11.29.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Ugly Sweater Sweater-Coconut Oil For Tastier Cookies

Wednesday, November 29th

A restaurant owner in Germany apparently marked playing cards with radiation to cheat unnoticed!  Plus upside down Christmas trees and car care myths debunked.  It’s all in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show podcast for Wednesday, November 29, 2017.


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Lowest an idea point 5 KG day morning show recap for Wednesday. November 29 tablets marching into the month. Oh boy it's that to match. She's paychecks away from Christmas but the tomorrow and then fifteen yeah. Mine and we guess is in its you have to have a putt put on a credit card you get one more we will get paid at the end of December an idea and just let it float let you guys letter I've been trying so hard tonight I did pay up my credit cards some like trying so desperately Nazis use them at all but it is. It's like very tempting to yes it's it's like when you get by the money transferred the automatic transfer and your county news wait who's now the automatic payment yeah so. Just for a second there that I'll look at that what doesn't cost us that's coming back pay money to do right away and I kept. I have that fun feature that text me anytime I have a deposit into my counts. And they're really patted the initials all the money hey literally by the time I log into my account you had money it's gotten. Obama but I thought I've this is a cool feature we talked about this morning on on on the phone and and me and it's really gave. When you have like standing in line at least I've noticed that have actually caught people looking at my phone is yet. Edit I'm sorry and a slush. That's me is how rude possibly nude Google pixel thought I've heard a lot of good stuff about this phone I'll have a cousin has it. A great camera understand yet has a really good camera but there's actually it will alert you. That some of speaking overlooking picture your phone by a giving rainbow vomit picture. And they did keeping for alarm when you say it took only two milliseconds to analyze someone's else's eyes are on your phone yeah it's called it's a good the electronic screen protector feature and basically if he sketches anybody else's face it'll take a snapshot. And then only use that test that chat filter out after you know rainbow vomit and put it over there facing a summons over your looking and shoulder that's technology's been around for a long time goes by that I cameras back and it anyway before the via cameras on the phone got really good and the EC a little square. Up in it's it's trying to focus is trying to focus on the fate after that facial recognition been around for along yeah. So hopefully they'll bring out to other phones so I would really rely I'd love that so that it he'll email as you that picture of it takes a picture of the person over your shoulder death descends in on your own strain and there you go you'd like what do you do him good. All right super cookies are on the way believable guy has got the one ingredient that you could probably having your pantry right now that makes it. More than a sugar cookie yes. Our sugar cookie its scope and add oil thought. I'm Chris according this yes they say adding coconut oil to you to go along with the usual butter flour sugar and and whatnot connects to be game changer you could feed us three particular things. It makes it taste to richer. Butter add some taste and it's too delicious but when you bacon realize that butter has water and it. And therefore some of that taste goes away coconut oil does not have water and therefore just kind of lingers in there and makes things yeah I mean here. It also. It adds a little bit more flavor as a said because of of the fat content in there as well. And it actually does pretty good when your cooking sometimes either you know the door over round of the big caches and cookies and a brown fast I guess that kind of negates that a little bits appeared shaken like snowflakes a snowman it's not as brown as it would be he didn't have anywhere. And then thirdly it'll make them last longer because the coconut oil has a higher fat or fat contents there's no water on the waters were makes the the shelf life yeah he's gonna have that so he didn't go for the refined coconut oil will not add any flavor coconut in into at all yes and which you wanna do is you know just cut your butter in half and the replaced at half butter with coconut oil. On my cookies Crawford two cups of butter it's going to be a tub of butter in a couple of covenant and there you go look I should add the same flavor and make it even better this missing a lot of stress out of my cookie party in a couple weeks is usually we spent all day cleaning the house and then baking the cookies and everything and I can bake on the week and they won't get stale. There you go to ask her senses pretty good you are kind of I think he would do this to be having Ernie had a tree given that's the upside down tree I would 100% in north just yet. Which is you get your give me it's on us to figure out a way to get it upside down might do it next year gaga business with Christmas trees are like in Australia. That have a but I mean tech specs yet they are upside down rocky guys upside down in the waters is a word. Hamas or the other you know it and you can gigabyte of the F fake trees now all the big stores that's the big thing this year and it is better rounds of the twelve century I guess in Central Europe they did it two up. Two Rivers in the holy trinity. And I guess now it's people are kind of doing it so upwards of 500 to a thousand bucks. I'm not sure it's. I don't I don't think initials stand for buying one that's ready to go. I think he'd like the challenge of hanging entry from our ceiling gaga then tech engineering the yeah you would think you're ornaments would show up a little bit better maybe. Mr. not down into the branches as much true and branches usually go down so viewers hanging upside down the branches would be a little more tots so they finding better and the it's harder to get cats in your tree. Merrill will still get in there but I'm Smart he watered if it's a real tree because you know it was a little water and now is knowing alliance. So on issues is gonna at the lead and tiger mostly fake trees power they have via an Iowa Santa. All of a sudden -- car care myths the debunks it a lot of this stuff especially the comes from your daddy granddad I I got a call my dad let's go to on the list are here are 3000 miles not necessarily true anymore you can go upwards of 7500 miles unknown oil changes some of them actually even go up to ten to 151000 -- are tired of Reading on the just make featured your restaurant owner's manual so good tire pressure do I go with what's written on the tire itself no not at all they say out that that's actually the maximum that the tire pressure we'll have that you don't really want to see what this puppy will do OK I don't really want beg your excellent and go what the manufacturer's suggested this usually a little sticker by the door GM yeah that'll tell you that and then finally should you. Warm up your car how warm the car at a time I make it less than a snow bank yes you know I ain't seen in me is like yeah of course you do to get to hear gone but apparently. In in the old days it was to get the oil heaters that we would start to move going through your engine but we don't have to do that anymore. The new yet they engines they say these cars are so you perfectly built that doesn't take very long for the cars to warm up and actually by having just idle independents you know adding. Carbon dioxide in Clinton's back into the air so. I Jeremy Allison maintenance and as we literally we get on him every day concede he does that thing worries two seconds too late for school or work yes it is like. And within this within the millisecond here in the door close you hear the car leaving and I relatives or always like yeah and well I'm. It is our it is a fun note as I needed Texan the number six to eight because we're six minutes and 28 seconds into this podcast when you unveiled his eyes. Wow so I'd just death so that number to be cannot. This is. Very interesting you know this people they cheat at cards has been around as long as card games have been on the nurse card counting some people would mark mark cars and yeah I think this story you're gonna realize never let the guy brings on deck yeah yeah policing journey haven't covered it cheating restaurant owner who I apparently. Marks thirteen playing cards. With iodine 125 that's a radioactive substance used in medic medicine and re real active yes so what he'd like it's special glasses the SE it on the mark cards you can see it was special glasses and you know just for the simple fact that you're having a radioactive material but yeah. I was too. It's a little bit of a problem so the funny thing is is it was a restaurant in Berlin. They actually found out by the garbage that was coming out of this restaurant it's like they're Geiger counters went crazy and I guess they have them at the dumps there yes so they chased it back and lo and behold they now have had to close the restaurant to decontaminated home don't know how many people have been affected don't know what that was used in cheating but I'm reading between the lines of Michael IKEA teased and she's. Had how many people now have radiation poisoning in their outline how and maybe wasn't the food and maintenance and maybe at another reason. And then finally the ugly Christmas sweater tradition is going above and beyond thanks to the developers of periscope we've put this swept in sweater and I really did. Wetter better player yen itself looks like rules Heather gray swisher she would Wear to the gym like rocky Warren yeah. Except it has priest sweat sweat stains in the armed heads and on the front you can had your predetermined sweat stain any resemblance of a snowman. Or gingerbread man. Or Christmas pretty nice person mr. if not exactly August sometimes in the movies you tell their faking a scene where a guy's been running or some. Bill you tell lease despray aren't in the resources radio is a big circle around here I India and the under the arms. You just use a spray bottle yeah I concede that well if you wanna get this one has forty bucks he gets a ginger bro a this snappy tree or the abdominal snow person comes. They didn't make these and sweat pants. Troops source favorites like. Two statue of David he oh man that thing is to disturb our. I'll on all my thieves right here well answer to get there was apparently very cold in the about it. Articles. So that's our show in a nutshell prisons off the next couple of day yeah. See you back.