11.22.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Trick To Treat A Stinky Garbage Can-How To Win A Wish Bone Contest

Wednesday, November 22nd

The best and worst days to buy a Christmas tree?  We find out!  Plus, the secret to winning the wish on a wishbone pull and retail store employees are attempting to sell their uniforms online for customers looking for a black Friday advantage!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Wednesday, November 22, 2017.


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Hey there hi there ho there yeah. Where is going to be it's the MI CU KTK. That's right the decades he mornings are recap for Wednesday November 22. Kind of like Friday because we're taking anti us feelings getting in and Black Friday off we have our imbedded reporter in front of best buy yeah Bradley Miller. He is he's why it would cease camping out but they've actually put up barriers this year so he had to leave the senate is tense he's been chair layout yes I did find out he's in mind for a 65 inch TV look at him and home entertainment center you know every is every year with his buddies yeah I think he's on yearly. He's number two in mind he accepts coffee and hot cocoa. But that he he's he's camp and out man he's been there since last night I'm no different MM yeah we're just talking yesterday about how Black Friday is more about just spending time in making traditions and yet. Yeah tradition I suppose you got he's the first one this year like he's the first of his group. But his home means things are even invited into a game. Oh yeah how they arrest this plays. Column analysts say this the show we're talking about this guy it's only a Florida story has deliberately driving your car into another one to prove appoints. A lot about it is well in heaven and hours difference 61 year old Bruce homer of Claremont he's have been noticing the drivers are blocked off stop signs and intersection for quite some time. He is and his wife was nearly hit by another vehicle rolling through a stop sign and so he decided to take the law into his own hand Sunday. He actually drove into a path of an SE that didn't stop at the intersection calls the airbags in the SEB to go off. Fortunately nobody was hard and even to bring his 911 call a flat out said well admitted it even say he he did and that. And essence he caused the accident he said this is what I told you would happen on my. So now he got to have been with two counts of aggravated battery and with a deadly weapon as well as reckless driving some serious stuff yeah I didn't realize and so on somebody did hit and run on me that reckless driving is probably one of the worst charges that angrily I don't like I'd like so much moving valley she could count. Asked by my very very very first accident it ever got into. I was going up the hill in the rain and I accidentally ran into a woman that was stopped at the top of the hill I wasn't anticipating it. And the police officer said flat Alex I should charge you with reckless driving because I caused heard it can hit the car in front of her mom you know the only charge me with careless driving while which simply got me points on my license you know reckless driving would have been something like a misdemeanor and it's crazy crazy if you notice when you take the garbage out that the king and still smells so we have bad but I'm reminded of a time when Mitch put rock chicken. In the trash can or not in a bag. All I know I'll how long did you do linger there before you realized I about two days Wyoming and the flies for the size of my sits on oh wow yes grossed a man all right so here's a quick little tip that you can do to get there rid of that smell it involves cotton ball and yeah. So we end some essential oils what you wanna do is UN a lather the cotton ball and essential oils and then just drop it in the can between a lawyer in the and the kids genius and then once a week or so just swap it out. Basically the essential oils really good for cleaning up those lingering sense and the beating you can use like lemon grass oil actually is a natural bad odor bouncer now died treaty Oilers which allows helps well obviously combat bacteria big oil's deter rodents. And Davis of the called I mean oil in EM connect he does what. Cool cool all critical stuff their Christmas trees that fever is going on here so according to square that's technology company. Their processes credit card payments they say in essence the Saturday after Thanksgiving is the worst time. To buy. A Christmas tree there right this Saturday yeah I would be the only need the first Saturday of the of the weekend that's that's probably when the crowds are going to be at their worst in him. To avoid crowds you wanna go for your tree in the middle of the weakening keep in mind the closer you get to Christmas the deeper discount you're gonna get the trees here. Savannah encountered the deeper. Woods trees. Half begin a little closer to Charlie Brown Christmas. Tell us routes during a death that. Let's see here I'll just like I probably wouldn't Thanksgiving wishbone wish now you probably need if you listen to his later. You'll probably keep this in mind for next year to this strategy to winning the wish when you take out a Turkey wishbone. I first thought he got to let it dry out a little bit the best place and a little bit of the science because there's the collagen said the bomb that when it dries out it becomes brittle and that's what makes a snaps and that's important information half. Which one do is hang onto your wishbone get thicker side there's two sides to the once little thicker than the other and if you had the option go for that went most importantly. Don't move. See and that's a mixed as to me he doesn't move. And I get anxious animal is like. You know I call you know you all look the other person yet although principle what happens is that puts all the pressure on your end yep if you're telling and that's what's gonna snap and choke up bottom a little of that yet get a little higher up on out and then if all else fails and it's convince your opponent to some what to quit. Twist their us side because bones army to twist and that should make a break it's as well all right and happy Thanksgiving which bombing. That's for sure. One last thing I know well enough Thanksgiving itself and that's about to foods that are okay for your pets mainly aid you keep in mind that dogs and cats. They eat very bland food gas even though the descriptive words are great. So when you give them anything of human foods is gonna be little rough on their tummies. I know one thing that surprised me was stuffing his back as it has the onions yes the the onions and garlic that's actually bad for their can damage the red blood cells they also say cranberry sauce containing grapes raisins. Actually aired at our music you have bad for them as well. And nexus agreed he's not good because it has so much fats that they're not used to engine you know you can have little surprises later wow. That's happens in our house only feed our dogs anything's not table and own my Guinness with the exception of carats of we have cared to the table they eat them but then we get surprising. Yes the cure it's okay green beans are okay EB your mash and and and sweet potatoes are rookies on your dads before you as it is the sugar and the the Milken is trails up like that turn your dollar dollar into an Egyptian dog why an Egyptian dog. Leaves little pyramids around. There are. And then finally this is probably one of the big bid charm stories here because you know how a joke we'll just kind of blossom into a trend. This avenue a guy earlier this week on Twitter. He I joke he was a joke but it started a movement he said they he had a Wal-Mart vesta news in itself for a hundred dollars. And the description was you can use it is skip the lines of Black Friday at Wal-Mart boy. Well that's helped through many people wanna skip the line is you've got inundated with offers to divide that the vast for a hundred dollars CAC and eventually had to fess up and say wait a minute. And actually joking I don't even own line I just took a picture tells a lie damage there's nothing here you know stop it. But why this time his swing had been re tweet more than 20000 times my guy and he's got the attention of Wal-Mart. Part actually is another message to all their managers to question anyone wearing a Wal-Mart best that they do not recognize this is could be stamps and and the best prizes its its bond other retail employees to sell their uniforms. There is tweet that we have up on our website at somebody working for best buy it to pull those are selling for 110 dollars my favorite is a guy from target the target the target shirt. And into the khakis yet we've by the little name tag a throw in the big khaki tonight's spirit so I think that was kind of ideas and that that's true I have aka a green. But insured and had to be very care final walk in a public swearing narrow Alley because people look online order they're going yeah yeah I think that it's there yet public screen and and like no I don't work. Here you know whenever salespeople into target it's across the street from our house studio and he's literally never been in there and his brain and Marie shirt and khaki pants and he comes back to work and you like why do people constantly asking where things are it was like pay attention and time if yes you know. Uniforms what happens when I Wear scrubs in the hospital. And kept quiet and obviously Arianna I can have a great Thanksgiving. We're on the airmen if you Friday between five it's in the podcast whenever ABC yeah.