11.20.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Five Eating Mistakes We Do During The Holidays-Trick In Getting Your Checked bag First After An Airplane Flight

Monday, November 20th

There’s a new underarm deodorant made from Whiskey!  Plus five eating mistakes we do during the holidays and the trick in getting your checked bag first when you arrive at the airport!  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Monday, November 20, 2017.


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And it's an idea point 5 TTP morning show recap for Monday November 25. Smell that so Larry I haven't been to a bar and a smile and Howard Chris found a deodorant made from whiskey yeah because we haven't made do you learn from is the name of my favorite yeah what is it. It liquor liquor. Passes allow so this is can actually secure server campaign ouster by a couple in Colorado she was pregnant and she. Much like Christians always on the search refining things that a key piece smelling nice that using a lot of chemicals healthier for and so she added because they were up against the wall she actually just took some hands sanitized or put it under armed and that there yeah and that gave her husband this idea to kind of research alcohol which in will be them you know it will kill the bacteria right right any actually found the trial and error whiskey seemed to work the best on who you knew you were dried out though. Yeah well he adds in some like it tees seasonings and flavors so maybe that's what kind of he's really the alcohol since or whatever. But they actually have launched pit liquor. But I'm. You look at the thought it like all liquor and then make it sound a little pimple on gas liquid AS. Maybe that's the edits to how we get through this thing that he's got. Do you have whiskey lavender was even relevant with key whiskey black pepper you can get to whiskey and Coker was canceled at. Seven dollar donation to get away I'll spray they say they'll lasts you a year. And you have a delivered by February 2018 too risky based dealer for the person who has everything in my as we'll get a stick a whiskey yeah. You can go for. And try not to either because I can be won on the mistakes you make during the holidays at these early common mistakes we all tend to make and especially of the holidays around when you're talking about adding about nine pounds per person. Between now and a year. So this is coming from a dietitians in May face say first thing is there's no off limits. It's the holidays you've been good all here Gordon splurge if you really wanna have that cream puff that something you'd. Heck yeah go for it but just remember don't have the whole box or don't eat the whole trend it once. Who who that's really what's kind of bad for you because if you did say that. You know you withdraw and hold hold back you're gonna do this whole mental thing of the script I'm gonna go into rounding you self sabotage yourself from. Whichever children Nestor they say here never ever go to a cocktail party or dinner on empty stomach yeah. Santa that whole myth about saving your calories you no really we know tutorial you can are you can save your calories which you know I try to tap the brakes on calories I write this week I'm going to present a things it was a remake. But Drake a bunch or water and got big glass of water or two before you go to that party and it make a big difference you know what they say is that you don't wanna go they're starved is here's what's gonna happen you're gonna eat their luck at a trough you knock and enjoy the food and you can over eat which is gonna make you feel miserable. So you don't wanna do that here plus. Choose what food you're gonna eat and this is kind of a good analogy there's a cookie on the table yes DI EGG to confuse you really want it or suggest there and you know you must eat at this we're not gonna waste a tightly. That's pretty much my methodology is yes I thought I eat stuff because I see it. But then I have to constantly think like. Oh exactly and that's really what you come to have to do when you're looking ahead of maybe going back for seconds to really want that much of the second sort of arrived just wanna have the flavor in my mouth to yeah it is getting my first Thanksgiving. With the whole lactose intolerance and I am going to be have to be more deliberate with what I eat relic which I think is gonna make me eat better. Should I drink. Yeah well below us and let us for sure. LT you have to with a thought process too it is there any kind of milk in this that's it milk and butter again everything's made with milk and butter nurture IA yeah I took over the mashed potatoes this year because typically they're made with cream and butter. So at least I can control a thousand of them and I can eat mashed potatoes. And then finally they talk about de you know if you do over indulge forgive yourself you're only human and comes once a year. Don't plan on the sabotaging yourself but if it does happen well just roll with the punches tomorrow's another day yap. Speaking of how low of hello we thought Thanksgiving food items that these this is from cheat sheet they came up with some of the most hated Thanksgiving food items. Some of them you may agree with some he may not but here's the list one among the top as the jello salad hear anything suspended in jello yeah table is just creep because it moves have it's kind of creepy and what doesn't want Ambrose show which is that canned fruits mayor Sheila series whipped cream and stuff. Coca yeah I didn't wanna say this on the air because well who knows if they're listening to see their. But Mitch is grandparents make pistachios salad and I think actually did say it but and I stopped refilled short. I. Have you had bad now what's what's and a it's made with marshmallow fluff book and so when I see pistachios Al there's no actual pistachios and it. It's a mixture of green jello and marshmallow fluff with marshmallows in it than what he's doing that I don't know but that's put her version of a Sally it is and Lee Jeter O'Neill loans that the person my side I was like no no way to know. Maybe he got some holes in the wall exactly. A McKnight yeah. And this of a surprise and probably this will be up for debates. Because it did here in the studio. That Turkey itself is something that a lot of people do just do not like it's amazing they like decides associated with the you know the stuff seeing the casserole and all that been like the car has been out of protein a day yet. Yeah of course makes sense yeah and you know like at me I'm not a big Turkey I love Turkey sandwiches I don't like Abraham Crowe left hander I am I had had and so wouldn't areas that. Here's a call trick to getting your luggage possibly the first to arrive went to get off that long flights. You wanna ask for a fragile sticker when your checking in an advocate with the at the gates reserve you have to fragile sticker the reported on the plane last December and comes off first. Or if there in a bad weather they'll kick it around like a soccer ball I think you'll sit on the surveillance video I do know that they when he when you get the because sesame wears an airline business when they get their heavy bag attack on yeah you can guarantee you they're not gonna give any love today diagonally and leave it like yeah electric Olympic event they're gonna treat like a heavy bags so. But he was yet they do say that that that actually could work for US is from travel and leisure they say also. Make sure that you know you have get a new sticker every time because of looks worn out and I an airline or not earlier pay attention to it I guess is not illegal or it may immoral to do hookers you could have some wind in the air and out. Those little three ounce of things you make me carry you. Out very fragile or else they may be considering upping your suitcase game and has quality like hard show bags look like they contain something delicate or importance he might wanna try it with a hard shelled bag. Let's have a clinical. Let's see Kristin we've decided is going to live forever regardless of being lactose intolerant out. And study that says in Sweden they but it really looked like 3.4 million singles Swedes yell or twelve year sentence twelve years this is a pretty dense study they found out if you have a dog you're gonna actually lived by the if you're alone and you have a dog you'll live longer yeah you're less percent to 11% less likely to die from heart disease in a third less likely to die from any cause whatsoever. They're not really sure what the correlation is that they do have some theories one of them is that you just more active when you have a dog and they need to go out out mini blog in a little love a little walk you know. On the most adorable sign at the beach this weekend and it says house rules. But the dog and let the dogs out let the Dow again let it out Ellen yeah I have to get it hurt so let's. You. They also do anything to shield general your mental well being is better you know a little better health because you have that it's animal that's with you give you over the companionship. And finally. A man I not believe Smart person but I do know the difference between a marijuana plant and a hibiscus plants. This is so ridiculous right here were and up Pennsylvania him where some couple had a tree fall their backyards of the call the insurance adjuster who becomes violent they're not home and he thinks side business plan is Merrill last week calls the cops. The cops search show up. She is he's not there she's at home. Half dressed they handcuffed bird would mutter putter pants on sticker on the back of a cop car. He comes home a little while later they handcuff him put him in the car with guns drawn. And then they realize dude it's just a hi this is planned well and early very. Disappointed in the police that if anybody that would know what you marijuana plant looks like when you're arresting somebody. They would be the first person to know if that was the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen on marijuana I do that's my best guess. I mean my gosh but anyways yet they're now looking at a potential this is suing the police department you know Terry incumbent serie de originally so. You know just because again we love police we love cops and do everything they do but you know and learn your plants I mean come on with a foot behind I had a little microphone I don't and on air light looks like I well I charges throughout the trust me haven't caught many enticements. We have got my front on and realize that you don't want your politicians. Anyways that is our show for today thanks for listening more on the air Monday through Friday except. This Thursday and Friday Monday through Friday between fact and gave BC yeah a name.