11.27.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Cyber Monday Shopping Aid-Christmas Ladders

Monday, November 27th

O’ Ladder Tree, O’ Latter tree!  Some are opting for a Christmas ladder instead of a tree this year!  Plus how you can extend the free trail offer for another 30 days and a couple name their daughter after their favorite restaurant.  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, November 27, 2017.


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Hi there it's a 98 point five gates again mornings are recap for Monday November 27. Let's jump right into it now. If you got an Amazon echo or Google home yes. They're listening to every single word whose name creep be noon creepy indeed but in actuality other listening for those or they say this for the listening for those command words like you know a ghoul or Alexa orca winner for computer out. Whatever it is and then what it does is it kind of figures out to which are asking and we'll store that question a comment commander whatever store often to little cash. So that you can go back and corrected if you need to. You know for instance if you know we have a funny pronunciation of a name or something like that or you say some things will be different needs to have learned a debt but you know. At least some embarrassing questions on there you might have had a drunk brother in law as sudden inappropriate material on there. I'm there's a couple of ways you can go gets basically delete that cash. For Alexa you wanna go into your Alexa app and select the settings they can do this in the your Amazon accounts from. And then that click on settings history and then delete the choir the inquiries individually if you like. We can clear everything out by. Going to your managing your content and they just deleting everything we've got the details of a gun on a website I was able to do that this morning but I do figure out how to get my Amazon app it's the same. App is the same mammal is on the she used to order stuff yeah you're shopping stuff come along the semis frugal you need to go to my activity dot google.com and click on the three dots in the top right corner and slick delete activity by and he can clear up that cash and a conversation. It never happens and I'm a much like fifteen minutes of tape that I recall from something as well. All right Chris junior got the tree up exciting rights. I probably do I opted for a little smaller tree this year to have so I'd probably do and we've just got because we have like 22 foot ceilings or something. So I'm Kelly just sixteen foot ladder last year I'm in MI is that on France and look at this little test. Yeah absolutely it's very much trained team we can probably think cancerous because of us sounds totally like a brand interest Edger object but. It's people actually taking bladders in decorating my Christmas trees putting all lights tinsel ornaments even a star candle at the top of a the letter Christmas trees here are some really ingenious. Christmas trees on their. I had a feeling this is meant for like. Those decorative wooden ladders that are a little more fancy vs Blake the high later orange one that I'm about the poll out how high letter aren't yeah that's a nice test of color who didn't you know they're every bit I finally got caught up on stranger things to Eude. Look I still lol it's kind of messed up I don't know I'm gonna buy it so you finish are you yes you -- we did finish it up indicted see that there are talking about stranger things 30 yeah they definitely left the door open so let's say you are you he perhaps maybe you're doing some Cyber Monday shopping or whatever to get the free Amazon prime thing whatever you were yet to free Netflix for error for whenever I'm on a free showtime trial right now so I'm listening I listen this here when that when you comes close to your trial time ending thus the start off with Amazon prime first off. If you go online and you use a cancel your subscription online before the thirty days is up. You'll be prompted automatically triggered up and alert that'll offer you an additional thirty days for free. They want you to stick around may yeah chance trial the the features on it. Power songs similar to Netflix and Hulu maybe you're you're showtime. Application as well the when he comes close to it to say you know and I really didn't and in this is all by the way eat you chat on line to talk to a person you know I had time normalizing you know I. And really haven't had chance to really try it out completely dies or anything you can do for me. Chances are they'll extend the free trial may be an extra thirty days may be little shorter but at least you get something three I don't know. It's worth a shot my mom I said you got to ask because if they don't know oh well. Yes and I've gotten like interest cards are interest on credit cards reduced my. I've gotten freelance of things we've gotten you know free HBO from our provider for a couple months just for saying. Yeah I've been a closer furlong time I see got all these promotions for new customers are looking you do for me yeah your stab us runs yeah yeah. Thought this is a good tool if you are too like your your busy shopping to make many seek expanded just as fast as you make it took a look this is kind of cool there's a couple of. Add ons you can add your browser that will actually shot for you end they'll find the lowest price where to buy it in wind to bide its lowest price. First one is called camel camel camel you really want and noble logic behind the Nittany live in out of the story may it actually works and Amazon I help you map out trains and find the best time to buy items on the site very interesting to know probably more information you never need it like graphs and tells you about like compared of web sites where you could possibly get a cheaper but it's an absolute free service another one it's called invisible hand. And this one actually will look online issue they can find item that you're getting ready to by deceiving divided and cheaper price than cool feature about that when is that you know like sometimes when you go to buy things it'll say it will say we have put in the shopping cart to see with prices. It's kind of bypass is that you can exceed the price before he continued shopping cart which is super helpful and nice. And then guide your favorite restaurants would you name your child after it and I'm not uncommon hard path on this one now I don't know judgment. No judgments maybe if you named your child the colonel wouldn't be so obvious. Chicken at the give Justin and Jordan cartoon. They're expecting their daughter coming up on December 6 they aren't picket named out four and it's kind of based in their favorite restaurant the olive garden they're gonna call her. Olivea guardian TA RTN. To not yet cartoons that are guard Dan there you go Kart that's close enough I guess and so they say you know I we've purchased the pasta passes before we had many dates there we love the olive garden so you know why it's. We're going to spend the rest of our lives loving Olivea Garten. None of them they try to do like the baby shower there summoned to olive garden. I'm telling him that you have they're choosing the right path that you know going you know major visibility here and that's because I feel like olive garden is gonna do something I follow up will be. Garden tour be showers and and I gave a thaw this freeze. I have free bread sticks from a I'm not only for a Olivia and yes only through Libya would you know here if if you've been following the show on the podcast you know we always trying to improve your lie. That you have the highest quality of living including being the person who pops the champagne cork. So that every week rather's everyone's attention nobody wants of fizzled cork right this everybody wants a good launch and just like Massa that. We've got to mathematician maybe not socially best but had a little extra timing it figured out the optimum sound of that cork popping. In essence they say that the pop resonates and anywhere from 8000 hurts to 121000 hurts in the sound spectrum. Which is the optimal range wherever when your ear your endorphins are gonna go firing off like did I just here's champagne. I'm Mike and so here's how you do and are you ready yet you wanna chill a bottle of champagne and ice in the buckets not in the fridge. Wind chill for about forty minutes to reach is an optimum temperature 44 point six degrees Fahrenheit all right then using a slight hand pressure proceed to uncork the bottle tone for sits. And no make that wonderful. Sound area that everyone absolutely love my third for the I. I'm gonna try it I think storm should video it because use yeah you have champagne on right now. Usually yes yes I don't we champagne at home right now that's a mind zone nothing to pop the rest of a storm had champagne I would just presidency is the Pope Catholic. I thought hey I know why in the suggestion came sometimes more at lake festive during although we are in the holidays so I sort of interim ice probably at some champagne. Absolutely well that's our show for today of course relied Monday through Friday between five and ten. And of course were on the pocket opening ten minutes and I'm like the BC.