11.8.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Grilled Cheese That Stays Warm For Hours-Mutant Mosquitoes Coming To Florida

Wednesday, November 8th

A warning for those drinking from decorated drinking glasses.  Plus an incredible hack to keep a grilled cheese sandwich warm for hours and mutant mosquitoes are coming to Florida for the summer  We cover it all on the 98.5 KTK Morning Show Podcast for Wednesday, November 8, 2017.


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Hi there it's a KG get a morning show recap for our Wednesday November 8 you woke me thinks you welcome poster in the middle having a great dream criticized LeBron and not at a Brenner around and dog now. Let's say we're in a recap of what we did this morning on the show and I love this year because when you're talking about true love is really is. The smaller things in life like smaller gestures as what your suite is looking for you know let me put the lid back on the toothpaste. Center is about 500 people that reviewed sixty different scenarios and and neighbor spotted whether or not they thought he was a gesture of love and what they found the top scenarios work. Were making somebody feel loved when someone is showing compassion when they're not having a good day or having a hard time. Snuggling. Seeing their pets is a return home and and finally in fourth place was actually saying the words I love you. Interestingly enough they also found that over the top romantic gestures you know those. Quirky video things that people poke a post about love. Really do nothing but yeah. They do absolutely nothing and if you're really one of these people that. Let's do we control and where are you where you're going where he's staying aware yet right now. That people don't like that either probably close at the end of your released yeah it's kind of it's more you what you do and what you say writes yeah exactly so go ahead and let's all hug and yeah I went through a spell of leaving post it notes images clothing doesn't hit him in the morning like. Hide something in my pants pocket or some filling that as splitter started and then again I will put cards in Scott's car. And then some really wanted to stop that wake up there yes. See something I don't think hand written it is there's just so rare nowadays Shula now the everybody loves a card. Airlines grilled cheese solve boy you're getting but. Chris I'm having trouble keeping my morning girl she's warm enough at lunchtime to truly enjoy what I do I'm glad you brought that up here as a commercial continue this is called a setup. Things. The itself out this cool hack and it talks about your grilled cheese sandwich and it. You know if you want one for lunch she you can't really cream maker a girl she's can yes Saudi nasty by the time you eat at a lunch but. Here's an interesting Hackett Scioscia have like a thermos or getting mud. Two and reduce book boiling water in that yet that's a month and let it sit for a minute but the girl chooses not in the mode yet now. Now you know the boiling water look that up front if they're going to make your grilled cheese or idea and when you grilled cheese is finished she put in a platelet cool off a little bit and then you take. You're getting for the lack of this conversation Gupta about all the water and clean now the dentist who war's been appreciated yeah right. And you wanna cut here here real cheese and a finger CC that in using the Indus strips as opposed to the little triangle rights and did you wanna put an insider getting a lot. Then we'll keep it warm for hours. I'm literally racking my brain. To think what I can play and my cup now all right policy that works I need to or because I don't have yet you have an orca which is you know yet he's friend yes I think that's his client this one's ego it's a local company who should have some kind of freeze offers a tendency which will last longer why haven't yet he and I have an eco and I have America. Were done well who can we do the experiment yeah. But you've just maybe just a couple ice. And then we'll see how I'm asked to they have like little low C through its own perfect yep Danny Jackson by you but I saw in the story actually combine out replacement let's from two can you really you know and that's not as Nazi content I guess I purist he'll be a mister Chris star. You know I say if you've got got the new update for us apple and drool last. It was September I believe. Uh huh a whole bunch of new most resounding tons and new in the latest went to Anaheim exactly if you've ever wondered why he gets you those especially amusement tax masters like you get those blank squares or maybe question marks I think people were getting their capital they and then the other question mark in parentheses and right that's basically saying hey I don't know I have no idea what you're talking here we are Unicode is not unique voting yes rights there's his big oh overlord system called the Unicode which puts the specifics again for all these him OG so. If you haven't on your phone and you send it to somebody they don't have the update it's gonna have a square on it so. You tune to what achieve things make sure that you always update your phone with the latest information Israel's security updates in the usually remote she's come in there. And and also keep in mind that you're sending it realizing that the newer emote geez probably are not going to be available so yeah he's some of the older ones. Or you can just go completely old school and use the call ends and the parentheses. The x.s and indeed real school of OG. Yeah I actually thinking back I know people that text me and you zeal school buddies despite having a perfectly functioning new phone right they will literally do the coal in parentheses for a smiley face them dislike. It just right don't retro and Henry and Rucker or you know Mac use your words. And that's that's. I missed a missed take in a yes and you need I telling you would joke and I need to say and you dying crying laughing them OG to let you know hey this was a joke or the one with a huge eyes that's when Alex in the the most I love island and like you just say. What's going on here ten. I've decorated a drinking glasses be very very careful there those little hand painted ones here right there is researchers analyzed 72 of the new and secondhand ones and about over 70% of them. Tested positive for lead. And cavium can't medium calving Niemi and yup yup your dad was used in batteries don't all right like lion alkaline batteries that's cavium an app that can cause cancer and it caused birth defect is a hint of cancer. That's how. Make sure if you are giving decorated drinking glasses or have any none make sure that there's not it's specifically says Maywood nontoxic need to OK and it's an element checked all my class tis the season to right right you're gonna see you're gonna go to a party and maybe you know now I can be careful that also be careful where where all of mutes into mosquitoes. Florida. Stephen King moving to Florida but the EPA just approved a genetically modified Asian tiger mosquitoes to be released in Florida. Nineteen other states as well as though the District of Columbia coming up on summer. The idea is that these these mutant mosquitoes are only the male ones which don't bite so you know not to be adding to that is only initiative Mel ones that suck the blood bodies are thought is that risk the female oh yeah this is a real it's all only with him also they can lay eggs yes and so fertilizers what happens is that these male mosquitoes that what they did to mutate them is actually included in naturally occurring bacterium. That will prevent the email then the eggs from hatchet. So in essence assurance it's kind of taper off the mosquito population a little bit. Specially good news considering that you know pesticides a kind of harmful for the environment or and you know miscues beginning kind of resistant to these pesticides so yeah we've got to do something. And if it does if it is successful us it'll work on the you know the yellow sleeve there mosquito next. On this the one that here's physique and with a mild winters that we're having me down is up and killed off the flees the ticks past vetoes in town and it's actually did work back in the eighties for some sort of warm that was eating tree so. Did you have a little history on this pine bark beetle you know that yeah. And finally our favorite story of yeah used to be really went around saying you house put yourself in vacation mode we have on the family are on an airplane you're going to an exotic beautiful island called ball as exciting as it. There is. But you know what probably free drinks free drinks Brad May be on this picture on your way from you're halfway around the world. Middle of the flight I mean you get bored right now during times can you watched the the in flight movies and so what have you your dad's already passed only surpassed six scotches yeah he's already passed out. See what's on its own so she grabbed her for his phone. He is is his finger to open and you know I sleeping fingers and a thumbprint stood to get into the phone and while she's looking into the phone what you find all she found that her husband has an affair a our grammar is right the the father of their her child SS having an affair with a mistress both struggle upsets how upset she got very upset flight crew could not calm her down and the pilots steer fall. That's huge cause harm to the plane of the passengers. Actually made a emergency landing to get him off the plane so they don't do an Indian somewhere and India. My mom this is not that tropical island that was a no assurances. A lot different. I thought I hot. So they got him off the plane the flight into the resuming its way to two Bali but the best part is that. The couple who party upset could not get a flight home to because she was apparently drunks are out there want her sober before how sort of upper curve ball and I. I only did she find out her husband's having an affair she was drunk when she found out yeah that's the worst combination ever and imagine now got to fly home with the loser yeah got to to figure out what we're gonna do next I'll write a new I got a new business for us I. Flying gloves. And obviously a full playing golf with you would not surprise me if they start installing in you know like those on those what posts that hold you arms. What mr. jackass. Would not surprise me that certainly those airplanes wonder Chris now what do they do have those I think would be great weight losers for stories and keep in mind that your your when your an airplane it's pressurized to be 101000 PS you don't need a lot of blues to make it happen you know. So that's what's happening at all these these people going nuts the longer flights to yeah you can that goes like four movies you can drink sober up and drink he gets rights and so I wouldn't surprise me to serve in those straight jackets but. That was our show for today thank you for listening Iowa course relied Monday through Friday between 510 into the podcast whenever doctor Leonard ABC.