11.28.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-New Warning About Eating Raw Baking Ingredients-Squat More

Tuesday, November 28th

Now you can own a piece of deep space history that’s aboard the Voyager space crafts.  A new warning to avoid eating raw baking ingredients and a nod of your head is the best way to become more likeable!  It’s all in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Tuesday, November 28, 2017.


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I'd just an idea point 5 to educate morning show you were listening to our recap podcast know where worry alchemy and listen. We were here you weren't here we're all young they weren't there we cook in slave for the show all in this day and night for you this is the respect we get come I mean they're listening to us twice because they love us that much you're right now much let's go with that's what I'm gone all right it's the recap for Tuesday November 28. And this kind of caught was interesting after the act we did this on the air Kristen had a really had no idea why that this was on the guy had no clue Voyager space probes but there is a gold record on its. And it's actually four aliens if they ever encounter or they can now you know see and hear what things are here on planet earth. And we've never really know what's on there other than ax excerpt here there but. There's a company called awesome ROs and our records that is releasing a two CD sets. A basically everything that's on that recorded biscuits and space cool and includes the spoken greetings at 55 languages music from Bakken Chuck Berry. Sounds of waves laughter earthquake crickets chimpanzees. Thunder rain footsteps even babies crying in whales singing. At a make the neighbors for a haven't heard and actually has that included an 815 various images so as it's fifty bucks again you get the two CDs along with 96 book web page book. Anywhere really wanna hang out for the vinyl enthusiasts. As their base three vinyl album boxer coming in February this is crazy I can't imagine. I wanna listen to this as a human now to hear all those things yeah that this entire movie the first Star Trek through the motion picture. Was all about this particular spacecraft and if an alien race founded which is kind of the the reason for those records being and there are case because things are already passed our solar system now it's in the you have an acting now I didn't think coming back but it 40000 light years away from the the closest planet. Six somebody stumbles across it it would if they think it's a menu meant I. No it. I for one welcome our new dog and Lawrence Allen and make sure that they don't need me but there might be something on your menu that's causing act the F do you work out yet this is really true especially if you're into weightlifting are trying to you know the strength training yeah like that you you always hear about taking protein and you see people do like protein shake so if you've noticed that you've had kind of an outbreak of acne. Actually is they're two are combined numbered colleges are seeing more cases of adult acne and believe it's due to. High amounts of protein in particular the walkway eat protein. That's is the how to form that we attend do I eat and drink that's made from mock how milk rights. So they say if you notice that you might wanna switch to elect of Egan protein to see if that solves its. And if it does well good treaty figured it out if not do well there you can more problems and a and a. All this time when I was doing power lifting I was drinking. Wave protein shakes with almond milk because secondly there was something upsetting my stomach and wasn't shared by the united eventually got diagnosed with lactose intolerance my how. And it was oh what it was the way I was in the mail and I literally I didn't even pay attention well I mean I didn't know then but yeah. II lingual we're doing this earlier I texted Mitchell's like the whole time. You it was quietly hold tie up the way you. There are among Kurds. Have. It castles here it's a year ago when you were doing restaurants right. I bad trainers have told me these if you could only do one exercise at the gym with weights all right. A dead lift there's probably an mysteries of life that that as a squad involved lebed dead left. Is probably the best exercise and the second would be. Doing squats and lunges. Yeah listen squat from my best that's. Wait at their power lifting her well they actually say you know because there's all this talk you know into people here working on the stand at desks and did you reset all they had spent an hour at least and now the same beast handled it as bad for you. Odd and there's actually saying that you need to really increase your range of motion and what time is to squat name they kind of look it's. Mankind throughout the ages and if you need to do is look at atomic drop something I'll watch him they'll goats is due perfect form squad out and pick it up person now form not banned from the way Erie down enough excitement it totally makes sense what they're saying is that when you take a break from us sitting you'd asking you do that walker on the billing may be didn't you leave. Before recent economic do a couple of squats if you can't. Just to kind of teacher back in lining your years here stretching and that should help you out now feel better which is a kind of like the Third World bathrooms are like that yes it's like a hole in the floor. And and you squat which gets us to the warning not to eat raw bacon products but a woman is an ID two I was about to selling out you know mass where you you in essence you have a little bit cheaper legs on yeah that today helps you I guess it rail lines everything the last candidate yeah stars are lying eyes that I didn't creates if you know what I mean. None other and not. But yet we are talking about raw cookie dough which I'm really do love zero in oh man I I would buy the and well isn't the whole house in the tubes in the transaction and is cut open the topic to start eating the though it can't hide its IR follow me and it's so good. But they did talk about ya it's the I've brought aid that's the sum and Ellis the problem but now they tend to think that not only it's the raw a happens to be the power but there's E. Coli that's laying in wait and flower. In its dormant until you at a liquid to certain so the whole time it's been the flower not mess and I could be the self Salmonella right but the flower is the thing that's that E. Coli bacteria the kind of victory get from raw meats yeah and CCs and also on like a lot of the assailants have been recalled because the because -- in his right so apparently bush band ever to yes so he rolled when he you're ahead via eggs and oil water that's when you be reincarnated nest and so they sit. To avoid eye infection by yet killing it with heat that's when you make itself no more licking the spoon after you pour the batter into the cake pan. And make sure to wash your hands with soap and water to prevent the spread of equal so if you've lost all your friends because you've given them bad cookie ago. You can get them back by merely nodding. Yeah what I learned in today's show yes I any way to describe it and and individual are with audio audio as. So outside. You know usually the more you'd be million nod and a girl. I don't know it's good for sales it's good for everything the yeah they have male on female babies say that if you just do a not that makes you almost a third more likable increases your approach ability by almost had a tough. See there's real lose me though. I nod a lot like you may see people and I feel like the polite thing to do is just that not to say hello now approaching me well that's when you do the quick turn your head and walk away yeah I wanna be polite and let people know lake. Who will have a good day I don't want you to top. To me I know you well as Ron Swanson circular desk passed yes. You have to shore and and you can get one you really you can up parks and rec apparently having a big yard sale that was the Essex common from 2092015. Set a fictional town upon the Indiana had. And what's her name Leslie no less than novelists or her around Amy Poehler are in all I think here name escapes me about the heat they're actually selling all the smell really probably about a tennis and to and it's over but if you grab it before December 1 you can actually bid on things from the show actually should from the show like T shirts and buttons mugs. From the Leisle no campaign. One of my favorites is though I met little Sebastien T shirt a blue. And there are all the proceeds going to the LA conservation corps so if you go to our website we have links to a you can them. In bit on my back and I can attest working in parks and recreation is just like the shell. I believe it sound man every day is an adventure when you're working for the government and this is just like W care RPI is here. Without the turkeys are color and I kind of small as I want this earth I thought turkeys if is it too. Well that's risky kept fighting now McCain. Four that's our show for today Tuesday November 28 of course you must to a slide Monday through Friday five to ten here TT PA BC I.