11.6.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Cockatoos Are Eating Australian Internet Lines-Fastest Way To Thaw Frozen Ground Meat

Monday, November 6th

Cockatoos are destroying Australia's Internet! Plus the quickest way to thaw frozen ground meat and why we're willing to pay more for a material object than an electronic one!  It's the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, November 6, 2017.


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I there it's the body point 5 TTC morning show recap for Monday November 6. Well. You know time is ready November 6 you actually this week and add to but some Thanksgiving stuff get ready for it. Yeah we my mom's birthday is tomorrow. Is aware you Howard NN we're gonna ramp up for that and then then I'll start thinking about things in Haiti right now I do in birthday cake in right now I asked I need to compartmentalize needs so much going on the. You know is your mom's birthday I don't know she's into history or anything that this might be and insisting gift yeah have you ever doubted that the member for 1972 nobody knew what Watergate. What it was anything she lived in near the area of Washington DC but. However history had a different and take on it so we all know that blank gate is always associated with some sort of a scandal. And what's the Watergate Hotel first up are still operating that's crazy I'm and then secondly there are doing this kind of this is they're calling it the scandal room. Which is room to fourteen that was the room that the whole Watergate to and if the scandal began it was thought process to nets I would start didn't. So Tim it's the 45 anniversary. About Watergate. So room to fourteen that's been done designed by the people that and are are in charge of the scandal TV series I didn't know the two had anything new with each other I didn't need to but I guess they do so the room is actually a decorated for much of the stuff that was. Very popular in a political office in the early seventies plus newspaper clippings of the big scandal. Elton. Even got vintage quote furniture electric typewriter as a turntable and a and a desk Lou however it's about 800 dollars and ninety Steve there 88 but you don't want to spend that damage cash is to stay the Watergate Hotel. And I'd be part of it all the little room card keys. I have no need to break in printed on them. And then the all the pens and pencils they I stole this from the Watergate Hotel which. I think my favorite part in I don't know this would be persuasion or a deterrent right is the fact they Gascon listened to excerpts from Nixon speeches. Who've murdered unity that he had such a distinctive. Voice yes so that would be kind of like oh cool fun or like. Well I you know way it is kind of mentioning the hero that stuff here is it's. Especially without those tapes the end because it's like it's really super also it's no easy and yes you can barely even hear what they're talking about yeah more white noise and voice and a this is kind of interesting enough that in Australia and they have some of the worst Internet the world and it's a reputation they're not very proud of so they've actually got a that the country is going at a nationwide campaign to up they are. Broadband. And to be more Internet says savvy however. Cockatoo owners talk accused arbor are actually eating the cables the new cables that they're putting up. They have had nearly 2000 fixed wire towers there on out around Australia. Of that most of them have been damaged by. Cockatoo news. That are sharpening their peaks on the cables there's something shiny again yeah so let's frame of both the lines caused around 61000 dollar toward the damage so far is insane and whether hoping is that they're gonna put some protective casings on the cable instant hoped did they won't touch you want them via UN HU unlike tree barker or are limbs or something like that to sharpen their be expensive I was size now I guess it's shiny and therefore it's like you. Yeah sang I need to take a look at I don't know that packages are from Australia I didn't mean our I had her awhile ago like some escape cocker to use are have the other picked up English yet and and actually communicating through English mind you've probably not words that you would want your kids to hear about probably nine. So phrases or what have you but I had no idea they were native well. An elephant Blake a money problem to have but probably not to the cable companies no not at all or to the customers which in professors were painful yes Seth. So we are talking about forgetting to leave that ground cheek beef chicken no Turkey or pork outs we yeah her up planning for dinner than that tonight and doing this tonight and I a lot of times you end up having to stick it in the the and microwave to defrost which doesn't work you think it's one to fourteen lead figure out a better way to defrost and we haven't. This actually might be a good way you know you need is a quart size baggy. And a gallon sized begging. And when you buy your ground meat which you wanna do is take it out of the package put it in one of those little magazine it's less than half a pound put in the court's eyes move all of Europe a half a pound put in the gallon size. And then we go to the rolling pin and kind of mush out the meat to make it a uniform sickness yeah. Much is the brilliant part yes and uniform thickness in the instigating a freezer laid down so freezes and then west frozen you can look steps to got decide make more room now but the idea is that instead of taking our sport to thaw out because as uniformed shape. It'll take minutes to thaw. Yes and actually I mean I know a lot of people use like. There microwave which I think I heard you shouldn't and lake sometimes you put it in hot water right but honestly from frozen in that even paddy you could put it in the pan and cover it. And it's gonna get an even amount of heat now instead of just burning outside with that big mound of frozen meat yeah that's a good idea I'm thinking about this because ICC. I know we covered meat waste her user erred grocery waste here's last week I am so. Guilty. I can't tell you I think I throw way at least a cane in a carton of meat every week that we just don't get too. While so this is gonna save me money and probably Mitch some gray hair I thought with how much I hate to waste by Brian accident. I've do you have foods ever know IE I would get one that's what I think and they are really good for for stuff like that wanna. Let's see here maybe you've had your phone for quite a long time he started with the apple 3GS. Remember that phone O Mitch Miller is an OG apple user I think first one and he's never switched sense well I'm sure rich may or may not have some apps on there that day went on yet to pay for a new completely forgot about him. We used to getting charged world pollutants instead of going troubles bank records or screen kind of tedious at times yeah there's really a simple hacking India for your apple in your Google phones basically you go to your subscriptions. Or are you go to your settings on your apple device tapping your tapping your name. Then go to your iTunes and click on your apple ID link and then voila if you scroll down you'll see all the subscriptions your paint for. Very sects there is similar action action you do on the android phone as well but the cool thing is like I France's my Hulu goes through on. Through iTunes and move and idea that 799 when where you get the limited commercials but if I wanted to upgrade. I can just do right there on the app without having to go through whose hoops yes so makes a little easier. And it is easier and I found out through trial and error. Betty is on has a similar subscription how about that is VI RIA I sent a not so nice. Email angling to win and yes angry fingers did not count to ten. Ballot charge we have been charged for and it turns out that it something I was not only enjoying but agreed to pass a tough. I got kind of the same you know did you know you can manage your subscriptions on our on our web site no I didn't. No I did not yet and now I do thank you for being so kind attack adversary. Women that are shorter and statute have kind of a problem a lot of close enough made it for their body types loomed and it's led to two two women in New York that have started a new website called stature. And it's only further women who are should five foot four and under. They call him our vertically challenge been an incident it is they're only five feet and they just say it's really hard to find clothes are aren't a debt fitness properly so. They have a complete boutique. There has sought sizes zero PT all the way at six BT. Shoe size is three to six I had no idea the domain each issue size three yak and they actually were very close that would designers to ensure the clothes fit properly for shorter when it. Yeah it's it's amazing how many different body types are out there and I know I hate it a little on the industry in the and that's in them more in this morning. But lake it is impossible. To fit every single body tight but it is nice to see that there are people that are trying to at least accommodate some of the more. Typical things like being short is typical right I'm five foot ten and now there are plenty of places that I can buy jeans that are. Long. Sound mean and it's it's a good start so I take a look at the link at our website and then finally we talked eager value let's talk about dvds food and talk about books because both of them right now are movies and books. One of army is that the traditional sense like the dvd and in the actual hard cover solve our paperback book. And then your other the virtual ones which is in your Kindle and then you know the movie the stored on Europe Europe roku are yet whatever. I'm NAS if there was a study that came out here and ask people to value this and they said in essence I'm willing to pay more for something I tens of Lincoln hold in my hands move to dollars and 64 cents more for a physical book copy over an electronic book copy. Three dollars and ninety once it's more for dvd of a film vs a digital copy. I get it I get it at is the tangible thing that you have in your hand and there's a movie that comes out the lake. But Mitch is a huge transformers fan right and I always buy him the physical dvds and all the transformers because it's just it's a collection it's a thing that he really likes and to see them there is is I don't know we watch them do on dvd. Or for someone who I grew up left it at the tail end of albums but I really did enjoy what was called the album arts. Yeah where you would look at the pictures why you're listening to the album and really went away. With these you know with Napster coming in and everything being electronic in the end it's just it was a really good art form in my opinion yes there we just don't have anymore. And they often now I find because Mitchell still I guess we do the same thing like killed by me CDs on my favorite artists and I come out. And may include so much more now in their album. Then just like the lyrics for the songs right there was a little book in the last one he got me and it was just so neat to read and it was some insights into the Al Baughman art work and it's just really cool. I was having CD in my CD player just has a backup and I don't listen to anything else just like that discipline on track got. Sarah says that's not our recap of the show we're on the air Monday through Friday between five intend to listen to us then or listen to is on the podcast we appreciate it.