11.17.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Avocado Toast Christmas Tree Ornaments-Traditional Thanksgiving Dish Chefs Wish You Would Ditch

Friday, November 17th

It happens!  You lose your car in the parking lot but can you imagine your car lost for twenty years?  It happened to one man.  Plus Avocado Toast Christmas Tree ornaments and should you pay your host a fee for eating Thanksgiving dinner at their house?  It’s the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Friday, November 17, 2017.


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Hi there it's Crespo loan from the 98 point 5 KTK morning show. That'll only by myself today storm Roberts and Christa Miller I'd take some time off we've got some vacation. It's usability here and take Haiti case so they're using it for the loser so. Here's what we covered on another show today Friday November 17 2017. Really cool feature coming up huge numbers a lot of the heart sometimes to figure out when you're on FaceBook are the social media platforms if news's steak or if it's real so. Part of the the tightening up the belt that a FaceBook is proposing is something called a trust indicator they're kind of beta testing your right now but this is what will happen. Is when you see a shared story or if you share a story. And we'll post up to your timeline with a little icon on it went dead basically you can click on it and you learn more about the publisher. Finding out about their ethics their fact checking of the stories in the corrections they've ever made as well as who owns the site. And if there's any bias to the story so that should be able to out cut down on some of this misinformation that's floating around here. This is actually develops by the trust project an international consortium of news organizations. That transparent that want transparency to build more trust worthy entrusted press which I think is absolutely. Fantastic. Up now there's many a times I'm guilty of this forgetting where I parked my car especially if I go to two or three different areas. To shop offered yet and all the star walking and somewhere else well imagine losing a car for twenty years. Have a new guy in Germany parked his car and underground garage. And a building and I guess he somehow forgot where he parks. And he had a pretty good parking spot because when he came back. Easter look at force car confine its anywhere. In doubt after a few minutes of looking around he tallied just called up leasing Asem stole my car. So but they never ever found a car. And this happened back in 1997. And fast forward to this week. Where the building that that parking lot is on top of is going to some renovations so they're they're cleaning out the making the parking garage better as well so. The parking garage is clear except for one that car top two way and the spots. Look like he'd been sitting their for quite awhile so the construction company ended up the block calling in the police and about the license plate. And they traced it back to this guy. Yeah his car was install he just forgot were wise has been sitting their for twenty years unfortunately the time by sitting their for two decades had taken has told on the car was totally and drivable which is okay for the poor guy because he was 87. And I'm too old to drive as it is so that the car was finally thrown into the junkyard but at least the mystery was although not. This is pretty interesting as we get ready for a Thanksgiving it is coming up here and there is one true that the majority of professional chefs say that. Should be bumped off your menu are you ready for. Sweet potatoes topped with other and brown marshmallows now. Before your chin hit the floor in your hands fly up in the air it's not the sweet potatoes that is in the numerous past roles associated with a bit. As shouldn't be part of you mean you just have a problem with the marshmallow toppings. Here's the story behind it interestingly enough. The as sweetening a sweet potatoes. And has been around since our founding fathers sweet details have been around and on the table in fact that's the before the rust and everything that's what every what do you eat in fact The Library of Congress has a recipe for potato putting that has been around since 1797. So he can say it's been around here for quite a long time so fast court to the early twentieth century when sweet potatoes were college where the American dinner table. There was I know food creation called a marshmallow that came up. And much like a play of the most discovered by accident but it was pretty cool and now we got to figure out how to use this so I marshmallow company. Incorporated. A ardor rather commissioned a I outlook. Of the Boston cooking school magazine Jamie Canty hill back in 1917. She came up with a recipe. They called for sweet potatoes to be baked with marshmallows. On top. Yes the tradition was started the reason why chefs don't like this so much they say well they really is kind of there's there's no flavor to it it's kind of nasty and there's other ways you can make a much more flavorful. Without the marshmallows in the attic calories when chefs are just providing them with Ida Pope potatoes. And to add a little acidity and topping the dish with that pre leans for a textured sweetness. Sounds pretty good doesn't it. This is it's a singer shows you the power of the mind a man as there's two new studies out that I've found that knowing too much about your genetic risk. Of like heart failure diabetes high blood pressure can actually make you more app. Likely to suffer from the condition. One of the Yale University studies participants were told they were genetically this separate position to have depression for called having more symptoms. And the condition than those who were told they did not have an increased genetic risk. A second study for dismissed told them that they did not have high genetic risk for obesity. And they rate and this of the exercise is less important. And with the ones would likely more to eat unhealthy foods compared to participants not given this information. Pretty good huh shows you the up power of the mind. And by the power of ala Colorado to host its mated to a Christmas tree ornament yep just in time for the holidays. Hand crafted last trinkets. A places six thinly slice of O'Connell slices. On top of a toast to piece of bread. Just like the ones that you love so much and guess what it cost just as much as is now Mercado. The out of a country toast ornament pricey about seventeen dollars each you can get them from lust or let taiba. And then finally this is a question we put up as as a poll question here if you listen to this with before Christmas. I'm at Thanksgiving is coming up and what do simple treat has tweet has started the Internet debates. The tweet was that he didn't why an able person had said to her aunt charges everybody that comes to warehouse thirty dollars a plate. For Thanksgiving dinner. She has no problem with it but never won a lot of people like what are you talk about you're invited to your relatives' house and you got to eighty eat. What's going on here well they say it did the woman charges everybody thirty dollars ms. because she buys all the food and plus all the cooking and and time in the electricity and all the stuff. It makes kind of sense so we are asking you do if you were asked to pay. Four in essence a potluck thinks giving it to your relatives would you do it Medicaid DK 985 dot com and you can leave you or. Votes you appreciate it thanks so much listening to the Katie came morning show we really do appreciate it. And we can listen to us Monday through Friday between five and ten the podcast at your leisure. We'll talk to you soon.