1.16.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Social Jet Lag Can Be Behind Your Tiredness-Uses For Used Dryer Sheets

Tuesday, January 16th

An Oreo delivery service?  Plus uses for used dryer sheets and social jet lag and how it can ruin your Monday.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, January 16, 2018.


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Welcome to an idea point five KG gave way surety cap four tiers date January 16 promised Kazaa he just it was a holiday yet I keep calling him Monday and storm called it Thursday am. And it did today so that's always a good thing yes. Let's see this morning we talked about probably some uses that you never thought would go beyond keeping your close static free those. Used dryer sheets what I cannot wait to knocking yelled effort during knows all hell yeah. Tells Leah. I never throw them away they are all over our house and every time one of the dogs are eating images like babes seriously at all Leicester area well here's some good uses for them for instance you can wipe among your clothes or furniture to help remove pet hair look. That one's gonna stick with me that I work with you dare you to read a multi year based ports and other molding to live Dustin help repeal repellent. Same for your blinds and actually your electronic TV screens as well. Because of the same anti static properties to keep your clothes from clean while so he dust from settling on those areas. Let's see here you can remove dealer marks on your clothes than anyone dad just kind of lightly robotic and then I thought this was fascinating. Never would have thought advocate ever pair of dull scissor blades. Take a dryer sheet and just actually cut a few times. And it will re sharpened on that in saying yeah good stuff there plus we Dennis along time ago about the best way to get rid of blood bugs because on our super hard they relieve the pain. But it's a listener had turned this on that you can actually use dryer sheets just implement water. And it actually you'll get rid of the law but I was never heard of Allen yeah I do I knew it works like it that charm to its yes fantastic I'm not looking forward to love bug season but at least I necessarily repaired after a trip to Europe. I policy here organs of the cold weather is actually good news reports of or they're making predictions of its snow flurries once again up in the paint handle. Over the next 24 hours so I'm sure the office will be a tad cold. So if Europe and an office where it's cold and they're not turning on the heat well. Here's some some nifty ideas they can help you learned that the heat turned on. Recruit like minded cold comrades. And go complain to the boss all at once said they say that's. Usually if people going one at a time it's not really good because as wasting your time you're the boss is time to policies that you're just than the ones complaining but yeah. Live here all their one time. It's kind of hard to to discount that yes but a lot make sure you Wear layers of clothing and instead of just a fickle and booted Kota whatever. Odds may needs a little easier to function. Plus to be to get hot disease or take off one layer of clothing in hot and then you can attempt to. Change that thermostat as well enough sometimes they have a blocked up by. This is an interesting hack you need a baggy. And you need ice. Which one it is but some ice in the bag. Yes of a cold from the ice will actually tricked the thermostat thinking it's colder. Than you can turn on the heat all else fails you get the feds involved G man if you want. And there's no law that says that you have to have a building air conditioning but there is policy you have to have been heated anywhere between 68. And 76 degrees they obviously don't live in Florida but no they don't. Ever change a law. I'm wondering what's more important to me heater AC and it's definitely see you know it's been I've been waiting like you not just turning off the billion at a completely even though it's freezing and ask because I know it never gets cold yet at. Let's aid talk about your fit bits and apple to and you know getting your health screenings from your underwear. There is the Consumer Electronics Show that was held in Las Vegas last week in there was a company they're called skin with two lies SK I I end. They demonstrated electronic underwear for men and women. Smart underwear that actually uses rechargeable sensors hidden in the tops and bottoms of men and wins women's clothing yeah monitor your body than monetary your body temperature heart rate breathing. Motion even your posture in your hydration your body fat and die related to your phone to give you advice on what's going. And I'd really it. Because of all the stuff that this underwear does I really need to see it yet it's. To figure out how it can tell all leave things yes it's it's fashionable. And I'm wondering how come to the underwear is because. And it's what is its four pack of underwear 279 dollars yes. You know easily places don't take underwear Max out your front about it you don't like it yet it's not comfortable or where does the sensor ago yeah. Well we talk about that. Let's say I'm even fighting yourself completely tired since the holidays or maybe Mondays are just to drag all the time. It's called social jet lag in this kind of makes sense when you think about it here. You know when he had the holidays you have parties you have time all few have. You know would be eating in India you receive schedules completely off the basically here's what happens when you wake up in the morning. You have about sixteen hours in new and in that it's. You start to get tired. We're like our phones we need charging him we need charging so let's say normally wake up at 6 o'clock Monday through Friday are right so that means you go to bed that your normal tide. But let's say on Saturday. Well when you sleep in longer you've reset your clocks in now instead of a sixteen hour when the starting at 6 in the morning. He had a sixteen hour windows turning a 10 in the morning and then you're just gonna make your weekend longer make sure they get ear guy you what's gonna happen is by the time when you want to go to sleep on Sunday night he won't be able to choose to become an aunt dots of what they suggest. Is NRD three to reset your clock or you're still awake stop drinking caffeinated products after lunch resist the urge to take any naps. And and then prepare to go to bed about an hour before your normal tide an inept preparation disconnect from technology. No phone. Dim the lights readable agree to take a hot shower that should help you fall asleep a little bit faster. I really really really like I we tend to link. We start to decompress. Do it by like watching a TV show on or looking on our phones in bed you know and it is a really really good idea to just disconnect from all that and get that late from your phone out your faith yet to get your mind dynamite and a vote nothing's going on a yet to ominously down. I'd dealer Maury rose. I'm hit nest when I want some ice and I just I need to have them but I am not on a normal basis now I have this may not be for you but if you have somebody who absolutely adores Oreo Cookies might wanna sign them up for the Oreo cookie subscription service known as the Oreo cookie club box. All right so each month. You're Oreo lover or receive a shipment of two Oreo flavors including an Oreo candy. Don't know what that is I don't know good luck on that look I wanted to kind Oreo inspired gift at charged he has a column in the this yep and a recipe card I'm assuming that you can because something with or using your instead hot. I don't know I don't know I made a lot of recipes from Oreo is actually are yeah well especially monies to make cupcakes. I can imagine make he had so many different kinds of Oreo recipes I'm not sure that this is well I would wanna do but did the minimum is yet to get a three month subscription. You ready for this behalf sixty bucks Anke I wish. But that's like let. A minimum of like twenty boxes of Florio's Daria went to store you can get your packages of glorious for about six bucks own arrested at a pace your pain for the prestige of itself. You can't order it at Amazon pushing in the order everything from Amazon. And the remember and Nikki Reed she resigned not twilight yeah. All right she's actually teamed up with a Dell computers I did not notice that the EPA says that with our all or all the electronics. Phones computers. Tablets. Allied cassettes has about eighty million dollars worth of gold and silver's thrown away each year. And he's never IC design. Yeah so she's teamed up with Zell and they're now creating a line of fourteen and eighteen carat gold rings earrings and cuff links mean out of gold mine from recycle computer by the Boortz a wonder how many people are gonna start scouring the dumps first. There and there are fears and stuff. What surprised me and elected to construction sites the big thing that are stolen or has copper is just wiring yeah I don't have very true so they say that you can pre order these now they range anywhere from 78 to three here in fifty bucks. Kind of a neat way to recycle and be green. So there's a shallow for today Tuesday January 16 of course you can catch us live Monday through Friday between five hits and here in ninety point five GT can't have a great went by me.