier. Yes it's it's money well spent. Yeah I have an app that I actually downloaded about six months ago and you track your food through it it's kind of like in my fitness Alba you pay for it and what it does is it it's a Smart app that basically looks at what you're eating and then based on what you eat it Taylor's nutrition around you and tells you hey we noticed that you eat. A little too much fat in the mornings when he tries substituting it out with us let's what does that it's called lose it lose it now as they call LO SE it to lose it okay and numb you can get the free version but the premium version in my opinion is just such an. Awesome investment because it literally will watch. If you're honest but I don't know why this and say I mean I even put the wind that I drink and and it'll tell me you know hey we noticed that you drink a glass of wine every night that's good if you're keeping it within this strange but let's try to make it this. So it's it's really really cool but that take a look at that. All right so how do you fake loving gift that Jeffs and we hate that a big cheesy grin. Well according zero a couple of expert one of them is a body language specialists from nearly as an acting coach. And they actually have some ways that you can fake your way through the gift that you can't stand number line that. The find something that is up positive about the gift now let's say it's a hideous sweater. And but it's blue when you like the color blue Wheldon that's what you remarks and wow idle its blue I look bloom so there's a positive spin on a bad gift. Now talk you to make sure as you're watching your gestures it and basically your body language. We'll let people know if you like it or not so. Generally when you're unhappy you all I tend to bawl your hands into fist may be tucked them under your body your. Even stick him in your pocket. So that in essence tells than that you're not comfortable you don't like it plus. We I guess talk talked touch her face a lot when we don't like things we scratch your head are I rubberized no I touched my hair writes it ridiculously images always like. Hey I'm putting my hair. Yeah that's the signaling that you're lying or you have anxiety or your discomfort so. I might wanna try it is bring the item closed your chest they're four and show that you had can stand to have it near you so it's good way to kind of messed that up. Avoid a six mile Kristen. When we did it takes. Fake smile as the cheese thing when we show our upper and lower teasing grin ear to ear. That is you can point that as fake so why do it they say that's you know we may practice on doing more Lester showing your upper teeth either smiling. And that your smile actually comes from the center of your mouth and non from the sides. I skipped the cliches. Some day out. Is quoted that see I'm such. Verbal person now I think people if I skip things like that they would really do not like it because I'm a very lake. Really to everything you catch a well so you got that covered in sea view you can just say that yes. You're not mean I like it so and they also say in the number six is the most important is as you need due out practice because you need to do this all at one time. And you happens in the split second so we have the I did not know that TV actors and actresses even though the movie's been offered 203040. Years who. A lot of them still get residual the I don't know that there. And we found out that you worked our favorite Christmas movie is the one with ralphie in mourning the gun and it's a yes or story spit out 34 years if you can believe. Zack ward who played starts darkness the bowling. Says he gets about an ad check every two years for about 18100 dollars for his role in that movie that's on during Christmas. So does that they're still a little bit of money here as a existing Drake who played a Jimmy Brooks on the grassy grassy is mighty guilty pleasure as a Canadian is it well I he's getting you ready for his world eject yes eight dollars and 25 cents a year. Who was I mean he was a good character but 34 years ago 43 years ago can get 18100 dollars in a couple of years and free and Jimmy Brooks made the. Shell he got shot for the shell. One point eight point five and he had a bad agent check out and thought he might of color who plays a course she was on funky Brewster. And she's actually on. The Big Bang theory there's a great job there to Jackson in a onetime adherents who Doogie Howser back in 1990. And she showed her check her residual check. Famously she got two cents. Half an event went to her but it does the sag membership and they take 50% off so she got a penny for that allow and then on the flip side the cast of friends they made a good deal. They about twenty million dollars annually each. With and basically never have to work again never passed by the never anything that's all they just they sit around and collect all their money and you think that's a lot of money consider this that the distributor Warner Bros. For one episode of friends they make about a billion dollars that's with a beat. But above the billion yes that's how popular friends is by the way Charlie Sheen who I got fired you disgrace from Two and a Half Men back in 2011 yeah not very disgrace we still raking in about 613 thousand dollars a year. I mean. I get if you're Charlie Sheen that's probably not a whole lot of money that's is all out of money that's as cocaine budget for more. Let's talk about those earbuds that seem to be popping out of ears and maybe this is in a problem but for some people it is in there is a guy who you know the really cool hack. Stage a whole bunch of money and involves waterproof tape that you use to protect blisters well you exercise. And a hole punched. Punch had little holes stick that on the ups and other top side of your ear bud is enough texture on the back of it that actually will help us sticking your ear. That perfect little hacked there and then one final hacked involving your Christmas ham. If you may be our cooking a Turkey you don't wanna stick him in with a Turkey it's gonna try to make him miserable. Stick hitting a crock pot crock pot you're slocum for. But eight to ten pound ham in Europe three quart slow cooker. Led to the all the Gleason stuff on it limited for about four to five hours while it's warm and ready to go. That's brilliant I have a slow cooker that I never end up using on Christmas and nominees that I mean I don't a camp. But I'm gonna use it to eat something up that doesn't need to be all dried out by the Turkey. And it actually worked pretty good to hum for that you know one relative or friend is always late yes it's kind of narrow picture oh so that is that's our show for today will be back tomorrow Wednesday. As we get closer Christmas were on the air live on ninety point five KTJ Monday through Friday between five and ten.