12.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Baby Mop-Bigger Wine Glasses

Monday, December 18th

Tired of porch pirates stealing his delivered packages, one man created the Blank Box with a surprise for those who dare steal deliveries!  Plus it may be cheaper for you to fill prescriptions by not filing through your medical insurance and the Baby Mop!  It’s all in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, December 18, 2017.


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I there's an idea point 5 JT you morning show recap for Monday December 18. We are one week away from Christmas Krista I know I had a little minor connection last week and storms says there's no more and there's only one more Monday before Christmas and now there's no more nine none absolutely nine. He need did say you got your Christmas shopping done which is good. I did I did we did that universal. Remote this past weekend and I got the chance to sit in the hotel Friday after the show and I just kind of hunkered down at. And I wrote my list and I got every single thing I needed from Amazon well if you have perhaps somebody that's is gonna have a baby or has a toddler you might wanna give him the mop. Or the baby not yeah hire any good variety at this moment in it and now yep okay so it's it's a blue one season that the arms and legs. Actually have little group fiber strains that you when the baby. Crawls across the floor and actually kind of cleaning it yeah we knew we only talked up this morning when we talked about this this morning. I honestly was thinking of like those dogs that have plagued the hair the looks like a mop the right and I was pretty much right. Yet that's what it kind of looks like it. Thirty bucks I can still order in time for Christmas fits kids anywhere from three to twelve months. This is not really fine men and it's time for. If you let's just put it this way. It is something called porch pirates ES in essence that's a cute way of calling a thief thief yeah you know they come away for the package delivery companies and that the mail to leave your package in the world and steal of the matter whatever it is and now let's try and Pickens and his prime Pickens so it happened to a guy named Gerri mean borrow of Tacoma Washington white too many times it. All year long he's been out or in parts for his cheapen it and course the parts were stolen so. He was really at wit's end so he came up with something that's called the blank box. And in essence what this is. Is. Any blank shotgun shell that is detonated when the package is picked up causing a loud yet harmless baying. Then hopefully it will cause a little the porch pirates to soil in the pants yet leave a little DNA behind exactly videos of the demonstrating the blame box or a slew of surprise these all running we don't thinking that somebody's after them. There's two models you can choose the single shot or the a double shot if you want even more noise to build double tap the it's comes with a with a deep quite boxer shipping like go to make it look legit and a couple of links shotgun shells that you instructions of how you get the set up. It's not the real ones but it just makes that noise that's should dead. I if you make their wretched son of also gone yeah I think that would kind of worked to. Bevy of pretty. Pair of buying now they have those door bells to that you can actually see what's going on even if you're not home. And you can talk through them. They about it maybe a little bit too late for this year but. When your dealing with packages and at least for FedEx and UPS if it's a personal nature. Haven't delivered it work. You sent out there today and it totally changed everything he had been having all my packages shipped to my mom's office out because they certainly cheesy new businesses they do business first residential second so each of stuff earlier and that it's inside a building up somebody not on your front patio. Absolutely ten. Well this is an anti U my Canadian friend and medical insurance yup met so. This is probably gonna confuse you a little bit more but. Imus for us that have had to deal with skyrocketing up premiums. And skyrocketing. It deductibles and lower qualities of care especially comes to medications. A recent report found that up to 10% of the medications sold are actually cheaper. If you choose not to use your insurance when you fill the prescription. So those a couple of web site you can go to once called blink health. And one called good RX we have links at our website to basically an inner Europe us prescription name or in the Jannero agreed with a brand name don't tell you. He hears the price he has worked being sold for this price at this store and at best Oregon has like 40000 pharmacy locations across the country. A wait and find some it's coupon codes if you need a so in essence you could possibly have like a thirty dollar co pay on a prescription. But it may only cost you twenty dollars if you go around juror insurance yeah so give that a shot I just kind of keep in mind a couple of things one if you go this way. You're not adding it to your insurance deductible and also make is sure that you have all your medications written down and need to present a chief pharmacist because you're not really connected. Forgive me your insurance just to make sure that your not you know taken a combination of medication record hurt you. Yeah my mom actually messaging me after we give us this morning and says that she's been using that RX for awhile now play out because she's just not his pacemaker and she's on quite a few medications for that and so. It's always in her best interest to keep an eye out for like if one place how is it for less than another place. Yeah and it and that's really all the insurance is doings are just making deals with staff pharmacy locations or pharmaceutical companies so this necessarily means the best steal yeah so it's definitely worth taking a look especially since smoke medications that I have or. Are really going to be going up yeah. I similarly best and worst retail stores for returns in short this is the consumer reports list they give you the best and easiest returns on December 26 than any other time that the they say by far the easiest replaced a return is the company Nordstrom's. They don't even have a return policy at all the Earl handled by case by case basis that sounds so danger and here are related does. LL bean Bed, Bath & Beyond g.'s job teenage. That's an attack Pena eight and it's JC Penney. As well as lands in and Kohl's are the best via they say the harder places to get returns forever 21 that popsicle purple yeah you were saying it's they take nothing back. They take nothing back without her seat so even if you literally have the tag on anybody yesterday they will not take it back from man put. Kmart Sears Barnes & Noble best buying GameStop round up top five that went. Our white glasses have gotten huge dork he. Wrigley if you wanna call it that. Over the last 300 years they've grown seven fold back in the seventeen hundreds of scientists were able to measure wine glass of this and help point 07 quarts of wine which to me sounds useless he regrets it taste good. And now haunt him Tony seventeen wine glasses are about a half the courts I wine glass that holds a whole bottle of pain. That's a good one yeah and all called I'll have just a glass just a class supplies. Or is there. They saved that also too that are one consumption is really did doubled between 19601980. And quadrupled. That she's we doubled again between 1980 and 2004. And here's a they're not saying that the cup size is why this is happening that they made it may play a factor into it but there in essence let's be real honest. Winds have gotten better and cheaper moon and availability of wine has just mind boggling now and it's delicious good from just two but checks to the gap there's so many brands that are good at an inexpensive and it's kind of opened up a lot more people to be able to try them absolutely and then finally we talked about another reason to I have a dinner together with the family. This study at the pfennig kids who routinely eat meals together with their family are more likely to experience long term physical. And mental health benefits. They say the the unit at the conversations you had during your mealtime where it actually gives your child's social interaction and discusses social issues of the day to day concerns that you may have. And it also and make your child more acquisitive. So instead of a turning on the TV and and sitting down and being zoned out as you eat dinner. Now the good reason to turn it off and to have a conversation. Yeah we always have dinner at the table a couple times a week when we have. Lake as a family man with Jeremy working now we don't get to see each other and it's like that very intentional time. Where there's no cell phones no TV no distractions and we just have to be forced to have conversations you know the good news is that you still trying it even though you know it's more difficult yet Elise are still attempting it and in succeeding at times and yet not every time but not every time and sometimes are all just too tired even care crack at it but it. We do try to at least have some conversations sometimes it's good deal with the Suffolk and that is our show for today Monday November December 18 were on the air Monday through Friday between five and ten the podcast whenever you talk do it.