11.7.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Foods That Fight Chronic Back Pain-Lazy Jar App Charges You Money For Skipping Workouts

Tuesday, November 7th

There is something to be said for you to stop and smell the roses.  Plus a massive fire extinguisher recall and foods that fight chronic back pain.  The 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, November 7, 2017.


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And where it's to KG day morning show a recap for Tuesday November 7. As we talked about its all sorts of goodness yes we did we auto corrected your blunder and were caught your fire extinguisher and re told him not to drive. To drive drunk or tired yes and we fought back pain we tell you why you should smell the roses and we're gonna find you if you skip your work out. Pretty much that's it for everybody I thought such a fact I had. Let's play some of these stories outlets or anywhere else talking a little bit up in the morning when you have pain and nobody likes that now who'd like that at all and it nearly two thirds of Americans experience of sort of a back low back pain some time in the life. And Lotta times you know exercise and a diets and you know your posture -- can correct this but actually eating some food out help out we're gonna care what's Seattle cure something with food that I'm seeing a pattern on this show yes any when it all comes down to his anti inflammatory properties in. Leafy greens. Packed reviving K. Hey. And anti inflammatory powerhouse. Olive oil also good just anti inflammatory properties and it's got anti oxidant suddenly burned. I ginger actually very good to be super true they have something in them it's an anti inflammatory called. Generals. Of the name listened to produce significantly reduce pain and arthritic individuals. Sanders also packed with Omega three fatty acids in also can help with chronic pain. To merge your first American there you got coffee actually we just given you a great little shopping list right here. His meal salmon little consumer Ericsson ginger now surprising this is actually baffling doctors as well is time. The out herbs are why am I trying to here's everything now apparently does Owens and it just didn't cut it somewhat reduce the perception of pain which would be a wound billboard acts like a natural painkiller so that saying it's been true all in all along. It didn't come from the pharmaceutical companies they'll wake up and smell the roses yeah. This is a good study is a really talks about is getting out and walking around they actually a couple groups of people one of them observing nature and one of them observing manmade material items. And they did find that basically people who were looking at the nature of items. Experienced much more I'd be personal wellbeing person looking at you know the sidewalk in lamppost in the defense let's look provider you know everything every living thing has a vibration to a one of that's you're just blew me groove and with the vibration of the trees in the the sort of level and a concrete building. You're out there amongst the news that the grass is in the force wasn't it David negative. What Pope leave the poet who spent like half his life studying ants. There are fascinated with them. I'm I don't know anyone anyways I I'm I'm kind of the same day when I looked at d.s and flowers I can watch that fur forever for relic summaries and it's very relaxed Newman. Yeah I can watch the clouds for like an inordinate amount of time are like yeah I'm absolutely fascinated by clouds an outer space and the fact that we're kind of just floating out there and yet it is this very cereal thing that I find myself I do well and I'm drive. Yes probably get ideally not a good idea but I I just myself fascinated with the sun in the horizon and went home. Why credit I think about how we're being cork sort of hot dogs and a marker by guimaraes says cook. I was gonna say at least a crystal looking for the martians would have an idea and Landon yeah we connect count and hurdler snow. Now this is a good job motivation is the catalyst for change. And he won't he talk about changes this is an app called lazy jar. It works and iPhone and on Google but basically you set it up with a goal in mind that if you do not meet your fitness level goal now. It's gonna take money out of your account it's equivalent to count it's equivalent of a swear jar the F. And not just one goal you have to find out if they commit to full order. Forgo all bulls. All right and as there's a thirty dollar initiate an initial see that you did you read brief signed it after six months is a long she stick with the program estimate mattered to meet your goals nobilo sick Christen. You have 101000 steps you can do aerobic exercise for twenty minutes or GNU eat only 2000 calories. And I don't know ID briefly breathe deeply for twenty minutes yeah if you don't meet any of those goals it's gonna debit out money you could take anywhere from a dollar to five dollars ten dollars in it goes to a charity that 80% estimate charity 20% goes to keeping the program working so. Interesting way it worked look the company started charging us more if you smoked with medical insurance you were and you quit that's how I finally kick the habit for good because I was just I'm not gonna pay him an extra money finally being and so cheap works at. And she worked or not this is really really scary I don't think I've ever heard of ever recall on the scale for a fire extinguisher and sure enough I went into the kitchen and got our 98 point five KTK official fire extinguisher on the list other recall list has probably the one I mean not the this is the most common one ever overseas got the plastic panel there's either plastic or push button handle them on a kiddie KI DDE. Writes fire extinguisher and they are everywhere were talk about four decades worth of fire extinguishers. Are being recalled my gas company 134 models overall being sold from January 1973. Although in August figures year figure 38 million fire extinguishers as Alec you get a new one every year ago I don't know and so in essence it's a big list we haven't up on a website. But there's instructions or what you need to do in order to get you were on fire extinguisher replaced. Hopefully you'll have any fires between now and then yeah but also check your vote your RVs anyplace there's a fire extinguishers you might wanna check to see if it's the model that's been recalled we're if we're gonna get a new Tom moment ago and thought the report noted that they're fantastic. Ideas and a quick little car for awful in the latest apple software probably didn't vote geez. He just a little bit of an error whether it's a wants to change your eyes instead of making and capitalize at a lower case idea it was to make it an ache and makes their capital a for some reason yet summaries and it does that but there's you should be you know he's called text replacement. Which is are you go to the general field been put on keyboard. The text replacement. At which the plus button and then you'll see the text fields of phrase and shortcut. In a phrase field type the upper case I in the short cut. But the lower case I assumed that a lower case I sent a correcting it to an accurate to the capital. I know is that text replacement for a lot of stuff like my email addresses a little bit long so when I used detects replacement so when I start time in my name my address at auto fills its Lou. Mueller do that okay that's a good idea is different that and lake effort like my maiden name is very complicated for apple apparently side used it for that and the but just stuff like that that makes life easier most is most especially kind of worried after the email though that save so much time. That sounds good how how he how do you do auto fill. It's in the text setting I know we are dug to snippets in the cortex and you're like I have though I've hit the thing auto fill intro for her how to use our our users. Do you wanna hit on affiliates like it's it's a saved email address so that when I click it it'll population. My email I just password who we're curious David though it gives me an option anytime I type anything in boxes yes. Well welcome many as. And it's bubble over another episode in house our Internet ever so cover ballot. And finally we talked about dis is dangerous driving sleepy as you would be driving drunk according to a new study that found that basically is poor sleep can affect your mind and body. Just design equally as a drinking too much alcohol only. It means that your mind is running slower and means it's not talking as quickly is taking longer to send signals and the signals are weaker. And that can explain why sometimes when you're absolutely exhausted it's almost like being drunk. And so the problem is is there's no laws that prevent you from driving tires no test for you and just birdie there so just recommending the experts recommending that if you feel tired. Allison and I'll strive. And if you're concentration is compromised due to lack of quality sleep I will tell you what I drove cirrus sister Texas a Joseph back move and I was starting to falsely and it was the that little dotted line that I kept looking. And it kind of hypnotized and really go out here so I to pull off to the rest area never had done this before and slept for like an hour and really mediocre group for into the. When my best friend was in the Marines she was stationed in North Carolina and she would come home as you know as often as she could and that's exactly what she would do she would drive to get so tired driving. That she would just have to pull off the road she Gillick a fifteen minute cat nap and then just hop back on and feel like new. Yeah it it makes a big difference and you know it's just as dangerous I guess that's submit that it it will only get out is that is just as dangerous you know. There's no law against it. So that was what we covered other show for Tuesday November 17 we're live Monday through Friday from five to ten and of course the unrest in the tiebreak ticker Turkey you're first nurture the good depth there.