1.12.18-KTK MORNING SHOW-Americas most secret airline is looking for a flight attendant-Clean yo kitchen with toothpaste

Friday, January 12th

How often do you wash your pillow? Do you use the same kitchen towel to wipe counters and dry dishes? We go over how often you should clean household linens.  Plus this reason is the number one reason a couple breaks up and America’s most secret airline is hiring!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, January 12, 2018.


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I there's not eight point 5 JT came morning show recap for Friday's. January well yeah oh we oh your lead star with a big secret you have big secrets a cool job you would think view there is. Probably the most secretive airline in the world is publicly looking for a flight attendant. So there's there's an. In the Nevada desert you've heard of area 51 right yeah overall video space those aliens live you know urgently stuff that we don't know very top secret their wealth. If you and IA and and Christen and I and move we needed to get there. How do we get there because on talk as a super secret air force bases but there's one airline that's a secret air airline. That nobody ever talks about infected isn't even have a name that's how seeger to visit only hasn't named because it has its own terminal at the Las Vegas airport so it's an acrid him. Of Janet just another nonexistent terminal that so apparently they need a flight attendants. And they cut up and add the contractor or output of an add up on line. So it's I guess the job as is open to anybody you must be level headed and I clear thinking. While handling unusual incidents and situations. All if you have a top secret clearance that's a plus because the martian that he's generally does do this one little thing for us after short so if you do want to apply for the job and do quickly and sure they've got to play any applicants we have via. Managers that are website so deepening Europe here in a pony tail when you work out so you might actually be giving your self. A problem it's called the could leave your bald yeah out at Propecia believe his restaurant that's that traction Allah. Now so what you wanna do is overly tight hairstyle such as wearing your hair and a tight pony celebrate can put too much traction. On your hair in your hair follicle from the happening Kristen when judge you had a gym right. It did it did I didn't go bald like what the attraction like each actually pulls Harrell from lake their roots. I had it where your hair when he gets wet it becomes very elastic so you can break it very easily. So when you're working out you constantly have wet hair. So I actually created like a pony tail breakage bring him I had to get almost eleven inches of my hair cut off you broke your hair I broke through my hair my mom told me I would break my hair one day because of how much take you do written it happened you know my ass mom was right so to prevent the issue still where Tony tell just. We're kind of looser there's a lot of easily till aids out there and Alex guarantees and the new I phone cord look and elastic than I did. Tons of French braids for awhile to manages to some than their. Frontier and there you go so how often are you washing your Pelosi we've gone on the we've we've got a whole list here of those things you should be watching in our Chris and I failed miserably at the well they were followed up with a motivated or is we would you really should be doing this with your bed sheets they should be washed. Once a week at the bare minimum in hot water because they say we swept the equivalent of a whole bottle of perfume. And I nights is a death acting now so that's kind of gross how about your up pillow duvet. That should be launched a once every three months or to a Christian doesn't just by new pillows but yeah. Let's Syrians are what your bath towel I should wash at every two days or just it just change it out every two days right just running change every two days and other reason for that is you X Foley when you dry off and what who would loves dead skin cells more than bacteria oh my gosh it's funny for our Las Vegas all you can he's thanks. Good stuff there. Let's see here shower curtains you should wash those once about the plastic side it's inside the idea Bessie she washed her once a month to remove. Reduce Malden mill I build my watch when they turn black. I thought I watch that I replace it think three dollars okay Baston pedestal mats or should be washed once a week actually this is guild I'd bet the bath mat thing I gotta go ought I'll be doing wash here this week yes I think this that Renault under now. Often the case in your hand talents and multi functioning how's he should actually have went out for your hands. One Tel four dishes and of one tough for everything else. Should be changed out dealing with food and make sure you wash all the stuff in hot water. The number one sign of oral romantic relation isn't going to work out is fighting over money that in the blocks have been changed the out Esther yeah. There's Bankrate dot com said the most common fight between couples is over money and of that 60% of those fights. Over one's first spinning too much money or they were other one being too cheap. Really archive different spectrums as personalities goes well as well you know it's almost like before you get married or getting to a relationship you go should go over a budget together you off I would solve these problems absolutely and is adds toughness and is there's a lot of times people high credit card debt and our bankruptcy or loans. It's you know bank account information. Or how they you know they just hype that's on the significant other that eventually is gonna come out so why not be up front about it and do before you really get into too deep into your relations honey whose Ferrari is that par threes and mail. I could not be more different when it comes to money RI. Keeping everything out an open and then like honest and end the biggest. Life saver for a that's where your budget comes into your budget everything's out in the open you know to dispose of I don't have their own money though yes you can spend money on yourself we got to do that our budget I have a Mitch I think having kids yeah. You will that's the thing is they say and if you are somebody who likes to spend money or likes to save it. Had your own your mad money so you can do exactly what you want to do with it so good money in savings at Atlanta and I'd put money on the bills they pay every single bill for it will ever buy something for myself you know if you spent too much he'll mature at exactly that's. You just met today I'm making the thought. Yeah I mean who I know I. Do you know humble bragging is sob boy you know I can't. Standing head on all the time. I don't I always get asked to work on the most difficult assignments. You know at a million dollars I just can't live on that it's just tore half that's bragging masked by a complements. Word in essence you humility are the humble humble brag yes it's like you're trying to bribe which won a seem humble and everybody sees right through it by the way 70% of people surveyed said today loads it hits the answer thriller that's why can't go back to the nude beach. Op I'm back now let's talk about your kitchen shall. We from a new beats us let's see here to face no longer just for the bathroom and you keep the tube the of the white stuff in your kitchen because it actually works pretty good likes perceive him a watering on it. Wooden table like that and and Allen take that off and take it often just are just abrasive than not to get it off also. I have this problem times cooking with onions and garlic and stuff my hands smell like it right they say squirt some in your hands in and read your hands together that you reduce some of the smell as well have no idea you can actually use him in the toothpaste inside those plastic storage containers if you have any lingering sense maybe like spaghetti that's and several more hours and likely that still read F yeah Eddie sauce in the area to try a little bit of that that might work here and then you can do is ice removal of Pam in their before I put the spaghetti sauce in LA and won't stick. Good to know I hear yeah and then finally when you are done with the two of toothpaste couldn't cut the end out and squeeze as much you can into Europe. Garbage disposal how it's gonna run and warm water and that should clear giving nice look Minty fresh scent so there's your Simon for this weekend he got to watch the bath mats of towels and shower curtain and take toothpaste to the kitchen. I got its a three day weekend O'Reilly and that is which are going to be left. Well. There you go that's our show for today thanks so much for listening we're on the air Monday through Friday between five and ten ABC about.