11.9.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Do Good Luck Charms Work-Mini Keg Of Ranch Dressing

Thursday, November 9th

Florida ranks second in using our mobile phones while driving.  Plus some hidden features of your Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV and do you think a mini keg filled with 1.3 gallons of ranch dressing is enough for the holidays?  We cover it all on the 98.5 KTK Morning Show Podcast for Thursday, November 9, 2017.


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I it's a KTJ morning show recap for Thursday November 90 India and let's just jump right into a showy side where the safest drivers in America Chris they're not Florida I kind of knew that he knew how I in the because I drive amongst these people all the time that. Save his drivers according to while web sickle ever recorded actually each racks you were driving habits such as your speed. Risky braking acceleration turning and phone usage so the safest drivers are actually in Montana. Well there's fifty people or it's the sheriff. Followed by Wyoming Alaska South Dakota and Vermont those are all well over months so that's mound Abed all those other states. Are very lob white over spaces without not a lot of people you know you have Florida ranked 37 overall but number two and cell phone usage in the country so what we're driving while using yourself oh we loved having in texting and stuff like that neck can cause problems although we are good with wearing seatbelts. Florida was number two in that list so you know I got a surprise Georges and I don't know why but. I you know this kind of adjusting and California Georgia than a whole lot in common plus the states surrounding Georgia probably some of the worst offenders are not wearing seatbelts well and moments happened there on that went right. This is kind of cool like you had mentioned that you do you already knew this without the Google search of that when you search for restaurants election you become an estimated wait time with yellow they'll do is give you a little chart to show you win they're the busiest and when there's like little bar graph on the bottom of the they got when you look on the phone numbers on the gavel now that's up morphing into the maps feature here as soon that's pretty simple right there's so when you go to a map to try to find a certain restaurant they'll also give me the average wait time right exactly right not bad and I you don't -- you talked about the air here if I there's not a lot of wait time at 536 it's probably not a good restaurant at. Let's seated good luck charms work. Kind out according to psychologists they say are written really doesn't matter if you're holding on to that. Rabbits flat or that horseshoe and has since that little bit of information that that does I don't know McCoy not I have a lucky caller from 1886. The my uncle frank gave to me off that I've carried in my wallet for a long long time in answer to much much luck charm and so far. I've had pretty good luck to borrow it written what it does is that today that charm inspires confidence as well as self assurance so and they actually tested this I am I'm amazed. Apparently lucky charms actually work and I'll talk about the cereal now so yeah the Bakken 2010 there was a study of how people that did many golf they gave half then the people said. He this is a special lucky ball the other half they didn't give they'd Intel says is around a ball. The ones that had the lucky ball played 35% better is that amazing those that didn't have a thought they had lucky balls and that did it yeah and then they actually took it even further and said. They asked. People if you had two with did you have a lucky charm yes or no all right. So they then said for a half of them to bring their lucky charms were testing and one didn't. And those that brought the lucky charms actually scored better and best asset had a higher confidence so here's my other lucky charms see this right here this is a one dollar bill with Monty Hall signature. From let's make a deal that we were down at Disney doing a broadcast years ago when he was alive. And he he went by and I have never dollars in money side might dollar that's kind of stuff they would do on or LA on let's make a deal and asked did you guys get better did you like inherited when you got changer. This is this was Obama's in the original so I got my uncles dollar a silver dollar and I have a Monty Hall dollar bills so I got back on form and get that thing insured myth yeah they think Barbara Hall that's I thought I thought I this is really good information because so many people inclement ourselves included we watch a TV through our apple TV or you know your video streaming service just. For convenience more than anything. I'm there's a lot of hidden features because they don't really tell you when you buy these I didn't see if there's no manual right tell when he got roku chrome castor apple TV a kid's just. You get the equipment and UConn on your own try to figure it out I'll look over a couple of highlights but to for all three of them by the way they do work is since where they Mir the screens so that if you have like a friend that comes over wants to show video at a party or has a music playlist or something be -- do that I think that's kind of comment. But I do know this with roku is they had become of that that popular with with apps already on them. But there are a lot of private apps you can add later like hundreds of them yeah so much if you like like Moroccan and dance music you have a right that you can search for it. And then actually put it into your roku with a special code in automatically populates in which at those chemical you have to go to your laptop and right in and it into your settings are on the road through Coca absolutely. Other Conte protest is kind of cool as well as it does have a guest mode which allows you to I share without using the Wi-Fi password. Which is kind of cool so your guess can now share media. From their Smartphones to your TV without using the wife fight setting which is let's and did you. He also to make your oh your TV give a 3-D TV who make a virtual reality with a couple of settings weaker it's kind of cool. And then the apple TV is really need because it has Bluetooth already built into it so anything Bluetooth your headphones a keyboard. Whatever you can link it up to your apple TV so for instance if it's in your bedroom and sweetie is sleeping you can put on wireless put all right okay you can listen without disturbing I'm pretty cool I didn't know that yeah and also you can sync up if you have a cable subscription. You can actually sync up to watch all your TV through the apps on your apple that's why do so he can say hey Siri put on ABC it'll put on ABC for you and you know the switch back and forth are like I find that the I think it's generation to apple TV yes is two or three rob borders are rug got. Has the voice recognition it's a series type think it works really well works really well and all three of them I just forgot that they the nearest. All the stuff is that our website you don't out of deftly got a lot of information executives and on the way too much information via their approach to talk about words that's surely you're stressed out come to find out your body needs it takes on stress likes it thinks it's a virus or bacteria and yelling and you were they US stress the body release is what's called cortisol that's oh hormone and it it's it's how you're trying to fight stress in apparently. It affects your language to yes you can actually listen to the worst people are used to see whether there stressed or not yes not talking about you know the four letter word I don't know are bad we're talking about. Using a speaking less and using more adverse and adjectives like really or incredibly. And also using less likely to use third person plural pronoun touches there and today. So if you find someone that's talking in first person and using a lot of actions and add verbs. They're probably really stressed out they really think this comes back to when we were you living in cages and what have you so. And they also think that this these findings could help people identify people for the risk of developing stress related illness we actually lived in caves I don't know what your background music cages follow the living in cages he may came in just a thought that this that this. All right how you want to disclose something right now puts in Europe but a onetime college Friday at one time are not over aren't and then finally we talked about heading into the weekend off one point three gallons of ranch dressing is enough to get us through I just hope your sister in Houston is a listing leagues I believe this is going to be your Christmas present from the effect gets called the mini cake of hidden valley ranch dressing Hague. I'll Bob Alvarez just in the last a year right has six guys ten inches tall six inches wide holes five leaders was at one point three gallons of hidden valley ranch dressing. And it is best part of three I felt I felt all look for the Bo goes in stock up on it you know go to the Greg gas station a referral. So I thought that's fifty dollars delivery sells right now on a website called flavor gallery links open a website if your interest in lifetime supply of ranch who. You know wow but India should my sister puts ranch on everything is on Fridays. And reasoning burgers on whatever is she just that she has a Jones in for for rails on that. So that's our show hope you like did so we're on the air Monday through Friday between five to ten and of course the podcast at any time no see you tomorrow ABC yeah.