11.3.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Healthy Way To Eat Halloween Candy-Macho Lips

Friday, November 3rd

With Thanksgiving less than three weeks away, we covered how to start your prep so you aren't rushed or stressed as the holiday gets closer.  Plus a healthy way for you to eat Halloween candy and the plastic surgery that is sweeping Miami and it's called, "Macho Lips!"  It's the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, November 3, 2017.


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It's games and just aren't you should ask me we are we were pathetic little bit breaks open we're back China to wake me OK okay what is this Friday we had a big time change which is nice this. Get an extra hour sleep and he began ball back. Isn't you know what though they say that physics a significant increase in traffic accidents I believe that the Sunday after the time change my University of Alabama Birmingham says. 10% increase in the risk of heart attack the Monday and Tuesday after daylights it and I've really think we should just stop the practice altogether Y I it's just I'd. The mean a whole ideas to conserve energy about it did you know for what you happened earlier than your still using that energy rights. Didn't like them are exactly exactly here's here's the one we think we're getting more sleep Brighton Michigan State University says when we fall back that'll be this weekend. We only gained twelve minutes of sleep not an hour over in the spring. When that hour's taken away we lose forty minutes easily. Point so I think in the Malloy we do keep doing the swears to be dead at. That's why people die a yes so then I say things. The penalized for 36 years in you've been basically taking a third of my life every time we do that's right just like the kids Texas. I sticking your life slowly let's talk about nail polish right here assets we are talking about kids and and mothers are expecting on the things you wouldn't really think about but. A lot of that nail polish especially cheaper stuff is really toxic and pregnant women are advised not to not. Used a nail polish when the preference -- your when your body will absorb it through the nail and it's actually it's a formaldehyde O'Toole yen and subject LD BP. Guide futile fall off off off exactly can actually affect the reproduction system respiratory and immune systems which are kind of important jam thing but they've got something that's free of those chemical you know even if you're not pregnant I don't think I'd wanna put anything toxic on my fingers national Roman check -- no college now gather something called the three free which is all a free of that particular stuff you know if I was to read these ingredients to -- tango. Are they natural or they chemicals ago. Who's gotta be chemicals were Thomas a local butyl acetate ethyl acetate and Newton and vitro cellulose yes that now sounds like it's all this chemical made missiles are all natural answer right now a lot of Lamar produce like buy apples and most of the other ones do the things like an apple but in US affair the hard part it's naturally occurring and those things you should be putting up on your fingers tips in a few you don't which means eight to Britney it's a go get him any pity you make sure that you're using the there's three free. An apology or finally more and more coming out so you can bring your own right to a many petty you and I thought I was gonna say they don't look like down on you if you bring your own actually just make this step be easier so bring your own zone as a glass of wine Jessica's been in the Norah I think my bottle with me everywhere but I Iranian nocturnal they're saying about genuine that he didn't let's talk about Thanksgiving. Less than three weeks away. More and didn't attend a payment of this is the time you really should be getting together your list of people your dinner menu and your game plan how you gonna bring it up so I guess number one is college people gonna show up and you wanna get firm reservations firm confirmation yes which actually means you might actually need to call and speak to see me on the phone which against Christians who own. Does not have a feature that Don no no I disabled it awful calls. Call me get a bit of voice analysis this is down text me that there's. Always you write a friend who had who has is what's know as perfect Jesus. I'm studies in a phone right now. I'm like that's probably the most accurate. It got us there's. I literally ignoring minority right now. So big so I didn't get to finalize your guest list and also check make sure they have any if they have any food allergies and a lactose intolerant. I need need need gluten free diet or whatever and then go ahead and start making out your your main you know not in your head you probably should write it out your electric Turkey. And your gravy kind of gravy GNU real gradient or Bob there's a lot of things you can do ahead of time like the pie some of the desert and things you can prepare so you're not just stuck one day. In the kitchen also consider your slow cooker instead pot which is the thing that McChrystal has what. Is like to beamer right cooks rice and how long three minutes that's in grow rice takes twenty minutes reflect real rice minute rice twelve minute chicken and only ten minute dinners at seven minute dad's. An epic could not delegated that. But you know that in and think about that with Thanksgiving Leah you can use your slow cooker in you know maybe the details and there are new and took them a little bit longer so there you go up but you're also gonna wanna wash your fruits and vegetables when you bring them home from the store discussing things like apples as being apple sees them. And Chris is found a really cool easy way and you probably already have the stuff in your pantry. To use a you don't have to buy a good deal of the year adjustable washed up to actually get the pesticides out of those apples and some of the fruits right in its is something that we've is probably universal cleaning agent speaking soda and water at all makings. You which one do is and get you like 88 tablespoon of baking soda to two cups of water whatever that mixture is in Phillip you're seeing with the and submerged the the food items for anywhere from 1215 minutes now we'll get rid of most if not always opposed the sites at school I know enough about this healthy food stuff what about. My leftover Halloween candy your candy all right well let me emphasize this is the fund's size not the regular sized candy bars but. There's actually a healthy way and a half the time to eat Halloween candy. And it's right after your workout see this is brilliant. I think this is wonderful if you make that protein shake after the work out your body's gonna want some sugars don't absorb the protein right. Where's a good source of sugar Chris any bar well. Absolutely but let's also your body will be burning the stuff off too well and also works on the flip side is W putting it in your protein shake you're not going to be having three or 45 candy bars you're going to be folder from the protein shake. So you're still getting the best of both worlds a delicious Katie goodness yup although Christa did bring up a good point probably not a good idea to put your skills and yes but trying to monetize Marty's those well over the horrible and that storm meets good and you're already good players now. Yeah root beer barrels. What about circus peanuts but the plastic and circus peanuts rule and the like they're not they're not at a circus nor are they subpoenaed I've never tell you can enslave a wall with that's true I can be used as a flotation devices are your protein shake after your work I put. Little bit Halloween champion there but. What do you wanna make your lips big guys you should look tough macho mount any way I did this story the the latest trend in Miami is it's not self tanning. It's not just sit ups now's macho mouth when you like your mouth to look like Brad Pitt I guess people overlooked and it's eight and I guess and making full lips that are feminine and I guess some of the best slips on the planet. Our lineup Brad Pitt's face training teams face Harry styles and Harry can build cable the you know but I came up I Bible and the card actions and that their ilk. I'll listen for a lot of things yeah. It this is as wrong now router society and how much is this they're gonna like it's like for a grand some plastic surgeons gonna do little sum to inject me injections into this pathetic you're Superman's X is to make your Olympics but just the bottomless pro at the bottom up in the mail to make a little bit of your that the base of your nose so I guess for for desirable masculine looking lips. The top looks a little smaller than the look the bottom of the little bigger. I think you've held a cartoon but I got trumpet player and half half. I can tell you. I've never noticed I mean and cern an attractive feature on a man but yeah I couldn't tell you that Brad Pitt Channing Tatum pairing styles or Henrik the bills let's look like I have a failing. You're gonna be doing this as right after me I will because I wanna see what people are thinking if those are the most requested ones. I am very curious what people think is. An attractive lip. By the way they say that the these men objections so over the last year have to search by over 74% that's a nationwide unbelievable Ottoman giving out plastic surgery these days. Don't men have 4000 dollars that it's been on something else elect an iPhone in ten. Maybe now we might have for a drama that's how much each of them are a thousand bucks a guy you pay this can delete your yeah that's the most expensive. Smartphone ever just came out today you know on the morning than November 3 came out and others kid out of Australia. He's a Smart kid I liked this kid sixteen years old he had two spots on line he Al. And he was in spot number 24 he decided to sell spot when he tied to the highest bidder nearly three who were put like a little full mobile chairs on the front of the store and he had to cheers out there he just sold one of them to a guy different person for 500 bucks so. He made a little quick money sued and pay full price respond puts a picture up and mr. Graham goes who who wants to bet on this had a white board out there with all the information put it up on its program enough. Somebody pays acute 500 bucks or gets a thousand dollar phone for a price I think we should do for the appellate Christmas parade. Let's go and just take its iron and out there and then we can just a little bit kept him up on eBay and see what happens and somebody is listening right now is already waited around Garnett listeners probably already out on source Rangel of probably eighth with a fifth that was our show for today I don't forget daylight savings time skins it this weekend and also change the battery in your smoke detector this weekend you know we'll talk due Monday. ABC.