11.16.17-KTK MORNING SHOW-Tourists Arrested For Wearing Mankinis-Spaghetti Burritos

Thursday, November 16th

There’s a special bond between Grandkids and Grandparents, so when a Grandfather tries to clean his Granddaughter’s plastic doll, he did a little too good of a job!  Plus where wearing a mankini can get you arrested and the Spaghetti Burrito!  It’s all in the 98.5 KTK Morning Show recap for Thursday, November 16, 2017.


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Hello there well. Hey well we'll look at here farewell. Call on my card again on there are gains since the fire here could highlight my party asks us. They opt. What I wanna do is in one sense how many give a synopsis of what we're gonna talk about I'd to have this other and Thursday November 16 exactly yeah I'd. We're gonna talk about first born gamers. There were arrested mayor wearing man Keeney is eating spaghetti burritos too fast and Graham clock cleaned our dolls. It's pretty hot. I have it I have until the end because it does regret about cleaning the doll gas you know apply uses solvent. The clean it off to a little bit dollar I so let's go beyond. That's a part out with the first bar and out now this just some some statistical information differ take it for what it's worth and what it found was is that first born children tend to choose more prestigious and profitable. University programs that is such as medicine or engineering in their later born siblings who tend to gravitate towards lower education nine majors. Most important thing is are gravitating to I higher education yeah but what they're saying is that bid for the second borns of 27% less likely than first bush applied to medical school. And if you're third board your dad that chances down to 54% well chance soccer and they didn't think based on a 146000. Students. Is that when your the first born. Your column much more you have a lot more attention because there's no distractions you're the baby ya in the second one comes around well then the second one has still the first one to deal with so right now and I really did see people he's with my parents. But it's my sister arrived and here in hot hot hot that's. Feel the opposite for me there's nine years between my brother and I and I guess my mom had Blake recharged your battery out exactly I mean she went head. Burst into my brother my brother has so much more or Blake babies been thrilling volley out where there's no denying that my brother is the favorite. You know what's I think it's not a diaper commercial but it's like you know on our moms your first born they dropped a little odd and acting. She's like sterilizing Atlanta rioting in an intimate settings and blow it off for second largest etc. how well us explaining what you expected out here yet it because I was that was me. Two and a half years at my Brothers born I came along. And his baby book is filled with chapter and verse every page mind. First five pages then that's it. This is and you just collect your sister's book and I couldn't miss this on the air but it was really chip as it was sad I thought my. Mow my sister finally got her hair cut I Geico I saved a locker for Brian when a baby book like there's nothing here. So I started feeling her out you know what she you know what was popular at the time I was I was doing in you know she was walking in my favorite story about her went. We were in church every single time during the silent prayers win. She decided to go number to call. That's why loud and one dollar and one like you know my my candidate to take her out of the church because it was kind of disruptive for that little closets or she's been a little silence to to know moving there the last entry in my baby book was like. Any coups that the wall paper that I thought I did is gave up on me after that I didn't know what that mean you still do that well I've but in the privacy of my own dom. Jack a I this is good for your are those that are doing the the Black Friday sales because it can be hectic in if you're doing your game planning on Black Friday step aside yet Anderson if you're camping out in front of best buy right now it's probably tough forty you know all the newspapers yeah. So there's actually IE a online person named a goes by the handle Strider Omega I'm thinking a gamer and probably a gamer because this up spreadsheet that they made it talks about all the gaming systems games accessories dvds blu rays in four K Blu-ray disc. That are on the on sale any put it in and spreadsheet so for instance if you look at furniture and a switch. It's a 199 dollars all across abort you may think it is a really matter why buying it. But he found out that if you go to calls you an extra seat you get sixty dozen calls caption which is kind of a little bit of an incentive. A significant for the Beauty and the Beast and a dvd Blu-ray it's on its sale at best buy for 6099 bit warmer we'll have it for 986. So it in the inning constantly updating the information we have links about a website so probably won't be maintained after Black Friday but a little ammunition there. He had that I'm gonna though I'm gonna look at this so hard core kind of so I thought our top shopping yet though. So this is going to be in my hand this is my Chichi I got two words for you for Mitch. Mean Jeannie. Men Keeney may I don't wanna put that out there. And in the zone the story be careful when you order Katie tonight five dot com to register to win the Disney Packers because if you scroll down. There's a picture right okay asking me if it's not it's it's safe trust me all kinds he's not and it comes Lamy now it's just out. It doesn't cover very much you'll see a lot of sun block if you decide where one C -- don't forget the fund bought I actually the main Keeney elites in this form was actually created for the Bora at movie. And the dice and he ended ended up based in the eastern European we collectors leotard yet toilet if England Kenya combined with a high cut mints on it. So have that in your head keep in mind if you saw the you know the Bora to movie did you know we're talking about here but. Everyone seems to love this except the country of Kazakhstan because they think the movie they banned it completely think that you're in essence what's rather insulting thanks to their culture says that you know you're betraying the country is racist sexist in primitive self. What do some Czech Republic vacationers decide to do. Well they get on the little lob black Afro wig and the main team he's out of there standing on the side of the road with a picture. Of course they got arrested for doing that had to pay 67 dollar fine for. With the end just a reminder that if you do do go to Kazakhstan to please leave your nineteen year 20 lives and homes not much of a fine. Now sixers embarks. Well I mean I feel like it's a bit I feel like this was tied between lake. I wanna make a point would dig the arresting officer yes you know because like stop making fun of my country but also lake. Okay you're just having fun but yet our luck just cossacks done for vacation. And apparently people in the Czech Republic yeah. And the Mediterranean I think part of gets out of the military is pretty nice either way the worst safety airline in planet earth Kazakhstan heir who all want only Yang EQ if you see it on on kayak don't I would sort of a thought that the I don't. Six because it's unfair to Cleveland golf man yeah I really death and I if there. Let's talk about eating it takes you playing in eighty slowdown need grieving too fast and that's what it aiding the diabetes in obese problem we have here in America. I doctors from the American Heart Association dobbs say that we eat so quickly you don't really have any idea which you're eating. And that leads to a whole bunch of calories and that's probably why your parents are little a thing called ma metabolic syndrome NASA leads to obesity Nelson but they say here each meal including breakfast lunch and dinner. Should take thirty minutes at least so I'd make some time the indenture gonna eating and working. At the same time Christen I know I guilty meaning in my desk. Every day and then we talked about the grandfather who. I was trying to do good things to his granddaughters baby doll are adult plastic doll because it was dirty. But adds that using so so open water to clean he decided to use and some solvent probably don't make it anymore and they can mineral spirits you know gas something like that and had a cross and snow skull and cross bones on a number of things so needless to say the the dull now has no lies no lie alas is no eyebrows no lips nothing. Let's creepy. But he tried to fix and that he did in the most grandfatherly way possible against England to a magazine or something. Any got a real person a real woman's eyes and kind of how like eighty to 82 meetings included into where the eye socket should be right. Made it work like twenty times creep here. I could visit a Bratz doll the gas and you know with the big guys and add most girls know that the Bratz dolls have like exaggerated features so well at this has exaggerated features as you know oil little opposite. At a pretty. Take a look at the picture and it finally savor rumor I don't Philip and Charles giving spaghetti buddy thought. Let you know spaghetti burrito yes and SP Getty. Wrapped inside a robredo and then fried with cheese here's a recipe storms and a dine all eyes now I eraser go get your spaghetti got the that the tomato sauce and it. And a couple of tortillas but Jamar to really cheese aligned in there. But spaghetti and roll it up a little bit more cheese on it up pan fry with some olive oil parsley garlic powder little parmesan cheese onto it. And in what is called league ground crispy brown stick it in the ever got about ten minutes. We go policies in time this bread it batter it deep fry it. Did I know this that unhealthy there's nothing unhealthy about it I don't know it's it's kind of like a car bomb cow's owner something I mean don't limit. Spaghetti inside of late breaded things sometimes like a spaghetti pie here well it comes from the YouTube channel healthy junk food so no we don't know did you make giant kick cats and giant Oreo Cookies are out is that they're not big enough for the fact that. I challenged Mitch today and he said. I thought you said it was a challenge. On its without two EU. He's got to stand on what do little agility are we want pictures and preferably video yeah plays that Boris core reading done in the middle. The men don't. Well that is the showed thinks for a catch in the podcasts which you can catchy time were on the air Monday through Friday between five and 10 AM but like I.